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  1. Hmmmm.....in the winter I spend a lot of time on EricCarmen.com! Seriously, since computers have come along, you can "escape" that way to get you through the days! I do a lot of genealogy. I cook a lot of soups, go to Curves to workout, snuggle up on the couch with hubby and our kitties, scrapbook, go get a tan. I can't imagine not having 4 seasons either. Our house is heated with LP, so no problem there. A few years ago the power was out for around a day. Oddly, on the farm, you don't have water because the pump for the well is electric. I resorted to using the litter box. Let's just say there is a reason that they don't tell you to do that during a power outage. It sounded like such a great solution! I'll elaborate if you wish, but......... No tree problems here either. Our problem has been with tornadoes and it does take a long time to get new growth. A lot of people plant Poplar trees as they grow so fast. Unfortunately, they don't have a very long lifespan--like 20 years! --Julie (northern Iowa--currently below zero!)
  2. Yep, for me, "If You Change Your Mind" is the be all, end all, quintessential Raspberry Goosebump Song! Love the "Let's Pretend" crackle as well!
  3. Actually, he shot his 1st wife's boyfriend! They deemed that self-defense. He ended up being charged with 1st degree burglery and numerous drug charges. Got 45 years. Hope that isn't too much of a shocker for you, Tony! You used to kid me about looking for bodies in the backyard and I thought, "Hmmmm....he's close....." Lol! He's a good guy now. Went through Chuck Colson's InnerChange Freedom Initiative in prison. I couldn't have ordered a better husband out of a catalog! He's been clean 8 years and no desire to get back into that life. Just shows that all things are possible with God! --Julie
  4. I went to my husbands 20th reunion this summer. It was a hoot. He was the "star" of the show. He'd been in prison for 8 years, so everyone was anxious to see him! And, of course, they were all curious about what kind of woman he had married! His "first love" was there. She brought her MOTHER!!! Can you believe it?! Lol! We're still giggling about that one! --Julie
  5. Lol! Well, Gord, our local A & W is awesome! Unfortunately, it's just not diet-friendly. Way too much fat for my figure! It's really great that they have diet root beer on tap though! --Julie
  6. Awww, Dave! Congratulations! That's just wonderful news! I waited 45 years for the man of my dreams to come along. He was well worth the wait! We'll celebrate our 2nd wonderful year on April 2. Here's to a lifetime of wedded bliss! Blessings to you both! --Julie
  7. Well, it's not that I love WalMart, but, where I live there just isn't anything else. Luckily, our WalMart is in a pretty small town and the workers are nice and I recognize them. When I had to shop there in Omaha, I hated it. My bad experiences were all there. Here's a good one for you. I had to go the the restroom while I was shopping and went to the one in the back of the store. I had a cart with several items in it. Was only in the bathroom for less than 2 minutes. When I came out, a clerk was taking my stuff out of my cart and putting it on an end cap. I said, "Hey, that's my cart and my stuff!" He said, "Well, this guy is buying a TV and we need the cart to take it up front. You can go and get yourself another cart!" I absolutely could not believe it. He actually took it! I didn't go back to that store for 6 months. I complained and it didn't do me any good. I'm a much more confident person now. If that happened again, I'd probably slug him! Lol! --Julie
  8. Wow! I don't think our McDonald's here in Emmetsburg has waffle cones! Yummy! Good thing! That drive-thru window is on my way home! I'm doing good today. Gained 2 pounds at my weigh-in yesterday. Kind of a kick in the pants and reality check though. I usually don't get serious until after my birthday since it's close to the holidays. Good luck to the rest of you! --Julie
  9. Tracy Lord ( Katharine Hepburn ): "I'm going crazy. I'm standing here, solidly on my own two hands and going crazy." From the Philidelphia Story
  10. I use VCOM Professional Fix-it Utilities 7. Been using for a couple of years now after reading about it in Consumer Reports. It does the anti-virus thing, plus anti-spyware. I occasionally go on-line and run the free Trend-Micro scan. We use the AVG at work and have had excellent results. In the past, I did the Norton thing, but was having problems and was told that Norton was part of the problem. Beats me, but the VCOM is great. --Julie
  11. I'm all about Weight Watchers and prayer. I joined their "online" program in 2003 and lost 86 pounds! The key is you aren't deprived. As long as you keep track of what you eat, drink some water, get some exercise (and say your prayers) you lose. Course, after I got married 21 months ago, I started eating and gained almost 40 back! I'm on track now and doing meetings and Weight Watchers eTools. So far, I've lost 15 pounds and feeling so much better! The first few weeks can be awful, but you know, NOTHING tastes as good as being thin FEELS! You can do it, Muzza! --Julie
  12. ah.....as an English major I have always appreciated Fitzgerald's work. Even named my cat "Gatsby" years ago.....
  13. My darling husband got me a nose-hair trimmer! Lol! Can't complain though. He built us a beautiful walk-in closet for our bedroom and I did ask for the clipper thing awhile back! --Julie
  14. That's a great song to exercise too! Have you heard the live version?? It really rocks! Think it was recorded in Tokyo--not at home right now so can't check on it. --Julie
  15. Mayhap that was too graphic, but it really is a hoot!
  16. Well, since you guys brought up the Gloria Gaynor song, "I Will Survive" I've been sitting here giggling thinking about what a hilarious video I could shoot for YouTube. Bear with me--but as some of you may know, I work in a nursing home and I entertain with my keyboard. Now, I LOVE the old classics that my clients love, but sometimes I like to "shake things up" a bit! My favorite thing to do, is to hand out rhythm band instruments and play "I Will Survive" with disco accompaniament! It's a total riot! The staff comes running, my boss walks in with her jaw on the floor! Here are all these 80, 90+ year olds, jamming to a disco song! Seriously, I almost wet myself everytime I do it! --Julie
  17. Jeff--I echo your sentiments! I missed it all! That's what I get for being a good daughter and going home to visit my mom & dad for Christmas--both in their 80's and no computer. By the time we got home, all the goodies were gone! Oh well, family comes first and it was awesome to see them. Can't imagine a Christmas without them! Blessings All, Julie
  18. Kirk--I LOVE Stratego! My big brother and I wore out 2 of those games! In all the years we played, I think I only won twice, but I still loved it! I like the numbered answers too! Great idea! --Julie Maybe Bernie could give Eric his own personal set of Graemlins to use to answer our queries? Make it even easier!
  19. I always giggle when Eric sings the line "I run a comb through my hair...." at the very beginning. Sorry, Eric, but you ain't gonna get no comb through all that hair!!
  20. Oh, I almost forgot! Happy Birthday!!!! --Julie
  21. Good luck with the move! Got a kick out of your story! My big brother used to live in Rockford. I liked shopping at Cherry Vale and Machezney Park Malls. Got to see the Concord land there when we were there visiting. That was pretty cool. --Julie
  22. Aiden Quinn--oh my, those blue eyes!
  23. "Seven Bridges Road" --Eagles
  24. Danmichel, Nice to see you mention Eddie Rabbitt's "You Don't Love Me Anymore". Gosh, that Eddie could sing! I'm not a big country music fan at all, I guess it's Eddie's Jersey roots that always drew me in. Eddie is right up there with Eric in both singing, writing and playing music IMHO. R.I.P. dear Eddie --Julie (I got to meet him once in Branson. Got to sit in the front row of a concert and had my pic taken with him after the show! What a thrill!)
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