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    We have Whirlpool appliances. Ours are new as we got them when we got married 27 months ago. My father-in-law bought us an old Whirlpool dishwasher at a garage sale for $10 that is awesome! Don't know how old it is, but it's a workhorse! Julie
  2. Ya, and I don't even have a clue who this guy is?! Lol! Maybe I'll auction off my spot on Ebay.......
  3. I got mine to work finally! Even though I said that popups were ok, it still had an issue with it. Yep, the hair was bad. Wish there were more shoe choices! Lol! I think Kirk is a dead-ringer and I've never even met him!
  4. Well, I made one this morning and it sorta looks like me--the "girls" aren't big enough though! Lol! Anyway, when I hit "save" it says to name it, so I do, and then, nothing! Doesn't give me a choice/place to save it to! What am I doing wrong??! Created a messenger account and everything. I turned off my popup blocker. Any advice?? Thanks! Julie
  5. Lost 2 more pounds this week at Weight Watchers! I'm really happy! I've gone down another size as well. Darling Hubby says I look "hot!" Oh, and Muzza? I wore shorts on the 4th of July! (In public!!) Julie
  6. She sang on a few episodes of "7th Heaven" when she was on there. I thought she was good.
  7. Anita--haven't heard the song you speak of, but right before our wedding 2 years ago, "Simply Red" had done a remake of "Brand New". Awesome! We played it at our wedding dance! (we played "I Was Born to Love You" and "Isn't It Romantic" by Eric as well!) Julie
  8. S-Stay With Me U-Urgent G-Gimme Some Lovin' A-A Little Bit of Soap R-Reunited B-Band on the Run A-A Rainy Night in Georgia I-I Can See Clearly Now Great idea Muzza! Julie
  9. Julie


    I couldn't find an obituary. Most papers these day charge an enormous fee for printing one, so a lot of people simply don't do them anymore. Even our little local paper here charges around $200 to print one! Julie
  10. I'm leaving a bouquet of pink roses by the front door......
  11. Julie


    Does anyone know where Cheri actually lived? I know she was in the hospital in Two Rivers and that other town (can't spell it but started with an "M")? I was trying to find an obituary for her to post here, but it's like a needle in a haystack since I don't know where she lived. Blessings, Julie
  12. Julie


    Oh, this is so sad--she has been in thought alot lately. She certainly left her mark here with all of us. What a special person--and such a wealth of information and trivia. She had a remarkable and quick wit and a caring and compassionate soul. She will be greatly and deeply missed.
  13. never mind--for some reason, this time around it went into my spam folder! Go figure! Lol!
  14. hmmmm......I didn't get the email this time around. What's up with that?? Nothing has changed. Help!
  15. "designer" panti-liners by Brooke Shields How about Lipton resurrecting the people drinking iced tea and going backwards into the swimming pool? They could do their raspberry iced tea and have the boys do it!
  16. Hey! I finally lost 2.2 pounds this week and was awarded my 25 pound magnet at Weight Watchers! Whew!
  17. oops Muzza--I think my Darling Hubby is getting a bit jealous! He's wondering why I'm asking about the tractors!
  18. Sure Muzza--we've got several BIG tractors! Our newest one is a big blue Ford New Holland 9680. It's really nifty! We've also got an Case International 9130. If you come in the fall, you can ride in our 2-seater combine (which darling hubby and I find very romantic!!) it's a Case International 2188. I'm sure you can find pictures on the internet...... All have air conditioning and sound systems..... Have you ever driven anything that big?? I've driven the combine through the field a bit, but I'm kinda scared that I'll do something awful to it! Julie
  19. Well, we've got a nice spare bedroom upstairs and it's supposed to be in the 90's for awhile.... I suppose I could put him to work watering my plants...... Plenty of motor racing programmed into our Tivo--so that wouldn't be a problem. Not sure about the rugby, but I suppose it's somewhere on the satellite....... We need some help planting the 80 acreas of sweet corn too.....hmmmmm....this is sounding pretty good. Kiwi--how soon can he get here??
  20. a family friend of ours used to whip up something with dish soap--can't remember the forumula and he's been gone a number of years. I bet there's some gardening site on the internet for organic gardening that would have lots of friendly ideas! I also believe that you can plant mums around your veggies--bugs don't like them??! Maybe I have the wrong plant! Hopefully someone with a lot more knowledge will chime in!
  21. Thanks so much for taking the time to post Lucky's pic, Bernie! I really appreciate it! You can tell just by looking at him, that he's not an ordinary kitty--not that I'm prejudiced... On another note, I was pretty upset at work today--I had written up an obituary and posted a photo of him at the nursing home in the break room and somebody pulled it down! Geez! He worked there! Why do some people have to be so mean? Blessings, Julie
  22. Thank you all so very much. It's been a pretty rough couple of days. Thankfully, 2 little kittens found us last fall and "adopted" our family and they are really easing the pain and making us laugh with their crazy antics--Bindy was sliding across the linoleum and caught her foot in her dish sending kitty food flying all over the kitchen and then she was pouncing on it as if it were prey last night...... Gotta love it! Oh I so love "the Rainbow Bridge". What a tear jerker that is! I haven't had a chance to look at that other link yet--will have to tonight when I can have a good cry. Bless you all and all of our pets.... Julie
  23. We currently have a male pheasant living in our yard. Rarely see him, but hear him all the time. Also had 2 deer in the yard the other night and something digging big holes! Guava's sound good!
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