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  1. Boy, I remember that one Ira! I've posted about it before--long time ago. My roommate & I were die-hard DOOL fans and when that song came on we were mesmerized. My sharp friend sad, "That's that guy that sings your favorite song--'All By Myself'" She figured it out after just a few bars. Then she says, "You know, he's also the lead singer for the Raspberries". I said, "who's that?" She said, "Go All the Way!!" and I'm like Wow!!! I'm gonna go and watch the clip now and really enjoy it! That was right before I got my first VCR so never had a copy of it until I found the album. Thanks, Ira! You're great! Oh, and this is just my most favorite Eric song of all!! ! Blessings, Julie
  2. Julie

    Rough Night

    Hey Everyone--thanks for the prayers and well-wishes! She's just a 7 pound kitty--tiny but powerful!! I'm still sore, but nothing broken or swollen--just bruises. Hubby got a kick out of my "gravel-angel" in the driveway this morning on our way to the hospital! Hubby didn't have a great day. The surgery was more extensive than they thought and when he started coming out of the anesthesia he was in terrible pain. They had to call the Dr. twice and get increased orders for morphine and valium. Finally got it under control about 5 this afternoon. Long day! He'll be there at least tonight and probably most of tomorrow. Will check in when I can. Blessings, Julie
  3. Julie

    Rough Night

    So, my hubby is in the house tonight preparing for surgery tomorrow. Nothing serious, but still a worry. I go out in the yard to say goodnight to my Father-in-law and as I'm walking across the driveway, one of my kitties comes flying around the corner and collided with my leg throwing me to the ground. I couldn't move, it knocked the wind right outta my sails. Laid there a long time and just couldn't get up. I had left my phone in the house. Hubby was making numerous trips to the bathroom and didn't realize I was in any trouble. When it started getting dark, I got scared and kinda panicky--we live out in the country and really cold. I started throwing gravel at the house hoping to break a window. Anyway, after an hour and a half, my hubby finally wondered what happened to me and found me. He had to pick me up. Good grief. I think I need to get one of those Life Line things to wear around my neck...."help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" Anyway, sure hope I can get up tomorrow and get my sweet hubby to the hospital! Blessings, Julie
  4. It's like what my momma used to say, "If you can't say anything nice, than don't say anything!!" GEEZ!!! Thanks for ruining my thread!
  6. "Say you, say me; say it for always Thats the way it should be Say you, say me; say it together Naturally" Gag you, Gag me....... Right, Tony??! Yuck!!!! Julie
  7. Boy, I don't know Kathy Lee. The 10 lbs. is terrific. I don't know about the energy thing. Are you getting enough sunshine? That always perks me right up. I just don't know enough about health matters. I've been doing the green tea thing, but I honestly don't know if it's giving me more energy. I think I just feel better because I'm exercising more. Sorry I'm not any help, but, I'll pray for you! Julie
  8. Julie

    Oh, boy

    I know what Dr. Laura would say. She'd say she's a minor and you should deal with her parents. Not an easy thing to do, I agree, but the right thing to do. If something would have happened to that 16 year old girl while she was in your house, she would probably have loved to make it be your fault. Just my 2 cents.
  9. It's "My Heart Stops"--a cute little number that Eric did. I'm pretty sure that Bernie had it up at some point. Ya Marv, I shoulda had them do that! I don't know that they have speakers though! I love "My Heart Stops". I think of my darling husband whenever I hear it, cause that song is just how I feel! Julie
  10. So, today I was spending a lazy Saturday hitting the consignment shops....I walked into our little Goodwill Store in Spencer and for some reason found myself looking at the cassette tapes. (I honestly don't know if I even have a working tape player! Lol!) They didn't have many--40 at best on a little rack on the wall. There, on the top, in the middle was, "My Heart Stops", the single with "It Hurts Too Much" on the flip. Naturally I bought it. I already have a worn copy that I bought in Omaha when it first came out. It was just so odd to find it in little Spencer, Iowa. Just goes to show you, you never know where a little gem may pop up and make your day! Julie
  11. Ya! Thanks so much for the support! I don't get to relax too much yet though! I'm having a little surgery tomorrow for a bump on the top of my head! Nothing serious, just annoying! Lol! I suspect it's gonna smart a bit! Will definately pale in comparison to the other though! Yep, God is Good! Blessings, Julie
  12. "I'm a Redneck" can't think who did it! Lol! "Drinkin' My Baby Off of My Mind" Eddie Rabbitt "Tell Ole 'I Ain't Here' He Better Get on Home" --Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley
  13. Hey! I'm fine! Went and had my tests and everything is fine! Praise God! As for my weight loss efforts? I just lost .2 pounds this week. Really bums me out because I worked hard, didn't stress eat and did the stuff I was supposed to. Oh well! There's always next week! So, how's everyone else doing?? The thread has been quiet the last several days. I want us to keep motivated! Come on guys! We can do this!!! Blessings, Julie
  14. 1st album I purchased: Bobby Sherman: Portrait of Bobby 1st 45 I purchased: hmmm....probably "Julie, Julie, Julie, Do you Love Me" Another one of my firsts was "Lonely People" America. That song always appealed to me. Looking back now, it was a good choice, taught me about harmony and background singing. You know, my folks (well, Santa really) bought me my 1st record player and stand when I was 4! The bought me at least 20 or more LP's to go with it. Quite a selection. I'm sure I still have all of them. A nice bunch of classical, kid stuff (Tubby the Tuba--remember that little gem) and even some religious music. This would have been in 1964. Julie
  15. I'm with Kathy Lee on this one. Even though I was brought up in a denomination that viewed it differently. My husband baptized me in the Pacific Ocean last year on our trip to Mexico. (I was originally "baptized" as a baby). Julie
  16. Well, just got off the phone with the clinic. They really don't think it's anything, but of course can't guarentee it. Wanted to just talk to me about it. "hate to have you drive clear over here..." Hello! It's my life, what's a 90 mile drive?! Geez! Why do they make you feel foolish for checking it out? I mean, they're making me feel like I'm a hypochondriac! But you know, for my peace of mind, I really want to know. Sounds like they might just do an ultrasound, but she told me not to take any aspirin for 7 days in case they do a needle biopsy. Again all of you, thanks for giving me a good place to vent! Take care! Blessings, Julie
  17. Oh, update on my situation. I called the clinic here yesterday and spoke with a nurse. I told her I wanted another opinion and wanted something done now as I couldn't stand waiting. She said that is what she would do too. She sent a referral to a breast clinic in Mason City for me. They are supposed to call me today and get me scheduled for an appointment. I feel a lot better now that I've taken a step. Thanks all for the support! It sure does help! Julie
  18. Thanks everyone! julesberry--I have the ab belt and do feel I get a good workout when I use it. It is a bit annoying though. No matter how tight I put it on, it rides up. Could be my shape though, because when I watch the folks on the video, they don't look like it's bugging them! I like the stretchie band the best though. oh--I got Leslie's "Walk Slim" series in the mail yesterday! It is really good--well the 1 mile I did was anyway! I was really pooped! She does some jogging intervals on there. You can just walk though. Nice here today too once the morning showers clear out. Should be soon. Blessings, Julie
  19. Oh! I lost a pound, bringing my weight loss total to 22.8 pounds. Yippee!
  20. Thanks so much for the loving, prayerful support! It means so much! I got the name of another Dr. yesterday and called the office to make the appointment. Unfortunately, the lady I needed to speak with is out of town until Monday. You know, the thing that upsets me the most is that the technician that called me acted like I already knew it because it has been on my last 2 mammograms, plus this one! It has apparently changed a bit and is "very small" and they think I should just wait 6 months and see if it changes! Good Grief! Well, I'm with you guys, I don't want to wait. I want something done now so I can have either peace of mind or get working on a solution. So, I just have to wait until Monday, and then wait until I can get an appointment. This is a lesson in patience I guess. Sigh. Thank you all! Blessings, Julie Oh--Kiwi--I didn't even notice that you spelled my name wrong! Lol! Not a problem! You had all of the right letters--just not in the right order! I've been a total "space case" the last couple of days!
  21. Hi guys, I'm getting ready to go to my Weight Watchers meeting. Wish me skinny vibes! Don't think I lost very much at all, but hopefully a little bit. I kind of need your prayers for myself right now. Had something show up on my mammogram and I'm pretty stressed about it right now. They "think" it's probably benign and say I should wait 6 months for another test to see where it's at. That sounds like hogwash to me. I can't hang on to this for 6 months and then find out. I want to know now. Grrrr.... anyway, I'm just in need of prayers of support. No family history of this and I really am not real up on health stuff--especially my own. Thanks guys, Blessings, Julie
  22. Oh Kathy Lee this is just beautiful news to hear! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Julie
  23. I'm checking in too! Because we had 8" of snow yesterday, Weight Watchers was cancelled, so won't know for another week how my efforts have paid off. Bummer! I joined Leslie Sansone's Walk Club and I also ordered her latest "Walk Slim" series of DVD's. Did a 2 mile Ab routine of hers last night with her ab-belt. Made a great supper last night too that was very delish and good for us! Made parmesan chicken breasts (except I used Asiago cheese) and made zucchini with tomatoes, onions and feta and served it over a bed of long grain and wild rice. Yummy! Hope everyone continues to work hard at this. We can do it! Remember, nothing tastes as good as thin feels! Keep up the good fight everyone! You're all in my prayers! Blessings, Julie
  24. oh, and Muzza--Leslie has a Walk for men too! Actually, a lot of her DVD's have a "token" male on them. My husband sometimes does the workout with me.
  25. Leslie\'s Site Go to her "store". Should be listed in there somewhere. She has different pages for different levels of workouts. Also, you can get her stuff on Ebay. You could probably get Denise's too. Check out Barnes and Noble too--they had numerous DVD's of Leslie's) (actually, I think I saw Denise's at Sheele's Sporting Goods the other day.) Also, Target has 2 compilation's of Leslie's Workouts back in there exercise equipment area. Doesn't have the ball routine, but both have some good stuff. One of them has 5 different workouts (including the great kickboxing one!) and the other has 3 workouts (one of them is a 4 miler!) Heck, I'm almost as big a Leslie fan as I am an Eric one! Lol!
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