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  1. Well, looks like I'll be staying here in Iowa! My pin came to day and it's bea-u-tee-ful!!! Thanks! Love it!!! Julie
  2. So it reached New Zealand before Iowa?!! Good grief! Heck, maybe I'll be moving to Canada!
  3. Mine hasn't found it's way to Iowa yet--course our mail can be pretty slow. When I was dating my husband it took a card 10 days to reach him from 160 miles away! Muzza might get his before I do!
  4. Oh Ira! I hope you don't think I'm only excited to get a Walgreens so I can buy booze!! Lol!!
  5. oh my! I can't imagine! I'm 47 and can barely keep up with my 3 year old granddaughter!!! Julie
  6. Muzza--gymnastics? Do tell!! As for me, my Grandma Allmon who always made me feel so special and encouraged me and Grandpa Guttau, who I lost at 7, but he taught me about loving the farm. My Sunday School teachers who laid a wonderful foundation for a blessed life, my mom and dad who were and are just awesome in everyway--exposing me to music and travel and just being a good person with good morals and values. Blessings, Julie
  7. Muzza--Walgreens is a big chain of pharmacy's here in the states. In addition to the pharmacy, they sell makeup, pop, candy, cards and gift wrap, seasonal items and liquor. Our neighboring town will be getting one in a few months! I'm excited! They're pretty famous for the pharmacy part though as they are all connected by computer making it great for travelers to get their medications when in another part of the country. Julie (hope I didn't step on Ira's toes!)
  8. Oops! As I hit "send" I noticed that you're in Northern Ireland. I think you should be able to order it on-line. Try Amazon.com. Course, seems like Walmart is taking over the world, maybe you have one there??
  9. It's in with the movie DVD--at least on the special editions. I got mine at Walmart--just look on the back of the movie DVD. Should still have it--think I saw it the other day at our little Walmart.
  10. Yep, a bubble bath can really ease whatever ails a body! Don't worry about staying the same. It's always better than a gain! I need to really get serious about this or I won't be able to wear my cute shorts this summer! Blessings, Julie
  11. Wow! What a great way to start the day! Thanks Bernie!!!
  12. Well, I was down 2.2 pounds at weigh-in yesterday--course in the last 2 weeks I had gained over 3 pounds--at least I'm going back in the right direction. It was just too much when we were going through all of this other stress in our lives. Haven't done my workouts lately. I have been active though--planting my flowers, etc.... so maybe that has helped. I'm having awful Charley Horses in my left leg and my right foot. Decided I should up my water and potassium. Will pick up some bananas at the store today. I've also upped my fiber a bit more--got some of that Fiber Sure powder that you had to your food to boost the fiber. I've been stirring it in my oatmeal and I absolutely can't taste it or notice any other changes--just like the label says! No stairs where I work--but I do get a lot of walking in there everyday! Hang in there gang! Blessings, Julie
  13. Julie

    Great News!

    Sharon, So wonderful to hear this news! It is so hard--never been there myself, but can't imagine the pain. A co-worker lost her son years ago. He was my little brother's best friend, and then she and I ended up working together. I talked of her Terry often and would remember with her about his childhood, etc... She was always grateful and very willing to talk about him. You don't want people to "forget" someone because they are gone. When they die young, their legacy is left with those who knew them and it is our duty to keep their memory alive that way. So glad that you are able to do this--you will touch many lives in such a loving and wonderful way! Blessings, Julie
  14. Julie

    Rough Night

    Oh, thanks for asking! We're much improved! I'm totally fine--my head is just about healed and James went to the Dr. yesterday and they told him he's progressing well. In 6 - 10 weeks he should feel great. He worked a full day yesterday and helped his dad with the crop. Came home and I pampered him. Things are getting back to normal! My dad is having knee replacement on Monday--the 21st. That will be the next hurdle. It never ends, huh?
  15. Beautiful! Can't wait to wear it!
  16. That's pretty incredible! You just never know how your life is going to go from one minute to the next. Julie
  17. Not affected by fires here, but there is some bad flooding in southwest Iowa in my old town. Lots of folks have lost everything--several people I know and used to work with. My folks had 10.5 inches of rain, but they live in an elevated area so were spared the bad stuff. Missouri Valley and Red Oak are a mess Julie
  18. Me too! How much fun is this!?! Cool! Thanks, Bernie! You're the greatest! Let the celebration continue!
  19. Oh Michelle! I've missed you too!! I've thought of you often and hoped you'd have time to pop in again soon! The little guy is 5 already??!! Oh my!!!! Does he still sing "It Hurts too Much"? (was that the song??? I know he loved to sing something!) Great to have you back!!!! Julie
  20. Harry, So very sorry to hear of your loss. My kitties are my kids, so I can really feel your pain. I had a kitty who was 17 1/2 and had to be put to sleep due to intestinal cancer. I had a 5 year old that had a brain tumor. That was so sad as he was so young and so smart. We now have "Lucky"--19 pound tuxedo cat--age 9, he's also the therapy cat at the Care Center where I work. Then, last summer, 2 kittens found their way to our farm and we are raising them. They are beautiful--so different--not even sure they're actually sisters. Lol! "Bindy" is black and long and lean and tall and "Misty" is a light gray with cream paws, belly and muzzle--just as cute as she can be. All 3 are so different and love each other. Take care and know that your precious kitty had a wonderful life because of your loving care! Blessings, Julie
  21. Steve--so very sorry to hear of the loss of your dad, but oh how special to have that time with him recently. I am sure that is a time that you will always cherish. Take care, prayers are with you. Blessings, Julie
  22. What a find Ira! I wish I had more time to snoop around in that stuff. I do recall that sequence, but still don't feel that this was the first time it aired. I'm still remembering a fountain outside. Thanks for the ride! This is great!
  23. So glad things turned out well, Eric! The low points are where we learn and find out what we're made of. Blessings, Julie
  24. Ok, just watched it. That's not the first time it aired as I remember it. I remember it being Pete and Melissa dancing around a big outdoor fountain and having a wonderful time while that played in the background. I also thought it was earlier than 1986. Hmmmm....is my memory going??! Lol! Julie
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