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    Sick People

    I work in a nursing home. We only get a paid sick day on the 2nd day of the illness and only if we go to the doctor and get an excuse. The pay isn't that great, so everybody comes to work sick. So frustrating. A sicky came in my office the other day and used my phone and then proceeded to cough and sneeze all over my favorite pen that she picked up. I told her to keep it and as soon as she left the room, I got out the Lysol and cleaned my phone, desk, door, etc.... Yuck!
  2. Thanks you guys! It is really a chore to get your mind into the groove of losing weight. I guess it's just something that you have to obsess about or have a solid reason to keep you on course. If we could bottle will-power, we'd be rich!! Hang in there! I think if you make it through the holidays by staying the same, or gaining just few pounds, than things are going to be fine! Jules
  3. How are we doing this week gang? A lot of stress out there this time of year--that makes it really easy to mindlessly graze! I was down 2.6 pounds this week. My leader hugged me. She thought it was amazing that I could lose that much over Thanksgiving week! I've made a goal to lose 7 pounds by Jan. 1st. This week, I've been exercising more. I'm not starving to death afterwards like I was earlier this year after a workout. This is good! Hang in there everyone! We can do this! Blessings, Julie
  4. The bandaids used to come in those nice tin boxes too. Still have a few.
  5. At least it's not a gain! And, yep, some exercise and eating less would be a great start! I made a turtle pumpkin pie that I got on the Weight Watcher's site. It was delish--although it was very messy/sloppy looking. I did have a slice of mom's homemade pumpkin pie though and it was awesome--I steered clear of her pecan pie. We ate at Applebee's last night and had the Weight Watcher's French onion soup and the cajun-lime talapia. Yummy! I wasn't able to go to weigh-in this week so not sure how I did for sure. Do know I lost some though! Take care all! Blessings, Julie Oh--Reid--sounds like you're doing great!
  6. 20 lashes with a wet noodle, Muzza! Do you have to go some place special to get weighed?? In your pictures, you really don't look that big! I lost 2.2 pounds at weigh-in last night. It should have been a little more. My fingers were swollen and couldn't get my ring off so know I am retaining some fluid. Kathy Lee--hopefully things will get straightened out for you. You have so much going on in your life! Everything needs to fall back into a rhythm and with your health issues, I imagine it takes a bit longer. Hang in there! Blessings, Julie
  7. Well, Muzza, how was your weigh-in? We need to keep this thread more active to encourage each other! Think I'm having another good week. Switching food journals with someone else at Weight Watchers has been the most helpful thing I've ever tried! You can really behave if someone else is reading your journal! I've been exercising more too. I did a 2-mile "Walk Away the Pounds" DVD last night--major victory for me! Usually, when I get to the end of the 1st mile, she says, "Ok, if you're just doing 1 mile with us today, that's fine....but if you're doing 2, keep up with us!" Well, that usually makes me feel like I have permission to stop! But, last night, I kept going and am so glad I did! Hang in there friends! We have the holidays coming up! If we get a good handle on our eating/exercising now, we will breeze through the holidays happy and healthy and with a jump start on all the dieters who start on January 1st! We can do it! We are soooooo worth it!!! Blessings, Julie
  8. Tremontaine--(don't know if I spelled that right) it's by Foreignor. Love it! Also, ELO had one I liked but I can never think of the name of it and am too lazy to Google it! Lol! I like Herb and the TB too! Grew up listening to that. My mom had this racey album of theirs with a naked chick on the front covered in whipped cream. Oh my! (actually, I think we've discussed that very album cover on this website some time ago??) Julie
  9. Oh James! That's funny because my husband's name is James too! Seriously, we've done "it" 6 times since Saturday and I ended up losing 4.2 pounds this week! It works!!! Lol! Julie
  10. I adore "Red Rubber Ball". Just a fun song. Heard it on the radio in the car one day with hubby and I sang every word. He was like, "You know every word of that song and it's the first time I've ever heard it!" He's a little younger than me! RIP.....
  11. I weigh and measure everything. I have a cute little scale that does onces and grams and I have all kinds of measuring cups and spoons. I find this is the best way to keep me honest about my portions. I also try to eat really slow. I've been upping my exercise. Hubby is really happy because I can earn activity points doing "marital exercises!" Try it! You'll like it! Blessings, Julie
  12. How are my "slimmers" doing today? I had a rather stressful day yesterday, and only went over by 4 Weight Watchers points! That's a really big victory for me! We get 35 "flex points" per week for little splurges, so I just tapped into that. Spaghetti and toast? Interesting. I made spaghetti Thursday night with that new Ronzoni thin spaghetti. It's a white pasta but they've added a lot of fiber to it. It's really good--I can't tell the difference and it's a point less per serving! WoooHoooo! Blessings, Julie
  13. Kathy Lee--great news. You're on the mend! It may take awhile, but you'll get there! Muzza--congrats on getting back to your "before trip" weight. That's great! I would imagine that Kiwi will let you buy a few new items for summer. Don't know that you're ready for "Speedos" just yet though...... As for me, I've lost 6 of the 10 pounds I put back on so I'm well on my way! At Weight Watchers the other night, she gave us all food journals and we're to write down all of our food intake and track our exercise. Then, we'll take the journals back next week, and trade with someone! Boy, that's really motivating me to stay on track! I'm really fighting the urge to stress-eat right now. My boss is being a total "B" to a co-worker and it's driving me nuts! I swear this woman just likes to stir things up! Blessings, Julie
  14. Hope it's the best one yet!! Blessings, Julie
  15. Thought I needed to "bump" this thread up! How are we doing?? I've had a rather stressfull time of it lately and have gained back 10 pounds!!! I recommitted last Wednesday and am doing quite well--of course, having the stomach flu is a huge help!!! Darlene--great idea to write it all down. At Weight Watchers, that's what we do. I belong to the "on-line" version and we can journal right on their site and it figures it all out for you. Plus, you can type in your own recipes and it will figure out points too. Well, not feeling well at all, so will have to go. Am spending another day home from work today. Blessings, Julie
  16. Dave, Your post brought tears to my eyes! I do wish you and your lovely B2B a beautiful future! May you be as richly blessed in love as my own dear husband and I have been. We both spent many years praying for God to bless us with the perfect mate, and he did indeed! May you always remember the joy of this special day and always keep it in your heart and your attitude. Love and blessings, Julie
  17. Great story Trindy! So cool! But hey, I say "move on"--it's time. Eric did. Look where he's at now! Julie
  18. Lemon-up shampoo! Remember it well! I lived on a "dry" campus in college, and used to keep my vodka in a Lemon-Up bottle right with my other toiletries! No one was ever the wiser!
  19. Julie

    Dave Smalley Dream

    We need Darlene here to interpret! She's the Queen of Dreams! It's been awhile, but she'd be the one to trust!
  20. Lol! While watching the video, I kept waiting for it to go flying across the stage! That's a real talent to be able to keep it in your mouth!!
  21. Julie

    No Sirens!

    Kathy--you're in my prayers! Yep, I think it came from Iowa--not my part of the state though! Glad you're ok! We've had 15.9 inches of rain at our place since Saturday! I kid you not! Luckily, we live on higher ground. We have had water in our basement and a lot of folks had much worse. It's just crazy! We're in the northwestern part of the state--just 35 miles from the Minnesota border. Blessings to you! Julie
  22. "ok, let me see if I have this right. You say, in New Zealand, you pour a cup of lizard spit on the burgers to give them a burst of flavor?? Well, ok, I'm game....."
  23. Jim: "hmmmmm....do I tell him about the bugger in his nose or just let him walk around all afternoon at the party this way.....??"
  24. Oops! A day late, but the sentiment is the same--Happy Birthday!!! What a terrific way to celebrate your special day! Hope you have a terrific year!! Blessings, Julie
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