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  1. I hadn't seen the extended version! I about lost it when he dumped the bicycle built for two! Thanks, ooch!
  2. Sounds good! I like this idea and I'm sure it will turn out great!
  3. Yes! I don't want credit--it should go to you and EC.com, IMHO
  4. Julie

    Eric in '73

    Nice pic! I would have joined Eastern Star if Eric and the guys showed up at our Masonic Lodge!
  5. I'm so happy! And, finally, somebody that remembers it! I just love it!
  6. Hmmm......there's gotta be a story here....
  7. They played this on the radio around here (Omaha, Nebraska) I do have it on vinyl somewhere and actually I have one of those record player, cd, tape and radio box thingys--I forget I have it. LOL. I use Dirpy Premium. Ebay has a copy on CD for $119.95. Yikes. Anyway, looks like the whole album is on YouTube. Love it! "No Reason in the World", "Little Nikki" "For All the Wrong Reasons"--really good--sounds like Richard Marx at the beginning. Enjoy! (232) Jimmy Harnen – Can't Fight The Midnight 1989 [Full Album] - YouTube
  8. Back in the 80's, this was my jam. Loved this song--the whole album too. I have it on cassette so I can't listen to it, but found it on YouTube. Just as good as I remember it. Not everyone's cup of tea, but man, I love it.
  9. This is so cool! Totally would have loved them to play at my wedding!
  10. The lights were out and I was worried! Glad it’s back!!
  11. Hmmmm........this is not it. This is yet another version IMHO it doesn't sound like Bryan Adams--not saying it's not him, but his voice sounds so different to me, but, it could be done when he's older. It's too good to be a random cover though. LOL. I'm so confused. Love "All For Love" with Sting and Rod Stewart too! So good!!
  12. I couldn't take it! I went to the iTunes store and bought it. I'm pasting the link, but have no idea if this will work! LOL! This is the version I know. Edit: I clicked on the link and it plays a part of it, but not the whole song. Maybe there will be enough of it for you to tell it's different. https://music.apple.com/us/album/ultimate/1422706269
  13. It could be because I'm listening through my laptop speakers, but this version sounds different to me too. I have (somewhere--not sure where since I moved....) a cassette single of this that I used to listen to in the car and it sounds different than this version. It was originally in the movie "Don Juan DeMarco"--maybe that version is a little different?? Ugh. Now, I need to feed the part of my soul that loves Bryan Adams...... lol! Where oh where could my cds be? *sigh*
  14. "Never Say Die" is on my heavy rotation list! Such a cool song and so cool that Bernie got to play on it!
  15. Great to have you here, Amy!
  16. This one is much better!! Thanks!
  17. I was reading "Marathon Man" today and read about this performance on Bill Bixby's Magician Special and decided to go looking and see if there was a video somewhere. There is! This is new to me, probably to a lot of you, too! I found it on "Steve Hoffman Music Forums" and it aired on Nov. 22, 1973 on ABC.
  18. Julie


    Holy crap! That rendition of "All Through the Night" made me blush! Yowza! Thank you for this amazing gem!
  19. Gosh, that could be! That's been a few years ago! I guess I'm fortunate to have that too! Thanks again!
  20. I got my boxed set out of the vault, and it is the "B" string and the authentication from Ernie says it's box #42 out of a limited run of 100! So honored to have this! Looking through the box, there are some really cool things in there!! I seem to remember it came with a pin that was the cover of Eric's first solo album. I have that in a jewelry box--I will need to look for that and reunite it with the other goodies!
  21. Oh wow!!! Sooooo happy I didn't sell it!! Thank you so much, Bernie!! It is a treasure indeed!!
  22. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is this the same "Tonight" book that I bought in a box with a bunch of goodies several years ago? I got a string off Eric's Stratocaster, backstage pass thing, photo autographed by all the guys? (probably some other really cool stuff but I'm old and going off memory). I almost sold it and my numbered autographed Marathon Man years ago when I needed money, but I hung on to it and made it work and am soooooo glad I did!!
  23. I agree. It's just one of those things.
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