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    Follow Me

    Beautiful version of "Follow Me"! Wowza! Simply beautiful! I have a cool John Denver story. Years ago, he gave a concert at Aksarben in Omaha (pronounced Ak-Zar-ben--which is Nebraska backwards for those not in the know). It was a great concert, but after the intermission, John came out on the stage, with his guitar and said, "Can you hear me?". Yes, he sounded great, but there was no microphone. It was just John. He went on to explain that during the intermission, someone had dumped a "Big Gulp" of Coke on the sound board. There was nothing. It had shorted out everything. Just some lights and John standing on the stage by himself with a regular guitar strapped on that wasn't attached to anything. Thankfully, the venue had really great acoustics and John was a pro. He said he was going to keep singing for us until they got it fixed and then his band would join him for the rest of the concert. What a treat it was to hear John in his purest form! Oh my goodness, it was just amazing! He sang to us a good 45 minutes or so--it was like having him in your living room! Best concert experience of my life. Our seats weren't near the front, but it just didn't matter. He was that good. He got a huge standing ovation from all of us folks. It was actually disappointing when they got the equipment fixed. John never needed auto-tone. He was perfect.
  2. Kirk--that postcard is amazing!!! So, I'm late to the party on this topic.... My fave non-Eric songs are as follows, but, they probably don't count, but, I'm counting them because they are on PopArt Live and I absolutely can't stop playing them-- 1. "It's Cold Outside"--this song just gets better and better every time I hear it. It isn't complicated or anything, it's just darn good to my ears! Dave's voice is smooth and awesome and he has a humbleness about him that is just wonderful. 2. "No Reply"--oh my goodness! Wally knocks it out of the park. So good!
  3. Happiest of Birthdays to Dave! Thanks for sharing, Bernie!!
  4. This is a tough one! I'm not a country music lover, mostly, but I am a long-time Oak Ridge Boys lover! Have seen "the boys" many times over the years! Joe has always been the fun, energetic, wonderful one of the group. Ugh. Below--my husband and I with the Oak Ridge Boys about 5 miles from our farm in Iowa. What a fun night that was! They even did a song for us in the concert. RIP to Joe and to my sweet hubby, James.
  5. My apologies, Rebecca--I did not notice that the bidding started at $300! Yikes!
  6. Personally, and in my opinion only, I feel that your starting bid at $300 would "alert" bidders. That $300 starting bid set off book collectors. I don't understand all the intricacies of their auction process, but I would guess that in certain categories, a starting bid this high would raise some awareness for a rare and valuable book that would draw people that aren't Eric Carmen fans, per se. It's kind of like a poker game, you don't want to show your full hand at the get go. I truly hope you are able to get this book at some point. Heck, at $700, I'm a little tempted to sell mine.
  7. Well, that took me down the rabbit hole! How fun to see the old message board! That used to be a daily sight! It was good to see all those names I remembered and made me sad because so many of them don't seem to be here anymore . I know we changed our monikers when we moved, I couldn't remember what mine was, but then I saw my old email address. Too funny how back in the day, we just put our addresses out there.
  8. What a handsome boy! Happy Birthday, Copper!! You look like a real sweetheart!
  9. Thanks for sharing this! I was fresh out of college when this happened and remember it happening. Thanks Susie b for finding him! What a great story! Yay for Jim Rice! This really illustrates how actions today can influence actions tomorrow.
  10. I do appreciate that he obviously loves Eric/Berries, and I cannot fault him that at all. Truth be told, I probably wouldn't sound much better. I admire the guts to put that out there, and I admire his audience, who applauded him. He does have a certain charm and dang, that hat is growing on me!
  11. Oh, Kirk! Say it isn't so!!!
  12. Holy Crap!! That is freakin' amazing!!
  13. Oh dear. This is rather unfortunate..... And, that echo! Yikes!
  14. You may have a wait to find Marathon Man on Ebay--did you know you can download it from Amazon? I have the autographed hard covered book, but, I won't touch it lest I sneeze on it or a cat jumps on my lap and pukes on it! I did download it onto my Kindle and I really enjoyed it so very much. It's a terrific book full of anecdotes, great stories and recollections, etc.! Life is fleeting--download it now while you continue your hunt for the actual book. Yes, I have noticed the "curl". What a great head of hair! I would say that's a naturally occurring phenomenon!
  15. Happiest of Birthdays, Dearest Marilyn!!!
  16. Oh wow! I love this! Gosh, it's really good!!
  17. Eric was already a higher being . I have never heard "I Wanna Be With You" in a store! I would have flipped out! I have noticed hearing a LOT of his solo music in stores and on Sirius/XM though. Love it!
  18. Wow, Matt! Great Collection! You have some great stuff!
  19. I hadn't seen the extended version! I about lost it when he dumped the bicycle built for two! Thanks, ooch!
  20. Oh, it's just beautiful!!
  21. Sounds good! I like this idea and I'm sure it will turn out great!
  22. Yes! I don't want credit--it should go to you and EC.com, IMHO
  23. Julie

    Eric in '73

    Nice pic! I would have joined Eastern Star if Eric and the guys showed up at our Masonic Lodge!
  24. I'm so happy! And, finally, somebody that remembers it! I just love it!
  25. Hmmm......there's gotta be a story here....
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