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  1. Hey, everybody!! Good to be back!!
  2. Boy, we must have been really good this year!! Thanks Bernie and Eric!! Love it!!!!
  3. Hmmmm.......I am a big John Waite fan and would love to hear him do either something by John, The Babys or Bad English.......just not sure which one........I'm leaning towards, "Silver Dreams" by Babys because I love it so much (even though John doesn't sing lead on the whole song). The end of the song has some high notes and I can hear Eric singing it in my head
  4. Well, I have been doing a little searching and Louise Mandrell is the key to finding this episode. She was on Hee Haw quite a bit. Anyway, looks like it's possibly on Season 21, episode 17. They play one new Hee Haw on RFD-TV per week and they appear to be in order (my folks had a lot of episodes on the DVR). Anyway, at this rate, it will probably be about 5 years before they air it *sigh* Looks like there are 24 seasons of Hee Haw. Yowza! There is an episode guide on TV.com.
  5. Welcome aboard, Terri! We're "neighbors"! I'm in northern Iowa! Anyway, your post could have been written by me! Lol! I was young when "Don't Want to Say Goodbye" came out, but, being a very musical person, I remembered hearing it on the radio back in the day. I had a friend in college point out to me that the Eric I loved so much was the lead singer of the Raspberries.
  6. Bumping up this thread-- My folk's DVR Hee Haw all the time--it's on RFD-TV on DirecTV. Does anyone know who besides Eric and Louise may have been on this episode? Trying to figure out a way to put it into a "to do list" search. If there was someone more famous than Eric on that episode (hard to imagine!) it might be easier to find it. --Juie
  7. I actually found "Never Say Die" on a hard drive after I got the name. Love, Love, Love it!!! Thanks once again to Bernie's magic!
  8. Yes!!! That's it!! Thanks, Kirk!!! I do pop in and read but I guess I don't post that much--too busy with little Moses!
  9. With all the excitement I'm having listening to "Essential" it is making me hungry for some of Eric's other music. A few years back (I have no idea how long ago--the last 6 years have been a blur to me since my hubby passed away) Bernie had a song pinned to the top of the page that had been lost and then found and I believe Bernie played guitar on it (again, I apologize that I am sooooo fuzzy on the details, but I know my fellow fans will figure this out). I remember that I loved it but I have no idea what the name of it was and I can't seem to find it. That would be a great gem to have in the boxed set *hint-hint* Thanks!! Julie
  10. oops--by the time I get around to commenting on a post, it seems the topic has changed. Lol! So, I downloaded my copy from iTunes and it is just wonderful!!! It sounds so lush and rich and full-bodied over my car's sound-system. I can't wait to listen to it on my Denali's surround. I'm hearing things I've never heard before!! Love it!!!
  11. Thanks for posting these Gina! You're awesome!! I can't get anything in the multimedia area to play, so really appreciate these!! Blessings Julie
  12. I like Weather Bug--think it was free. Also Google Earth. Have a great bible app--you can get free ones, but I paid for the one I have--Tecarta. For games I got Bejeweled (normally have to pay for, but got a special and it was free). I just like cruising around at the app store and trying stuff. You can always delete what you don't like.
  13. Hey Vera!! I think it would take me all night to try to get something to post (for some reason I can hardly ever get on this site and posting is a nightmare!!) sooooo....I will just give you a song--you can find it on YouTube--I checked--it's there! One of my all-time favorites and it fits your one-hit-wonder-obscure criteria perfectly! "I Will Still Love You" by Stonebolt Love, Love, Love this song from 1978!!!
  14. There are lots of songs that strike that chord with me ever since my husband passed away. I'm not a country music fan, but whenever I hear Garth Brooks' "The Dance" I lose it. Not just a few tears, but buckets full. Eric's "I Was Born To Love You" gets me every time too as we always danced to that one and had it at our wedding reception. Paul Davis' "I Go Crazy" has always had the ability to tear me up too. Julie
  15. Plan on taking them out driving in the cornfields and backroads before letting them loose on America's highways!
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