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  1. Wow, Matt! Great Collection! You have some great stuff!
  2. I hadn't seen the extended version! I about lost it when he dumped the bicycle built for two! Thanks, ooch!
  3. Sounds good! I like this idea and I'm sure it will turn out great!
  4. Yes! I don't want credit--it should go to you and EC.com, IMHO
  5. Julie

    Eric in '73

    Nice pic! I would have joined Eastern Star if Eric and the guys showed up at our Masonic Lodge!
  6. I'm so happy! And, finally, somebody that remembers it! I just love it!
  7. Hmmm......there's gotta be a story here....
  8. They played this on the radio around here (Omaha, Nebraska) I do have it on vinyl somewhere and actually I have one of those record player, cd, tape and radio box thingys--I forget I have it. LOL. I use Dirpy Premium. Ebay has a copy on CD for $119.95. Yikes. Anyway, looks like the whole album is on YouTube. Love it! "No Reason in the World", "Little Nikki" "For All the Wrong Reasons"--really good--sounds like Richard Marx at the beginning. Enjoy! (232) Jimmy Harnen – Can't Fight The Midnight 1989 [Full Album] - YouTube
  9. Back in the 80's, this was my jam. Loved this song--the whole album too. I have it on cassette so I can't listen to it, but found it on YouTube. Just as good as I remember it. Not everyone's cup of tea, but man, I love it.
  10. This is so cool! Totally would have loved them to play at my wedding!
  11. The lights were out and I was worried! Glad it’s back!!
  12. Hmmmm........this is not it. This is yet another version IMHO it doesn't sound like Bryan Adams--not saying it's not him, but his voice sounds so different to me, but, it could be done when he's older. It's too good to be a random cover though. LOL. I'm so confused. Love "All For Love" with Sting and Rod Stewart too! So good!!
  13. I couldn't take it! I went to the iTunes store and bought it. I'm pasting the link, but have no idea if this will work! LOL! This is the version I know. Edit: I clicked on the link and it plays a part of it, but not the whole song. Maybe there will be enough of it for you to tell it's different. https://music.apple.com/us/album/ultimate/1422706269
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