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  1. Eric I have been signing the birthdays cards Bernie puts on this site for years. I don't think I have missed one, at least I hope not. I hope your special day is filled with love, laughter and happiness. Happy Birthday Eric. Love you always...Donna
  2. Passat car company,I just saw it tonight.It made me smile.
  3. Eric,I wish you all the greatest joy,love and happiness life has to offer. Thank you for all the beauty,and happiness your music has brought to my life. Love to you ,Donna
  4. I wish I could more than anything Darlene, but I take care of my granddaughter during the day, and my weekends are spent doing family things.If you get to go to the NY show, blow a kiss to Eric for me please? I am still wishing for the DVD...though I have to buy a DVD player, I better order two DVDs, I know I am going to wear them out.
  5. What about closer to the NE? I can't afford to travel far. Even NY is out of my afforablity. Eric and the guys, please consider coming to New England. At least this last time for me???
  6. "I guess the DVD must be in post production now if they are going to make the Spring '05 release." Any news yet??? I am waiting and waiting, and waiting....PLEASE!!!!! Do I sound impatient? I am wearing out my 'Dirty Dancing' live video, I need more Eric footage.
  7. I haven't been on the board in a while and was really amazed to see the fantastic opening page here. Great job Bernie. The whole site is really wonderful.
  8. I just read this in the newest press release,and I was wondering if anyone here knows where Eric was reffering to from this quote: "And the places we were being booked, it was just hideous. We'd be on the road for six months at a time, and we had a manager then who shall remain nameless, and he would book us anywhere. We'd play some grungy club somewhere to 400 people, and we shouldn't have been there, and it wasn't the right place for us, but hey, it was somewhere between Boston and Providence , so, from a routing standpoint it was, sure, we'll plug that in. So night after night, we were out there banging our hearts out, and the level of acceptance was just not there." Seeing I live in RI, it sparked my curiosity. Thanks
  9. I will be "All By Myself" so count me in on the chat. LOL
  10. I wish I could have attended tonight. I am wishing the guys tour near RI????? Enjoy the show and thanks in advance Gene for the pics.
  11. I am home babysitting my granddaughter tonight,reading the board and listening to all of Eric's songs I have on my computer.I am exposing my one month old granddaughter to Eric's beautiful music tonight.She seems to like the ballads best LOL Everyone, I hope you enjoy the show and can someone give Eric a huge hug for me and my granddaughter? Happy New Years.
  12. Quote:people who smoke are dumb. EOS Then that would be me. I smoke,I have for almost 30 years now.It's not the easiest habit to quit, but it's not the worst either.
  13. Like say my way? Rhode Island, or Conneticut? I am not above begging Eric! PLEASE!!!!!
  14. I didn't see this thread.I made one myself.Sorry.
  15. I couldn't attend the concert ,and I am hoping for at least a DVD to see the show? Bernie, do you have any info on this?
  16. He remembers what we post here? That shows he is a conciderate person.
  17. hof63 thank you so much for those pictures from the interview. I haven't read here in awhile,darn it.My daughter's friend lives in Cleveland.I could have asked her to record that program if I checked in here more often. *bangs head on desk*
  18. I can't go,{still awaiting my granddaughter's birth} but I hope all of you who are attending have a great night. Autographing chests? LMAO.
  19. There is a store like that here in RI Luke's Record Exchange Contact Info: (401) 725-7156 He has a large inventory,but as far as any Eric Carmen things,none as far as I last checked.No website though.
  20. I only saw the Raspberries once in concert.It was 1974 I think it was, I was 15 and I feel in love with Eric that night.That concert will be a treasured memory forever. I remember I got last minute tickets and sat behind stage. I had to look at Eric's butt all night [not that I minded one bit ] He turned around to face the back of the stage,and sang a song to me and my sister. "To the girls who had to look at our butt's all night, this song is for you two" But it was so long ago, I can't recall what the song was. Eric, if you by some slim chance remember this, I will never forget that night.
  21. Julia,I just want to cry.But you can rant. Donna
  22. *bump* Can you add Donna to the list? My daughter is pregnant,and her expected due date is November 20th.If it wasn't for that,I would be there. To everyone attending the concert,I hope you all have a great time and your travels there are safe. Love to Eric and his family. Donna
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