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  1. Oh wow ..... now THIS is a Grade A video! Wheeee Doggie! :-)
  2. Here's my arm while listening to the new cd in my car. Wow!
  3. Hmmm ... pretty sure I have this also.
  4. Very thankful to live as close as I do to Cleveland. We've been up 3 or 4 times to catch Wally's solo shows, and we usually go once a month to listen to Abbey Rodeo, which features Jim on the drums and they play all British Invasion era tunes. American and British. Way cool musical town for sure! Regarding the video ... curious as heck to know why Wally had his back to the crowd throughout most of the song. ??
  5. What GREAT footage that is! Fine mix too!
  6. I was fortunate enough to witness a Berries performance of Nights In White Satin, it did indeed sound stellar.
  7. My suggestion would be more of a remix rather than a remaster. Just my opinion though. i enjoy the EP, though without Jim and Eric it's missing the "Berry Magic".
  8. My wife and I just finished watching a Chris Rock movie, "Down To Earth". This was based on the movie "Heaven Can Wait". If I remember correctly, Eric's song of the same title, was written for HCW, but ended up not being used. Lo and behold in the Chris Rock movie, what do they use? Eric's "All By Myself". Kind of a cool thing. :-)
  9. I'm going to talk to our station manager again and see if he'll put in rotation for the next few weeks. www.wmce.fm
  10. In the summer of 1970 I got home from an evening out and there was a message for me from my friend. He was frantic. He said "You HAVE to get up to the Hullabaloo Club (in Erie, PA) and see/hear what I'm hearing!" Another friend drove me up and as we walked in the door, I was hit with the opening chords of "No Matter What". This instantly had my interest .... Got up towards the stage and was in awe ... the visual was perfect rock n roll. And THEN "I've Got A Feeling". Oh boy, I'm hooked ... who the hell are these guys? And then "Gimme Shelter" and "Brown Sugar", followed by a perfect rendition of "Let It Be". Been a fan ever since. You could have shot a cannon off and not hit anybody as there was hardly anyone there. That lasted one night only. When they came back about a month later, it was standing room only as the word had spread. Dave was now in the band and they wore matching Raspberry colored suits. Trust me, it was WAY cool. Never missed a local performance after that. Very inspirational. Went out and bought a Marshall half stack and Gibson Flying V a month later. I saw them only once with the Starting Over lineup and it seemed like things were coming to an end .... Once the internet happened, I searched forever and finally found this website and Michelle Cervoni's Berries site. I was one of the lucky ones who saw the initial reunion show in Nov 2004 and the final public show in Dec 2007. I really can't describe the feeling, but I know that the hair was standing on my arms both times, and there were lots of tears in my eyes throughout both evenings. The look of excitement on my wife's face at seeing the Berries for the first time after hearing me go on and on about them for 20 years was priceless. An experience I will always treasure and never forget. Thank you Eric, Wally, Dave, Jim, Scott and Mike. Oh yeah, and John Aleksic too. Can't leave him out. He was the one singing "No Matter What" if I remember correctly.
  11. I'm going to stay out of this nightmare and just make a short statement. Eric has been a major inspiration in my life and I GREATLY admire and respect his talent. The radio interview yesterday was very enjoyable. The new song describes my life last year to a "T". At the same time, Wally has been a major inspiration in my life and I GREATLY admire and respect his talent also. I had the wonderful experience of going to hear Wally's show a few weeks back and it sounded great. The Bryson's were nothing but nice to my wife and I and our friends, and even made it a point to get us reserved seating which we appreciated very much. No "kool-aid" involved or nasty remarks regarding Eric were made while we were in their presence. I'm there for the music, not the drama. Which in my opinion, is what we should all be influenced by, the wonderful music ... be it Raspberries, Eric, Wally, Dave or Jim. Picking sides and choosing weapons is stupid. I support all four/six of them. Our next stop ... going to hear Jim's new band. Hopefully Eric eventually. Definitely Wally again, and hoping to be able to hear Dave and Scott someday. Ok, I guess that wasn't that short of a statement, huh? At any rate ... it's the music folks. That's what hooked us all to begin with. Alright, I'm taking my ball and going home now.
  12. I remember seeing you guys with Raspberry colored suits and white shoes/boots. I thought it was a rather rockin' look myself. I searched all over the place to find a berry colored blazer in our area with no luck! The image I saw when I walked through the door was pure rock and roll in my book. Couldn't find a coat that looked like that, but I did indeed find a Flying V and a Marshall. Hot damn ... wish I would have kept them!
  13. Just spoke to my station manager .... I'm the pre-recorded overnight "talent", Big Al Knight. Told him about the song, and he's willing to give it some plays on his morning show to see if we can stir some interest. Our slogan is "The Greatest Hits Of All Time" and the music is from the 60's to 80's. Beatles on the half hour every hour. The stations listeners eat up Beatles and Beach Boys. This would fit right in. So hopefully starting next Monday, we'll be playing some new Eric Carmen. Wahoo! Oh yeah .... WMCE 88.5 or www.wmce.fm 24 hours a day, commercial free. If it's played, it will be during the morning drive from 6am to 10am, The Captain Dan Show. Here's hoping!
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