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  1. I think Rykodisc is doing a pretty good job. I'm glad they're part of Warner Brothers. Best Buy has "Greatest" (Capitol) on their shelves and they list the two retail versions of "Live On Sunset Strip" at their website, so that's a retailer to thank (hopefully "Live" will be in their brick-and-mortar stores as well). Curiously small mention of the band at The Cleveland Plain Dealer's webiste today at http://www.cleveland.com/plaindealer/sto...&thispage=1 by Gary Graff (a writer out of Michigan) about new releases --- huge mention of Silverchair's new album and a short blurb about Raspberries on page 7 of the online article: --------------------- The Raspberries "Live on Sunset Strip" Rykodisc Bruce Springsteen wrote the liner notes for the document of the power pop legends' 2005 West Coast show. ---------------------- I hope the PD does something more about the hometown lads when the album comes out on Tuesday (keeping my fingers crossed). Haven't seen anything at the websites for Cleveland Scene, The Cleveland Free Times or Cleveland's Sun Newspapers yet. I'm curious: has the band or any members of the band made plans for in-store signings at any Cleveland stores next week when the album comes out? Those events usually grab some newsprint. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  2. Jerry, you are correct. Here's a bit of trivia (from Kay Bryson): Ben Orr used to date Wally Bryson's sister when Wally was in The Choir back in the mid-'60s. When Wally exited The Choir, he was pretty down, so Ben Orr did the buddy thing of driving Wally around to cheer him up. I think that's pretty cool. The Choir ("It's Cold Outside") and The Grasshoppers ("Mod Socks," "Pink Champagne (and Red Roses)") both had regional hits around the same time. When I saw The Cars in 1978, Ben's performance of "Just What I Needed" (people forget that Ben sang lead on seven of The Cars Top 10 hits) reminded me so much of the Wally Bryson I had seen on stage in Raspberries in 1973: cool, confident, charismatic, and chewing a wad of gum. My favorite song of Ben's is "Drive." Ben Orr is missed. His Rolling Stone magazine obituary from 2000: http://www.rollingstone.com/artists/thecars/articles/story/5924837/benjamin_orr_a_life_in_rock__roll Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  3. This is neat --- the 8-minute promo clip used to sell Cleveland's "Upbeat" TV series (with host Don Webster) in syndication back in the '60s (the show that featured national bands and Cleveland acts like The Choir). The clip includes Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Four Seasons, Peter & Gordon, James Brown and others at http://youtube.com/watch?v=NWctNqdzbN8 Other clips from "Upbeat" on YouTube.Com: The Guess Who "When You Touch Me": http://youtube.com/watch?v=2faRrFNa5so Iron Butterfly "Soul Experience": http://youtube.com/watch?v=D8U_hd71QQ4 Iron Butterfly "Filled With Fear": http://youtube.com/watch?v=gsoDgjkbAyw The Ides Of March "Vehicle": http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ccatl1CgHJs Stevie Wonder "For Once In My Life": http://youtube.com/watch?v=S4-7okZxuHw The Lemon Pipers "Green Tambourine": http://youtube.com/watch?v=Iv6GhRDERsk 1910 Fruitgum Company: "1-2-3 Red Light": http://youtube.com/watch?v=iRnNfZ8Pxro According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WEWS-TV: ------------------------ "Upbeat" In the late 1960s and early 1970s, WEWS produced two programs that enjoyed national exposure through syndication. The first program was Upbeat. Considered by some to be one of the most significant early rock and roll TV variety shows, Upbeat featured a live audience, a group of dancers and live (or lip-synched) performances by the big names of the era.[1] Artists who appeared on Upbeat included Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and hundreds of others. In fact, Redding's final appearance ever came on the show on December 9, 1967. The next afternoon, his twin-engine airplane crashed in the icy waters of Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin, killing all but one of the eight passengers on board. The program began locally as The Big 5 Show, and the name was changed to Upbeat when it went national, altogether running from 1964 to 1971. The host was local station personality Don Webster. At its peak, Upbeat was seen in over 100 television markets. ------------------------------ Here's hoping The Choir and other Cleveland bands that appeared on "Upbeat" also turn up on Youtube.Com or on DVDs one day. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  4. Someone should get Rykodisc to update their two retail sales pages at http://rykodistribution.net/artist_title.php?artist_id13102&media_id=20746 and http://rykodistribution.net/artist_title.php?artist_id=13102&media_id=20747 I believe those Rykodisc Distribution pages are the pages used by retailers to decide whether to carry a CD or not. Both pages list "no reviews," when there are now several reviews (like Billboard and USA Today) out there that might influence the "buyers" at retail, the people who actually decide what product goes into the stores. Those early reviews could sway the "buyers" (often a guy who buys for thousands of stores, in the case of the biggies like (Kmart, Walmart and Target) "all by himself") if they see them. That sticker on the cover of the album with "liner notes by Bruce Springsteen" will sell some albums if people see it, too (I just wish it smelled like Raspberries...) And those of you printing and putting up flyers like Bernie has here for download (again, lovely job, big guy), or calling your deejays at radio to let them know about the band's return, I salute you. You will make a difference (look at CBS-TV's "Jericho," cancelled but now renewed because thousands of fans united and made it happen). Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  5. And a third website with a contest offering a chance to win a copy of the album: http://wavedrumor.blogspot.com/2007/07/raspberries-live-on-sunset-strip.html Don Krider
  6. Getting 250,000 hits a month, The Classic Rock Radio Roundup --- http://www.therockradio.com/2007/07/classic-rock-round-up.html --- mentions the new release: ----------------------------- Bruce Springsteen has contributed to the liner notes to the new Raspberries live album, called Live On Sunset Strip. Springsteen wrote in part, "...they are THE great underrated power pop masters. Their best records are as fun and sound as fresh today as when they were released. Soaring choruses, Beach Boys harmonies over crunchy Who guitars, lyrics simultaneously innocent, lascivious, and all about sex, sex, sex continue to make an unbeatable combination." The Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip, which is the band's first new collection in 33 years, will be released on July 31st. ---------------------------- Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  7. From The Cleveland Plain Dealer's "Rockin' Blog" feature at http://blog.cleveland.com/rockin/ : -------------------- CBS's The Early Show Support Cleveland by coming out to the huge stage in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Friday morning. CBS' "The Early Show" broadcasts LIVE on a huge stage rain or shine 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. The all-star line-up includes celebrity chef Bobby Flay along with a few Cleveland chefs. Rocker and Rock Hall inductee Patti Smith will perform a free mini-concert at the end of the show. Patti Smith performs Friday in Cleveland.Bring a "Cleveland+" sign and you'll be eligible to win a pair of Cleveland Browns tickets or one of two pairs of Cleveland Indians tickets. All attendees with homemade "Cleveland+" signs or shirts with "Cleveland+" can visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Musuem for free immediately following the broadcast. ------------------------- Sounds like an opportunity for Cleveland Raspberries fans to show up as a group in Raspberries T-shirts with Bernie's great Raspberries "Live On Sunset Strip" flyers in hand to hand to a national broadcaster live or make a huge "Cleveland+Raspberries=Rock 'n' Roll" signs or banners. Maybe there's still a chance to make a contact with someone at the Hall and/or CBS for a Raspberries interview (or to plug the band's new album with clips from the DVD)? Don Krider
  8. Meanwhile, in California where the power pop music festival known as IPO is being staged, an article by Robert Kinsler on the show in the July 20, 2007, OCRegister (an Orange County, California, newspaper) --- http://www.ocregister.com/entertainment/ipo-international-pop-1780818-overthrow-huntington --- mentions Raspberries new album: ------------------------------ ...Pop-rock is enjoying a renaissance thanks to the numerous young purveyors of the style, as well as strong reissues by the genre's most-talented names. This year has seen cherished collections by the Beach Boys ("The Warmth of the Sun"), the Traveling Wilburys (a collection of all of the supergroup's recordings and music videos) and the Raspberries ("Live on Sunset Strip" is the legendary group's first new album in 33 years), while the Feeling's "Twelve Stops and Home," Rooney's "Calling the World" and Crowded House's "Time on Earth" are among the first-rate new sets garnering well-deserved praise... ---------------------------------- There's a picture of one of our board contributors, John "Popdude" Borack, with The Barry Holdship Four on the page, too. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  9. Meanwhile, back in the former USSR, comrades, are two articles on Raspberries "Live On Sunset Strip": http://powerpop.ru/news/2007/06/30_2.shtml and at http://newsland.ru/News/Detail/id/63063/ (who wishes he could read Russian) The message seems to be spreading... Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  10. Cyrus Erie and The Quick both recorded singles for Epic. Don Krider
  11. There's two sites that are giving away copies of "Live On Sunset Strip" in email contests (another way of showing fan interest is how many people enter these contests): Amplifier Magazine: http://amplifiermagazine.com/contests/raspberries_live_on_sunset_str.php Exclusive Magazine: http://www.annecarlini.com/ex_giveaways.php Wishing those about to enter those contests the best of luck... Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  12. I'm doing pretty well, especially after all the kind comments on the review. Thanks for asking. Epinions is owned by Ebay.Com and gets two million unique visitors per month (who generate 20 million hits every month), so I'm hoping a few of those visitors find my review. I'm hoping the early reviews in the media generate a "buzz" about the album and some pre-sales. You know, I'm just floored by all the reality of this magical moment in time --- 2007 is the 35th anniversary of "Go All The Way," the 30th anniversary of "Boats Against The Current," the 20th anniversary of "Dirty Dancing" and the 10th anniversary of Bernie's EricCarmen.Com! What a banner year. My mystical Capricorn mind thinks the stars are aligned just right for the first time over Raspberriesland! Pretty cool! Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  13. When it comes to advertising magic, I make a suggestion and you make it happen, Bernie. Mega-kudos on this quick work! Now, I plead for "Got Raspberries Live?" T-shirts ("Got Live Raspberries?" on the front and "I Do" on the back with a photo of the album cover)... Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  14. Good topic, Marvin. A neat way would be if the merchandising team could create a downloadable poster or flyer advertsing the album's upcoming release that fans could print and download off our computers --- then we could act as a street team wherever we live and "Get The Message" to the bulletin boards of local record stores. Most independent record stores worth their salt have little bulletin boards where bands and others can post things for free, so if you put up a flyer on the wall and then sat down some flyers for people to pick up (near where people pick up the local free music newsletters and such) with info on the websites, and which drops names (like quotes from the stars quoted on the official website about the band), you could spread the message pretty easily to people whose curiousity might cause them to find out more. Simple, cheap promotion, but it might pay off. I'm hoping the news about Springsteen's liner notes and the John Lennon in a Raspberries sweatshirt photo that's in the album's CD booklet will generate some pre-orders at retail (it would be great if the guys could actually chart the debut week based on pre-orders). The people leaving comments on my Epinions.Com review indicate that when people find out that Springsteen and Lennon love the band, they are now giving the band a second look. Don Krider My review: http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  15. Thanks for the kind words on my review gang! If anyone wants to try for a free copy of the album, there's a site for something called Exclusive Magazine (never heard of it before) that has a contest to win a copy at http://www.annecarlini.com/ex_giveaways.php --- just go down about a third of the way and there's a photo of the CD cover with contest info (you have to answer a question and email your answer before September 1, 2007, according to the details on that page). Don Krider My "Live On Sunset Strip" review: http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  16. Guess I'll toss my review into the mix (it's long, it's detailed, and I held off on publishing it for a week so as not to give some things away, but I finally decided what the heck) --- please note, that during the first 24 hours after publication, the review may only be available for view by members of Epinions.Com (free membership), but after that time it should be visible without joining the site: http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588 Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/user-don_krider
  17. Speaking of "American As Apple Pie," there's another neat interview Eric did with Ken Zimmerman of The Gavin Report, January 11, 1985, where he asks Eric about "American As Apple Pie" (written by Eric Carmen and Dean Pitchford): __________ PZ: I've been a fan of your music for a long time since the first Raspberries single "Go All The Way" in 1972. On the new album there's a song called "American As Apple Pie." It has one of my favorite Beach Boys licks from their tune "This Whole World." Was it intentional? EC: (laughter) You mean the "Aww omm dot ditty?" The biggest problem is trying to figure out how to change it. We tried to sing "Aww urn pop did it" or "Dot did it" because I don't want The Beach Boys to think I'm ripping them off. One little phrase in there. It's one of those things where there's just certain syllables that sing so perfectly in certain spots. My love of that band is prone to surface now and then. There's no way I can completely disguise it. ___________ Don Krider
  18. I liked the fact that Eric's "American As Apple Pie" was on the 1995 MCA Records compilation CD "You Can Still Rock In America", right alongside tracks by Glenn Frey, Dave Edmunds, Chuck Berry, Kim Wilde, Night Ranger, Asia, The Blasters, Grand Funk Railroad and The Hooters. Kind of a fun, multi-artist CD with an American theme among the tunes. I was just surprised, and happy, to see Eric's tune on that one. Don Krider
  19. Country Music Television (CMT, part of the MTV Networks, which include MTV and VH1) has pages for Eric Carmen and for Raspberries on their website. They aren't real up-to-date on website links (nothing current) and such, but Eric's page does have video of Eric Carmen and Merry Clayton singing "Almost Paradise" from the "Dirty Dancing Live" DVD (very cool live performance) and the music video for "Make Me Lose Control." So, if the marketing guys touch base with CMT, maybe we could see those pages updated and maybe they could add Eric and Louise's "As Long As We Got Each Other" to Eric's page on CMT (might as well have a bona fide country chart hit there). Would be neat to see Raspberries' "Live" promo added to their page on CMT as well. They do have sales links for the new "Boats Against The Current/Change Of Heart" CD and for the Raspberries "Live" release. I think today's country fans include many '70s teen rockers who have aged to find their "pop" music on the country charts, and who may not follow the rock press these days, so there's probably a fan base waiting to be tapped on CMT who might not know Raspberries are back. Just a thought. And "American As Apple Pie" as a video (and perhaps as a single) would be eaten up by country fans (with an apology to Eric for sounding like a broken record, but I believe the timing for that song is "now"). It could be the band's new signature tune! Don Krider
  20. Al, Here 'tis: -------------------- LIST OF LISTS By Rocky Mountain News June 30, 2007 Rolling Stone's 100 greatest albums of all time. Entertainment Weekly's 25 greatest action movies. The American Film Institute's new list of the 100 greatest films. We're a nation that loves to live by lists. From the FBI's Most Wanted to Zagat's top restaurant reviews, we can't get enough. What makes them so prized? 1. We're forgetful. Without them, we'd never remember to pick up our dry cleaning, recall what our kids want for their birthdays or know what movies to rent next from Netflix. 2. We're nosy. Sure, we know it's lame, but we still want to know which kid Angelina loves most, who the country's biggest billionaires are or the 10 books that top Oprah Winfrey's must- read list. 3. We aspire to be hip and trendy. Just ask us about the definitive list of emo bands or which five fashion fads are celebrity faves. Even if we've only downloaded one Death Cab for Cutie song to our iPod and still wear trucker hats, at least we can talk a good game. And, so, in the name of list-makers everywhere, we offer this collection of completely random and totally subjective lists. Why do we love them so? Let us count the ways. 3 bands we'd love to see on a reunion tour 1. The Raspberries: The best live band that almost no one has seen live. 2. Mott the Hoople: If The Yardbirds can do it, you guys can, too. 3. Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes: This kind of passionate soul act can actually get better as the decades of living add up... ------------------------ Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/user-don_krider
  21. Louise Mandrell hit #8 on the Billboard country singles chart with Eric's "Maybe My Baby" in 1985 (from her "Maybe My Baby" album) and #35 on the Billboard country singles chart with Eric's "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" in 1986 (from her "Dreamin'" album). Louise Mandrell and Eric Carmen also hit #51 on the Billboard country singles chart as a duet with "As Long As We Got Each Other" in 1987, also from her "Dreamin'" album on RCA. Don Krider
  22. Marvin, speaking of CMT, their "Crossroads" show has been a fascinating mix of country and rock artists --- http://www.cmt.com/shows/dyn/cmt_crossroads/episode_list.jhtml --- pairing Pat Benatar and Martina McBride, Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire, Bon Jovi and Sugarland, and others. Neat way for rock artists to expose their songs to a different audience. The Benatar and McBride episode I saw this week blew me away --- both were fantastic. Can you imagine Eric Carmen and Faith Hill singing each other's songs on one stage? I think it would be cool. Don Krider
  23. While it's probably nerve-wracking to wonder how the new Raspberries album will do, consider that Bon Jovi just topped the pop album charts for the first time since 1988 (now, let's see, some other pop singer had a couple of Top 5 Pop Singles hit in 1988, "Hungry Eyes" and "Make Me Lose Control"...what was his name anyway?): __________ Bon Jovi's First Chart-Topper Since 1988 By KATIE HASTY, Reuters Posted: 2007-06-27 18:58:46 Filed Under: Music NEW YORK (June 27) - Bon Jovi topped the album charts for the first time since 1988 on Wednesday, while rock duo the White Stripes scored a personal best with a No. 2 debut for their latest release. Bon Jovi's "Lost Highway" sold 288,000 copies in the week ended June 24, the rock troupe's biggest one-week sum since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales data in 1991. The Island/Mercury Nashville set is Bon Jovi's third No. 1 album, joining 1988's "New Jersey" and 1987's "Slippery When Wet." __________ Don Krider
  24. I agree with Marvin --- the band should do this. The American psyche has been so shattered by the war that people need a song like "American As Apple Pie" to cheer them up. Nobody else on the pop charts is doing this. I have a buddy who has completed three tours in Iraq and is now scheduled to ship out for Afghanistan. He's ex-82nd Airborne and joined the Air National Guard some years ago not expecting to be in combat again. So much for that thought, because now they won't let him retire out of the service and at the age of 53, he recently had to re-qualify as a paratrooper, though he's no longer in the Army and is now Air Force National Guard (people may not know it, but because of shortages in Army units, Air Force and Navy personnel have been deployed as ground troops with Army and Marine units in combat)! He's been wounded twice, and though he says "I don't need another Purple Heart," they are sending him back. This guy doesn't believe in the war, though he says the media isn't telling the truth and our troops have done good things in Iraq, but he believes in his country and his sworn duty to protect its people, so he won't run away (his dad was at Pearl Harbor in 1941, and my buddy was pulled out of a firefight in Iraq to come home to be with his dad as he died a couple of years ago --- he arrived home at midnite and his dad died at 9 am that morning, then 30 days later he was back in Iraq dodging RPGs and gunfire). He loves classic rock music, and I gave him one of your Best Of collections and a Raspberries greatest CDs before one of his (what he calls) "trips to the sandlot," and he loves your music. He's played your music for these kids (and most of the troops are kids; he's the "old man") and they love it. They also love music DVDs --- he was telling me of the troops after a firefight relaxing to a DVD of The Eagles last year, and how much such things like that and USO shows help morale over there. A song like "American As Apple Pie" is a spirit-lifter, one of those songs that lifts people up when they are feeling down. Not only would Raspberries have a huge hit with it, but imagine the impact it would have on American morale and the morale of American men and women serving a long way from home. I really hope the band adds the song to their set and cuts a new version of the tune (perhaps a promo video of the band doing the song for the Raspberries website to test the waters). Didn't mean to be long-winded. I know your father, Dave's dad and Wally's dad were all veterans (not sure about Jim's dad), and that Dave is a Vietnam veteran himself, and it would be so cool if you guys, the All-American band that is Raspberries, put out "American As Apple Pie" because that title sums up what the band means to me. There's just something really, really special about that tune, Eric. I'm hoping Bernie adds a clip of it to the main page for the 4th of July. Don Krider For those who haven't heard it, Bernie's got the lyrics to "American As Apple Pie" here: http://www.ericcarmen.com/music/lyrics09.htm#3 --- my favorite Eric Carmen-Dean Pitchford line from the tune: "It's American as apple pie Livin' hard, riding high Feelin' every minute like the 4th of July Go for broke Do or die American It's American It's American as apple pie"
  25. If they had released "American As Apple Pie" as a single a few weeks before the 4th of July in 1985, I've always felt that Eric would have had an enormous hit --- the Reagan '80s were full of "American" Top 10 anthems like Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The USA" and Neil Diamond's "America". Eric's song ranks right up there with those great tunes in my opinion --- I love it! The other musicians on the album were named in an interview Eric did in the French publication Rock Et Folk from July 1, 1985 (you've gotta love Bernie's press archive): __________ Cyril Lefebvre: The name of the musicians do not appear on the album jacket. Why is that, and do you have any plans to tour? Eric Carmen: The album was to contain an insert, but there was no time. It's simply an error. Jeff Porcaro of Toto, plays drums, Larry Crane of John Cougar's group, plays guitar, Bill Cuomo plays keyboards; there's also Stan Lynch, of Tom Petty's group. I produced and played keyboards, too. __________ Don Krider
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