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  1. You're right, Marvin. I hadn't listened to the vinyl LP in a long time, but "Ecstasy" is the third track on side 2, while "On The Beach" is on side 1, all on "Side 3" (which is confusing, when you think about it). Thanks for catching that. Don Krider Having a "senior moment" at age 50...
  2. John, you are correct, that would be the new four-DVD set by The Stones. To further my '70s artists "new releases" flashback, other "new releases" listed included Johnny Rivers' "Last Boogie In Paris: The Complete Concert" and David Bowie's "Glass Spider" (CD/DVD). Don Krider
  3. When the guys tour again, hopefully they'll do the beach medley of "Drivin' Around"/"Cruisin' Music"/"On The Beach" (when I think summer music, I think The Beach Boys and Raspberries) --- of the "gems" (great term, Raspbyrock!) on side 2 of "Side 3" (try explaining the flipside of an LP to today's kids) my favorite will always be "On The Beach", which is Eric Carmen at his very best in my book (and would have made a cool video, too). Love that chorus! Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  4. The Louisville Courier-Journal (circulation around 300,000) lists new CD releases in their Tuesday editions and they had Raspberries "Live On Sunset Strip" listed right beside new albums by The Rolling Stones and Dave Davies. Very nice to see that. Don Krider
  5. Live dates are good news! Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  6. What struck me in both this review and the Crawdaddy magazine review --- http://www.ericcarmen.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=003377 --- was the praise that Dave Smalley's "Should I Wait" gets from both reviewers. I'm glad writers are starting to note what a great song that is, especially as done on "Live On Sunset Strip." Don Krider http://www.backstreets.com/news.html
  7. Another fine, 5-Star review of Raspberries "Live On Sunset Strip" at Goldmine magazine: http://www.goldminemag.com/Default.aspx?...72#4972Articles : ----------------------------------- Goldmine Extra Review: The Raspberries — Live on Sunset Strip Peter Lindblad The Raspberries Live on Sunset Strip Ryko (RCD 10879) Grade: ***** A 33-year absence made hearts grow fonder for the Raspberries. In 2005, the band that practically drew up the blueprints for power-pop — along with Big Star, of course — and influenced everybody from KISS to Cheap Trick to Teenage Fanclub to Joan Jett and Bruce Springsteen reunited for a brief series of shows, a VH-1 special and a concert broadcast on XM Satellite Radio, and what a welcome return to form it was. Channeling Beach Boys' harmonies and the '60s British Invasion guitar rock of the Who and the Hollies through a colorful prism of classic pop, the Raspberries were critics' darlings and scored a string of hits in the '70s, before an acrimonious split in 1975. From the initial splash of their debut record in 1972, which birthed the tear-stained balled "Don't Want to Say Goodbye" and the fan favorite "Go All The Way," through 1974's Starting Over, the Raspberries produced bittersweet, seamless pop-rock with just enough bite to draw blood. There was heartache in their gorgeous vocal harmonies and hooks that proved irresistible even to tin ears. Over the years, the Raspberries' legend grew, and calls for a return grew louder. Answering the bell, the Raspberries' original lineup of guitarist/keyboardist Eric Carmen, drummer Jim Bonfanti, guitarist Wally Bryson and bassist Dave Smalley put aside past differences and rocked the House of Blues on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip on Oct. 21, 2005, with an energetic, raucous performance that was captured by producer and Grammy-winning engineer Mark Linett. And now, those who weren't there can experience it for themselves with Rykodisc's Live on Sunset Strip. Available in two versions — a deluxe digipak with 21 tracks spread across two CDS, plus a bonus five-song DVD, and a 13-song CD of the band's best-known songs — Live on Sunset Strip shows time hasn't rusted the Raspberries' chops. "I Wanna Be With You," with its chiming guitars and tender verses, kicks off the set with "snap, crackle, pop" drumming and '50s-style vocal harmonizing, and it's followed by a tough, sharp cover of the Who's "Can't Explain." Later, the Raspberries play a flawless version of "Needles And Pins" that rings so true it sounds like their own creation. Getting back to Raspberries' originals, the band launches headlong into the swaggering rocker "Play On" and a rollicking version of "Tonight," with Bryson spinning off barbed snarls of slightly distorted guitar that leave the crowd chanting his name. The touching, country-rock swing of "Should I Wait" folds heartache into the jangle-pop of the Byrds, and "Let's Pretend" swoons so perfectly it magnetically draws lovers together. A highlight of Disc 2, obviously, is "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)," with Carmen at the piano, pounding it and suavely massaging the ivories to fit his mood. Other gems include Carmen's "love letter to the Who," a scorching hot "I Don't Know What I Want," and the spirited closer "Go All The Way," still a marvel of pop construction that aches with sexual desperation and longing. Hopefully, the Raspberries won't stop here. ------------------------------------- Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  8. Good comments, Steve. I did love the fact that a non-fan wrote the review, and went from "skeptic" to "believer" in Raspberries after hearing the album. Don Krider
  9. That '70s rebel music zine Crawdaddy has reviewed "Live On Sunset Strip" at http://crawdaddy.wolfgangsvault.com/Article.aspx?id=2248 (despite a couple of negative notes, it's written by a self-described Raspberries "skeptic" who winds up praising the album and says "they are completely endearing and totally deserve their place on Sunset Strip;" pretty positive review): -------------------------- The Raspberries August 1, 2007 by Angela Zimmerman The Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip (Rykodisc, 2007) It takes a special kind of mood to enjoy pure power pop. Sure, in the days of heavy FM radio consumption, it was hardly a surprise when an open-window, full volume, sing-a-long driving anthem from Cheap Trick or Badfinger came on the car stereo. And guilty pleasure or not, power pop could really pull you out of the doldrums on a long stretch of highway. But really, those days, at least for me, are over. I don’t really stumble upon old power pop ballads too much these days. I don’t even have a car. But that’s not to say I don’t sit back and appreciate a strong, cheesy tune once in a while. Enter the Raspberries, a definitive band of the power pop genre, notable for a resounding ability to recall harmonies like the Beach Boys and guitar work reminiscent of the Who. Or so dedicated fan Bruce Springsteen claims (and I agree) who penned the liner notes. Even John Lennon, from whom the Raspberries drew great influence, is found prominently displayed wearing a Raspberries sweatshirt on the first page of the accompanying booklet. Admittedly, my current weariness with the genre is turned on its heel when I realize what an impact this band has had on popular music. This double disc live album captured on L.A.’s Sunset Strip (complete with a bonus DVD) showcases the Raspberries 30 years after they originally disbanded, and even a skeptic like me can admit that, though their sound is dated, their exuberance is not shared by many other bands out there today. The four-piece band consisting of Jim Bonfanti, Wally Bryson, Eric Carmen and Dave Smalley (and rounded out here by three backing musicians) are excited as hell to be up there performing together, and the musicianship of these band members is topnotch. Like most power pop songs, the arrangements are really strong, and the band is tight. The vocal harmonies are, dare I say, glorious (only comparisons in vocal capability to the Beach Boys qualify using the word “gloriousâ€). Their sound is polished, and in a live capacity the Raspberries shine, supported by the cheering crowd of patrons clearly thrilled to be there. With piano flourishes and crooning choral arrangements, I am reliving a time when I cruised in my ’87 Honda Accord with the sunroof open and hit seek on the car stereo dial until I found something that was conducive to an endless open road. Surely the Raspberries fit that mold. While much of the material gets infinitely repetitive—and, in my opinion, a double disc is a bit much—there are some gems captured on Sunset Strip. Springsteen’s rationalization in the liner notes claiming that the Raspberries were “THE great underrated power pop masters,†has real merit, as their melodramatic compositions are all that great power pop should be, with themes of sex, love and broken hearts. Kicking into their set with “I Wanna Be With You†they sound pretty dated and the song pretty much annoys me, but I hold on, and I’m treated to some redeeming material—“Tonight†boasts a charming chorus and “Should I Waitâ€, a lovely gem of a tune, ventures into twangy territory, with an almost country-rock feel, and though the lyrics make me wince, I know that thousands of people have related to this song, so I find it forgivable. “A love that makes you sad can only turn out bad / So I’ll be hanging ‘round until you’re free.†There are a fair number of slow, piano-driven ballads here too, like “If You Change Your Mindâ€, “I Can Remember†and “Don’t Want To Say Goodbyeâ€, which are, of course, all about aching lost love. Other strong tracks are the very catchy “Needles and Pins†and the epic “Overnight Sensationâ€, which Carmen wrote about hiding a transistor radio under his pillow and scoping out the new hit songs on the airwaves. By the time the second to last song, “I’m A Rocker†comes along, Carmen’s voice, though pretty solid through most of the set, is starting to sound a little strained (certainly understandable), but the band really rocks it, jamming along and having a great time. Even though I’m sick of listening to them, they are completely endearing and totally deserve their place on Sunset Strip. Credit must be given where credit is due, and the Raspberries were well-deserving of their time in the sun, and certainly deserved to get back out there again, playing to their legions of faithful fans. I wouldn’t have necessarily thought it at the beginning of my trip through a long live set of power pop, but they’ve proven their worth. Maybe even I can be a believer. -------------------------------------- Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588 http://www.backstreets.com/news.html
  10. #86 on Amazon at 4:51 AM Wednesday morning --- http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/music/ref=pd_ts_pg_4/102-9734647-6776122?ie=UTF8&pg=4 Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  11. And when articles appear, I urge everyone to write to the publications that review the album and fill their "letters to the editor" pages with thanks for the articles, and toss in your own praise for the album (kind of like free advertising for the new album). Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  12. Happy Birthday and thanks for the gift of Raspberries "Live On Sunset Strip." Don Krider
  13. Good job, Marvin. I think Sunday's review will get more people out seeking the album next week in Cleveland. If John Q. Public asks about the album, retailers will take notice. Don Krider
  14. That would be one of the other "Dons" --- Don Hurley who hosted the radio broadcast, posts as Don H. He'd be the one to ask about whether they will archive the show for streaming or how to get a download of the show. You could leave him a message on his post. Don Krider one of at least three "Dons" who post on this site...
  15. Hey Chris, I'm betting Cleveland Scene will come through, and I hope The Free Times and Sun Newspapers do as well. Thanks for keeping the faith, amigo! Argee, what you're doing is fantastic. Newspapers depend on readers and television stations depend on viewers, so if everyone checks the "contact" lists of their local media outlets' websites and sends nice, informative requests, good things may happen (with so much bad news in the media, editors are looking for good news to report). A record company can't do it alone --- it's the foot soldiers of The Raspberries Army that will get the job done. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  16. I had written the managing editor of The Cleveland Plain Dealer about Raspberries "Live On Sunset Strip" album and asking about whether they would be covering the hometown band's new album. I just got a nice email from Laura DeMarco, the PD's Pop Culture Editor, stating: "Just wanted to let you know John Soeder's review of the CD will run Sunday. Also, the album is mentioned in a Sunday story about band reunions, along with some fresh quotes from Eric Carmen." How cool is that? Really restores my faith in some of the Cleveland media outlets. So while you're out asking music retailers to carry the Raspberries new album, make sure your local book seller gets Sunday's (August 5, 2007) edition of The Cleveland Plain Dealer in stock (or call around to find out who in your area carries that edition, so you can get a copy). I thought you guys and gals might appreciate a "heads up" on that. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  17. I got the same message at Best Buy this morning. Shipments won't be stocked until this afternoon (the clerk admitted that sometimes the hundreds of CDs and DVDs Best Buy stocks aren't checked in and put out until very late, and sometimes not until Wednesday). However, a good sign to me was the Raspberries spot in one of the Louisville stores --- they had three copies of Raspberries "Greatest" last week, and now they have one copy in stock, meaning they sold two... Don http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  18. "Play On" is on the 21-song Deluxe Edition (with 5-song DVD) of the new "Live On Sunset Strip" with Eric singing lead (not on the less expensive 13-song Standard Edition) that's at better retailers now. Scott McCarl and Eric Carmen have renewed the copyright on the song they wrote together, and the song is published by Eric Carmen Music (administered by Universal-Songs of Polygram, Inc.) and by Scott's publisher Xberry Music, according to the liner notes (which say the copyright has been renewed). Don Krider
  19. Happy 35th Anniversary to "Go All The Way," too, which hit the Billboard chart for the first time July 1, 1972, remaining there for 18 weeks and peaking at #5 (it went to #4 in Cashbox and to #3 in Record World). It ranks at #91 in SPIN magazine's "100 Greatest Singles Of All-Time" list at http://www.rocklist.net/spin100.html . Not bad for four mods from Cleveland! May "Live On Sunset Strip" go all the way, too. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  20. In Ken Sharp and David Leaf's book "Kiss Behind The Mask," Paul Stanley (this isn't news to long-time fans of course) says his solo song "Wouldn't You Like To Know Me?" is "...my little Raspberries licks, my Raspberries steals. It's also (Raspberries songs) 'Tonight' and also a little of 'Ecstasy'..." From 1989, Paul performing his Raspberries' tribute, "Wouldn't You Like To Know Me?," in New Haven: http://youtube.com/watch?v=IWNFPKGGn1g There's also another neat video of Paul doing "Wouldn't You Like To Know Me?" live in Australia in April of 2007 at http://youtube.com/watch?v=avFpkotjEtw . Amazing performer, and after reading Ken and David's book, pretty neat guy, too. Here's to a successful recovery. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  21. I'm sending out some prayers to that great rocker and Raspberries' fan Paul Stanley of KISS. He apparently had to miss a show Friday due to heart problems and the band did it's first ever show as a threesome. From The Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 29, 2007, at http://www.cleveland.com/newsflash/enter...&storylist= : ---------------------------- SAN JACINTO, Calif. (AP) — Kiss lead singer and guitarist Paul Stanley had to bow out of a Southern California concert because of heart problems before the show, according to his Web site. Band-mates Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer played the Friday night gig at Soboba Casino, about 90 miles east of Los Angeles, as Stanley was taken to the hospital. "During sound check yesterday, my heart spontaneously jumped to 190 plus beats per minute where it stayed for over an hour necessitating paramedics to start an IV and give me a shot to momentarily stop my heart and get it into a normal pattern," Stanley said in the Saturday Web site posting. "Not knowing if this episode was life threatening made it even more exhausting," the statement continued. Phone and e-mail messages for Kiss manager Doc McGhee seeking comment about Stanley's condition were not immediately returned Saturday night. It was Kiss' first ever appearance as a trio, according to the band's Web site. As famous for their makeup, stage mayhem and wagging tongues as their music, Kiss recorded the 1970s hits "Rock and Roll All Nite" and "Detroit Rock City." The 55-year-old Stanley, born Stanley Eisen, released a solo album, "Live to Win," in 2006. -------------------------------- Official Paul Stanley site (with a message from Paul about the "cardiac event"): http://www.paulstanley.com Official KISS site: http://www.kissonline.com/ Anyone wanting an incredible book to read, get Ken Sharp (yup, that Raspberries fan) and David Leaf's "KISS: Behind The Mask, The Official Authorized Biography." I've been reading it recently and it is an amazing read which The Washington Post called "the essential book about KISS." Eric Carmen is among the folks whose comments on the band appear in the book. And among Paul Stanley's comments on seeing Raspberries at Carnegie Hall in 1973 he says in the book, "...The Raspberries were absolutely awesome. What they did, they did brilliantly..." Get well soon, Paul. Photo of Paul Stanley with Raspberries in 2005: http://img361.imageshack.us/img361/7041/paulwithraspberries8fy.jpg Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  22. Bernie, I know we don't want to crowd the flyer, but maybe you can list the five Cash Box Top 40 hits ("Go All The Way," "I Wanna Be With You," "Let's Pretend," "Tonight" and "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)") with a mention of Bruce Springsteen's liner notes (which will certainly grab people's attention). Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  23. Well said! Nobody (as in music industry executives) believed there would be a Raspberries reunion. Then nobody believed there would more more than one show. Then nobody believed they could get a record contract. Then nobody would have believed Mark Linett would produce their first album in 33 years with Bruce Springsteen writing the liner notes. But like it says at the start of the DVD on the new Raspberries album, "They said it would never happen. They were wrong." Remember 1972? When "Don't Want To say Goodbye" didn't chart very high, "nobody" would have predicted the next single, "Go All The Way," would go Top 5 and sell 1.3 million copies either... I don't listen to "nobody" (with apologies to my English professors)... Don Krider
  24. Probably true. But the optimist in me remembers 1988 and me arguing with a store manager (nicely) about the Camelot Music "Superstore" in Louisville not stocking Eric's "Make Me Lose Control" when it was released. Me: "But 'Hungry Eyes' made the Top 5..." Mr. Clueless Manager: "That was because of 'Dirty Dancing.' We're not stocking 'Make Me Lose Control' unless it hits the Top 50." Me: "If you don't stock it so customers can buy it, how does it make the Top 50?' Mr. Clueless Manager: "It's not going anywhere. We're not stocking it." So, I walked out and bought it elsewhere. Moral of the story, "Make Me Lose Control" went Top 5, CREEM magazine named Aerosmith and Eric Carmen as "Comebacks Of The Year," Billboard magazine's Year-End Issue in 1988 named Eric as the 7th biggest Pop Singles artist of 1988, and that Camelot Music Superstore went out of business. True story. Sometimes history repeats itself... Don Krider
  25. I think Rykodisc is doing a pretty good job. I'm glad they're part of Warner Brothers. Best Buy has "Greatest" (Capitol) on their shelves and they list the two retail versions of "Live On Sunset Strip" at their website, so that's a retailer to thank (hopefully "Live" will be in their brick-and-mortar stores as well). Curiously small mention of the band at The Cleveland Plain Dealer's webiste today at http://www.cleveland.com/plaindealer/sto...&thispage=1 by Gary Graff (a writer out of Michigan) about new releases --- huge mention of Silverchair's new album and a short blurb about Raspberries on page 7 of the online article: --------------------- The Raspberries "Live on Sunset Strip" Rykodisc Bruce Springsteen wrote the liner notes for the document of the power pop legends' 2005 West Coast show. ---------------------- I hope the PD does something more about the hometown lads when the album comes out on Tuesday (keeping my fingers crossed). Haven't seen anything at the websites for Cleveland Scene, The Cleveland Free Times or Cleveland's Sun Newspapers yet. I'm curious: has the band or any members of the band made plans for in-store signings at any Cleveland stores next week when the album comes out? Those events usually grab some newsprint. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
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