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  1. Marc, I'm wondering how Soundscan reports on an album like Raspberries "Live On Sunset Strip," which has two different bar codes for the standard edition which is 014431087820 --- http://rykodistribution.net/artist_title.php?artist_id=13102&media_id=20747 --- and for the deluxe edition which is 014431087929 --- http://rykodistribution.net/artist_title.php?artist_id13102&media_id=20746 . Are the Soundscan sales figures you reported combined from the two different bar codes for the different versions of the product, or can the sales be broken down to show sales for each edition? Are copies sold via Raspberries official website counted, too? Also, what time period are the sales you reported from? Are the sales reported daily, where one could track a growth sales pattern, or only weekly? Thanks for posting the figures. I hope you don't mind the questions (I tried to answer them for myself, but the VNU and Nielsen (the folks behind Soundscan sites) reps aren't real helpful. Nor is the Artist Toolbox site at http://www.artisttoolbox.com/free/soundscan.html . Don Krider
  2. With all the talk about Amazon.Com sales, I got curious about other online retailers --- over at CDUniverse.Com, the #2 selling "live album" is Raspberries Deluxe Edition of "Live On Sunset Strip" (behind The Doors 2007 "live" release, but ahead of 2007 "live" releases by Johnny Cash, John Coltrane, The Jefferson Airplne and Pearl Jam): http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/music/category2/3869/a/Live+Performances.htm Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  3. I wrote a review of the Michael Stanley Band's (MSB) greatest hits CD, "Right Back At Ya," back in 2000 at http://www.epinions.com/musc-review-52E6-1054DCA6-38F4AC7F-prod5 that might give you an idea on the band's music and hits. Their "He Can't Love You" went Top 40 in 1980-81 (with Kevin Raleigh on lead vocals, who had been in the Cleveland bands Dynamite and Windfall with Dave Smalley and Jim Bonfanti); see that video at http://youtube.com/watch?v=G50CZ5lw2CQ ) and "My Town" (with Michael Stanley on lead vocals, it was a huge video hit on MTV (see it on TouTube at http://youtube.com/watch?v=bl-zQhr0V6g ). And one great ballad is "Lover" --- http://youtube.com/watch?v=7m6wRBNLJnM --- with Michael on lead vocals. God, I love that band. My favorite memory of that band was seeing them open for Foreigner in Louisville in 1981 --- in my opinion, they stole the show; their stage show was stunning in every way! Another great memory was seeing Michael on "Don Kirshner" singing an incredible acoustic version of The Beatles "Help" back in the '70s. Michael's website is at http://www.michaelstanley.com/ . Don Krider
  4. Just checked --- the sales jumps continue --- the Standard version has climbed to #1,665 (from #4,325) and the Deluxe Edition has jumped to #163 (from #251). Looks like the Deluxe Edition may re-enter the Amazon.Com Top 100 Sellers list (not bad for only one week in release)! Don Krider
  5. I followed Bernie's EricCarmen.Com link from the Eric Carmen "Boats" blog at http://www.ericcarmen.blogspot.com/, so I had a clue, but Bernie's genius on the orchestra to 30th Anniversary salute to "Boats" blew me away! Looks like that is down today, though. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  6. Forget the 4 to 7 week wait at Amazon.Com, they now have both the Deluxe and the Standard versions of "Live On Sunset Strip" listed as "in stock" again. It's also obvious that the Deluxe Edition is the one that is selling. Amazon updates sales rankings every hour (these are only their sales, mind you), and as I write this: The Standard edition --- http://www.amazon.com/Live-Sunset-Strip-...9570&sr=1-2 --- ranks at #4,325 (Jim Bonfanti drum roll, please) The Deluxe Edition --- http://www.amazon.com/Live-Sunset-Strip-...9570&sr=1-1 --- has risen from #331 yesterday to #251 today (as of this hour) With the VH-1 Classic commercials airing at the same time, Amazon having the titles "in stock" again is a huge plus, and shows that Rykodisc must be rushing to fill orders for retailers. Having the Deluxe Edition sell out twice at Amazon.Com before the album has been out for a week (remember, it hit the "streets" only six days ago) should be a great sales tool for Rykodisc in encouraging more retailers to carry the title, too. I have to believe that having a title sell out twice at Amazon must have taken both the retailer and the record label by surprise. It can only increase the label's interest in the band. I've seen a lot of negatives posted here about Rykodisc, but Rykodisc was bought by Warner Music Group (one of the four biggest record labels) in 2006, so they aren't some independent in the woods label without major label support. I really think the label, in this case, is trying hard to meet the "unexpected" demand for the album (we have to be honest, getting retailers to carry product by an act that last charted with "Raspberries Best" in 1976 was probably a hard sell at first, but now the band is proving again that it still has strong sales power). Read about them at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rykodisc . Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  7. Speaking of the "love" --- I just glanced at Bernie's main page for this site at http://ericcarmen.com/ --- neat! I'm not giving away what happens, but it's cool! Nice job, Bernie! Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  8. I'd also urge anyone who hasn't done so, and who wants to, to sign Eric Carmen's online birthday card on this website --- his birthday is August 11, six days away! Don Krider
  9. As one Rasphead to another, Chris, I like your term, "Berrieshood." Berry nice! I remember the first time more than a decade ago that Bernie said "Welcome, Raspbuddy!" to me on a message board, and I thought, "Wow! Where were these fans when I was defending Raspberries all alone in high school?" I love Bernie's term "Raspbuddy," too, because it just sums up what Raspberries fans are to one another, buddies in your "Berrieshood." I also thank the internet for allowing us to finally gather together as one community on sites like this. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  10. I know Al K has posted several apologies on EricCarmen.Com and there is also this apology on the message boards at the official site: "I get all of your frustration - I'm frustrated too. But this website only package has SO many more components to it than the Ryko commercial version - and it simply takes longer to get all of the pieces and parts together. We wanted to make the Limited Edition and Special Edition as...well...SPECIAL as we could. We simply weren't willing to put a package together than was anything other than spectacular. Even if it took a little extra time to do it right. And some of the prep work to get the end result to be spectacular took extra time to complete. Then, when we added even more extras to the set than originally advertised the end result was that we needed even more time to put this spectacular package together. Did I mention that we think this set is spectaular? You're right - it blows now, but the wait will be worth it. Thanks for your understanding. Al K" __________ Al's post tells me the band is just as frustrated about the situation as the fans are, but they probably want to make sure each individual set has every "extra" in it that the band has promised so some fan doesn't get a package that is missing something. Al K has also posted that everything ships on August 6, which is tomorrow, so everyone's wait should soon be over. Me, I'm just relaxing at Bernie's "Boats Against The Current" 30th Anniversary Blog and loving the 1976 demo of "Runaway" that Bernie has posted (just Eric and a piano) --- like this website with so many free audio and video treats, it's free. Bernie works his tail off at his expense to make these things happen on this website and at the Blog, and it's good of Eric Carmen to open the vault and let these musical gems reach our ears (so many artists now charge fans to pay for such extras at websites; not our guys). And at Raspberriesonline.com, on the main page, there's plenty of new and vintage Raspberries video clips and "live" audio on the jukebox to make a visit worthwhile, all equally free to listen to and to view. Don Krider
  11. Kind of cool to have two different stories on the band in the same day's hometown newspaper. Cleveland rocks! Don Krider
  12. It's the Deluxe Edition (21 songs on two CDs with the 5-song bonus DVD) that Amazon now says it can fill orders for in 4 to 7 weeks, but the Standard Edition (13 songs on one CD without a DVD) says "in stock" at Amazon. That causes me to suspect that retailers and/or Rykodisc expected the Standard Edition to be the better seller, and were surprised at the demand for the more expensive Deluxe Edition. Just a thought (no data to back up my opinion). That, plus all the reviews are concentrating on the Deluxe Edition (raving about the CDs and the DVD), which probably is pushing the sales of that version. Don Krider
  13. Bernie, I think people will love the "Runaway" demo you've posted on the blog at http://www.ericcarmen.blogspot.com/ . Don Krider
  14. And a second article in the August 5, 2007 (today's) issue of The Cleveland Plain Dealer at http://www.cleveland.com/plaindealer/sto....xml&coll=2 titled "Like The Police, Blast-From-The-Past Bands Are Giving Reunions Their Best Shot" by the newspaper's Pop Music Critic John Soeder features a new Eric Carmen interview: ------------------------------- ...To hear singer-guitarist Eric Carmen of Cleveland's Raspberries tell it, his reasons for hooking up again with guitarist Wally Bryson, bass player Dave Smalley and drummer Jim Bonfanti were not financial. "Money had nothing to do with it," Carmen said. "I hadn't played with these guys, who really were an integral part of my life, since 1973. I have many fond memories of those times. Some not so fond, as well. But when 30 years go by, you tend to focus on the good stuff." The Raspberries scored a Top 5 hit in 1972 with the power-pop classic "Go All the Way." One year later, artistic differences hastened the departure of Bonfanti and Smalley. By 1975, the Raspberries had called it quits, although not before Carmen and Bryson came to blows after a concert in Indiana. The band packed Cleveland's House of Blues for a pair of shows in 2004, followed by a series of reunion gigs around the country. A new album, "Live on Sunset Strip," captures a Raspberries concert from October 2005 at House of Blues in Los Angeles. Bruce Springsteen wrote the liner notes for the two-CD set, which also comes with a bonus DVD. The Raspberries haven't ruled out more shows. "There's something about being in a band," Carmen said. "It's like being through a war with someone. You've been in the trenches together. There's a camaraderie, a bond created by going through all of those experiences. It's a powerful thing."... -------------------- Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588 http://ericcarmen.blogspot.com/
  15. From The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sunday, August 5, 2007, issue at http://blog.cleveland.com/top_entertainment/2007/08/live_raspberries_set_captures.html : ------------------------ John Soeder Plain Dealer Pop Music Critic "Live on Sunset Strip" Raspberries Rykodisc Recorded in October 2005 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, this two-CD set captures Cleveland's Raspberries on the tail end of a triumphant reunion tour. Thirty-plus years after the band's heyday, "I Wanna Be with You," "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" and the immortal "Go All the Way" continue to be a source of civic pride. A bonus DVD features vigorous performances of those hits (plus "Tonight" and "Ecstasy") by Eric Carmen and friends, hailed in Bruce Springsteen's liner notes as "THE great underrated power pop masters." Sweet! Now would a new studio album be asking too much? A- -------------------------- Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588 http://ericcarmen.blogspot.com/
  16. EW has been good to the band in the past, too: Dec. 13, 2004: coverage of the reunion tour at EW.COM Oct. 24, 2005: They again covered the reunion tour at EW.COM saying in part: ------------------------------- ...The miracle reconcilation means most attendees were getting their first-ever live renditions of “Tonight†and “Go All the Way,†which should both go on anybody’s short list of The Most Perfect Rock Singles Ever -- the former, in particular, is as if Paul McCartney fronted a particularly horny incarnation of the Who. Jim Bonfanti still hits those tom-toms like Keith Moon, belying the group’s then-wimpy image... ------------------------- On August 2, 1996, the cover story on the "100 Greatest Songs Of Summer," features Raspberries at #21 on the list at EW.COM : -------------------------- 21 Raspberries "GO ALL THE WAY" Summer of '72 Never mind the prissy matching suits; Beatle wannabe Eric Carmen and his Cleveland cronies were wolves in polyester clothing. Scandalous it was when, in the guise of romanticism, these fresh berries encouraged a nation of impressionable girls to give it up in the heat of '72. Here, riffrock met bubblegum in the backseat, and, well, it was left to poor Planned Parenthood to do the cleanup work. ------------------------ They also gave a glowing review of "Capitol Collectors Series: Raspberries" when it was released in 1991, but I can't find that review online. And totally unrelated, but cool, a vintage picture of Raspberries circa 1973: PHOTOBUCKET Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  17. According to Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp in their book "Eric Carmen: Marathon Man" (page 54), The Quick (featuring future Raspberries Eric Carmen and Michael McBride --- there's a neat photo of them from 1970 here: http://www.ericcarmen.com/press/700201.htm ) performed their single "Ain't Nothin' Gonna Stop Me" on "Upbeat" with Wally Bryson (another future Raspberry) "and Bob McBride sitting in for Randy and Dann Klawon." The same page says Eric then reformed Cyrus Erie with Michael and Bob McBride, and with Wally Bryson, and that foursome lip-synched "Sparrow" and "Get The Message" on "Upbeat." David Spero went on to manage Joe Walsh and Eric Carmen. So, if he has the tapes, I hope he gets them out in some format one day. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  18. Sorry about posting my "Boats" sales data twice. It's been a long day. Don Krider
  19. Here's an article with some sales data that might give an idea of what kind of sales it takes to hit the Top 200 these days (this is pre-release of Raspberries album on July 31). This is from July 25, 2007 at http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1565510/20070725/t_i_.jhtml . Note that Rooney's new album sold just 15,200 albums in its first week to debut in Billboard's Top 200 at #42, Suzanne Vega sold just 5,700 copies to debut at #129 and Nile's new album sold just 4,600 copies to debut at #162. I've inserted the word "sold" above, but the article that follows will say "scanned" since Soundscan reports fuel Billboard's chart data these days. ------------------------- Jul 25 2007 1:15 PM EDT Now 25 Removes T.I. From Power, Claiming Billboard Crown Colbie Caillat, Yellowcard, Rooney among newcomers to chart's top 50. By Chris Harris After two weeks, rapper T.I. has been knocked out of the top spot on the Billboard albums chart — but not by a single, big-name artist. Actually, it took the combined might of 20 hitmakers to get the job done, and now, thanks to sales of more than 222,500 in just one week, there's a new LP sitting in the #1 slot. With track contributions from heavyweights like Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry and others, the 25th installment in the Now That's What I Call Music! compilation franchise managed to outsell T.I.'s T.I. vs. T.I.P. by more than 125,000 scans, dropping the rapper's latest — which, during its third week in stores, generated 93,500 in sales — to #3. According to the latest SoundScan tallies, interest in the disc waned by 47 percent. Now 25 even trounced Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus — the latest release from the star of the Disney Channel original series — which finished at #2 with 113,000 copies sold. So, really, Now 25 faced little competition on its way to the finish line — although, one album picked up a significant amount of ground coming down the home stretch. After entering last week's chart at #20, sales of the soundtrack to the film "Hairspray" — which features the vocal talents of the movie's stars: John Travolta, Zac Efron, Queen Latifah, Nikki Blonsky, Michelle Pfeiffer and others — swelled by 95 percent, and the release itself surged ahead 16 chart positions to finish at #4. Following at #6 is Fergie's The Dutchess, which scanned close to 50,000 units, while Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight holds steady at #7, with 46,900 sold. Coming in at #8 on next week's chart is Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, which netted another 45,400 in sales during its 19th week of release, and returning to the top 10 at #9 is Nickelback's All the Right Reasons, with a reported 42,500 scans. Rounding things out at #10 is Bon Jovi's latest, Lost Highway, with sales coming in at just under 42,000. Now 25 was among 16 new releases to open on next week's chart, and one of only two discs to penetrate the top 10: American acoustic-folk singer/songwriter Colbie Caillat's Coco bows at #5, having sold 50,900 copies during week one. The third-highest-charting debut belongs to Yellowcard and their new one, Paper Walls, which sold 40,400 copies during its first week on record store shelves and landed at #13. Meanwhile, Rooney's Calling the World sold more than 15,200 units to claim the chart's #42 spot, followed at #44 by the Rocket Summer's Do You Feel with 15,000 copies scanned. Rapper Tech N9ne's Tech N9ne Collabos: Misery Loves Kompany opens at #49, with sales reported at 13,500, and finishing at #65 with 10,500 copies snatched up is the latest studio offering from the Chemical Brothers, We Are the Night. Christian punks MxPx's Secret Weapon surfaces at #76, after selling 9,500, and 10 spots down, debuting at #86, is Legally Blonde: The Original Broadway Cast Recording, with sales coming in at little more than 8,300. Editors' An End Has a Start bows at #117, thanks to sales of more than 6,200, while Suzanne Vega's newest, Beauty & Crime, finished at #129, with 5,700 sold. (hed) p.e.'s Insomnia generated close to 5,500 scans during its first week in stores, which lands the LP at #138 on next week's chart. Meanwhile, Behemoth's The Apostasy opens at #149 with 5,000 scans, followed at #150 by One Cell in the Sea, the debut album from A Fine Frenzy, also known as 22-year-old singer/songwriter Alison Sudol, which sold just under 5,000 units. Finally, with 4,600 copies grabbed up, is the latest from Nile, Ithyphallic, which claims the chart's #162 spot. -------------------------- Thought these sales figures might give us an idea of what to shoot for in the album's first week of release. My optimistic side looks at the first month sales of Eric's "Boats Against The Current" 30 years ago as reported in The Cleveland Press of Sept. 11, 1977 as 343,519 nationally --- http://www.ericcarmen.com/press/770911.htm --- and thinks selling a few thousand copies is certainly within the band's reach even after so long off the charts. You never know. One thing for sure, Raspberries are selling a quality product with "Live On Sunset Strip." Now the audience has to discover it (all the glowing reviews will help, and the 1.3 million teenagers who bought "Go All The Way" (or the 300,000 who bought the "Fresh" album, and the more than 500,000 who bought the Arista "Eric Carmen" LP) are now adults who might just want to see what the guys are up to now. And the 30th Anniversary of "Boats Against The Current" might bring some of Eric's solo fans over to Raspberries (that album sold 343,519 copies its first month of release --- http://www.ericcarmen.com/press/770911.htm ). Now, we just have to make those "old" fans aware of "Live On Sunset Strip." Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  20. Yup --- he helped Rolling Stone magazine choose "Starting Over" as one of its albums of the year in 1974: http://www.ericcarmen.com/press/741024.htm Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  21. Rumor has it that a nice looking gentleman in sunglasses from da big city of Cleveland rolled up in a Jaguar XKR. A guy from New Jersey with a milk mustache got out from the passenger side. After convincing Mr. Springsteen to come outside, the guys made da Boss an offer he couldn't refuse, and then drove off with Bruce's liner notes in hand. Da Raspberries always gets what they want in Jersey... Don Krider who really has no idea how they got Springsteen to do it...
  22. Ken Barnes must be on a Raspberries kick, because he has another blog entry at http://blogs.usatoday.com/listenup/2007/07/further-impress.html?csp=34 that says: ----------------------- Side3 -- really great point about Raspberries drummer Jim Bonfanti. He definitely channels his inner Keith Moon on this live album (they do a super-faithful cover of Can't Explain, in fact, that I forgot to mention in the review), and it's great to hear. ------------------------- Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  23. I just wanted to thank Bernie for asking me to contribute to the blog. I don't feel quite worthy to do this, since I've never blogged before, but I made a couple of posts that I hope are somewhat interesting to fans. Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_393207123588
  24. He sang lead on The Choir's 1967 hit "It's Cold Outside" (with future Raspberries bandmates Wally Bryson and Jim Bonfanti also in that band). Then he went to Vietnam for a tour with the U. S. Army before returning home to join Wally, Jim and Eric in Raspberries.
  25. You do know that's Dave Smalley singing "Should I Wait," a song that Dave wrote, right? No offense, it's just not an "Eric song." Don Krider
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