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  1. Sitting at #155 on the Independent Sales Chart for August 9, 2007 (they don't seem to know too much about the band, however):


    This Week: 900
    Total: 1000

    I don't know much about this act, but from what I read, they were influences amongst a lot of big acts for their power-poppery.


    Sales are for the week ending August 9. Anybody familiar with where this chart gets its sales figures?

    The album is #1 in the Raspberry Nebula (though it will take several light years for shipments from Earth to arrive.

    Don Krider ;)

  2. Nice review.

    I'm hoping Rykodisc has sent a review copy to The New York Daily News since they ranked Raspberries as one of the Top 10 concert events of 2005. The Chicago Sun Times (two stories in 2005 on the band) and L. A. Weekly would be two others that the label should be sure have copies of the album for review. I still have hopes Cleveland Scene will do a review, too.

    Don Krider :)

  3. To get back on the "Upbeat" topic, some photos of interest to "Upbeat" fans from ClevelandSeniors.Com (which show why this show needs to be released on DVD):

    http://www.clevelandseniors.com/people/donwebster.htm --- photo of series host Don Webster with David Spero, The Beatles, Gene Pitney, John Denver (when John was part of The Chad Mitchell Trio), Mitch Ryder, Otis Redding, Simon & Garfunkel, Bobby Goldsboro, and others.

    http://www.clevelandseniors.com/people/donwebsterp.htm --- host Don Webster with B. B. King, Jerry Lewis, The Monkees, Jeannie C. Riley, The Outsiders, Ed McMahon, Canned Heat, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Jerry Lee Lewis, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Johnny Nash, Terry Knight, Billy Joe Royal, Lesley Gore, Stevie Wonder, Gene Krupa, Eric Burdon (The Animals), Lou Christie, Rick Derringer with The McCoys, The Fifth Dimension, John Sebastian with The Lovin' Spoonful, The Shangra-Las, Spanky and Our Gang, Dizzie Gillespie, Pete Best, and The Lettermen.

    Amazing stuff.

    Don Krider smile

  4. ------------------------------


    If you then go to http://www.backstageauctions.com/catalog/auction.php , you will see that among the "featured artists" are "Alice Cooper, James Gang, Joe Walsh, The Eagles, The Beatles, Ringo Starr's All Starr Band, The Who, Harry Nilsson, Aerosmith, Grand Funk Railroad, Ian Hunter, Dickey Betts, Ted Nugent, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Carmen, Styx, Survivor, Nelson, Jackson Browne, KISS, Eric Clapton, Bad Company, Janis Joplin, Michael Stanley and so many more."

    Don Krider smile


    I'm curious to see what Eric Carmen, Ian Hunter and Michael Stanley memorabilia go up for auction.

    Don Krider smile

  5. Mark Linett said:

    I wore out my original copy of "Starting Over" when it came out (still have it) and even transferred it to CD before the album was issued in the UK a few years back. So working with the band on this live project was a thrill for me as well , and a definate career high point.

    Mark, coming from a guy who was Grammy-nominated for Brian Wilson's "Smile" album, having you call your work on Raspberries "Live On Sunset Strip" "a definate career high point" is a major compliment. It's really great having you post here.

    Don Krider :)

  6. austinberries said:

    DK - thanks very much for posting this - could you be so kind as to also provide a link when the full-page article comes out?

    I doubt the full article will be online. Goldmine often posts "teasers" (short parts of articles) in order to get folks to buy their magazine. I just made this post so people can watch their newstands for the August 31 issue (usually out well before the cover date).

    I remember going to a Louisville record collectors show back in 1993 when Ken Sharp's cover story on Raspberries (that formed the basis of his book, "Overnight Sensation: The Story Of The Raspberries") and seeing in a rack at the entrance the cover of Goldmine back then with an alternate photo of Raspberries "Fresh" album as the cover shot. Great magazine. Great writer.

    Don Krider :)

  7. The things one finds online (oldies but goodies) --- a Raspberries at The Agora concert advertisement from the March 24, 1972, Cleveland Press Showtime Magazine.

    Admission --- $1 for "members," $1.50 for "guests." Those were the days...

    Don Krider :)

  8. Speaking of David Spero, according to Blabbermouth.net (story dated August 11, 2007) at http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=78595 , he's auctioning off some of his rock 'n' roll collection in September of 2007:



    Backstage Auctions has announced the "Rock History – Cleveland Style" auction featuring the private collection of legendary rock and roll manager and industry icon David Spero.

    David Spero was destined to be a part of rock and roll history since the age of 13. He got his start working on the set of the nationally syndicated television show "Upbeat" which was created and produced in Cleveland during the mid 60s by Herman Spero, David's father. The young Spero did just about any job his dad would allow from holding up cue cards to suggesting ideas that would appeal to kids his own age and even chauffeured the "stars" around town. Spero's on the job training at a very early age helped pave the way for one of the most interesting careers in the rock and roll business.

    Mixing it up with the stars always came easy for Spero. Having worked in the music industry for over four decades his talent roster reads like a who's who of rock and roll; managing or working along side Joe Walsh, THE EAGLES, Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr's ALL STARR BAND, James Gang, STYX, SURVIVOR, Ian Hunter, Don Felder, Eric Carmen, Michael Stanley, Sam Moore, Dickey Betts, JD Souther and Billy Bob Thornton...just to name a few.

    David's collection is a 40-year walk down rock history, with each piece telling a story and chronicling his career in the music industry. The auction will showcase well over 700 lots of amazing memorabilia featuring some of rock and roll's greatest icons. Among the more notable pieces being offered are David's personal photo collections that he personally took of Jimi Hendrix, THE BEATLES and THE WHO in the late 60s, a "Yellow Submarine" press photo signed by John Lennon, a HiWatt concert used speaker cabinet ca. 1969 that once belonged to Pete Townshend - THE WHO, Joe Walsh tour/studio used guitars and even Harry Nilsson's bathrobe.

    Equally exciting, the auction will also feature the Alice Cooperstown collection that once graced the walls of the recently closed Cleveland location. Some of the most impressive pieces include several of Alice's gold and platinum record awards; a concert used leather jacket (complete with pins, patches and chains), an elaborate collection of posters and photos and much more. The restaurant recently reopened under a different name and theme which resulted in a vault filled with rock and roll memorabilia. It was only natural that we combined the two collections — for one unbelievable auction event.

    The auction will begin on Sunday, September 23 and will run for one week ending on Sunday, September 30. The full auction catalog, which will feature over 700 auction lots, will be available online to view beginning Sunday, September 16 at www.backstageauctions.com .



    If you then go to http://www.backstageauctions.com/catalog/auction.php , you will see that among the "featured artists" are "Alice Cooper, James Gang, Joe Walsh, The Eagles, The Beatles, Ringo Starr's All Starr Band, The Who, Harry Nilsson, Aerosmith, Grand Funk Railroad, Ian Hunter, Dickey Betts, Ted Nugent, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Carmen, Styx, Survivor, Nelson, Jackson Browne, KISS, Eric Clapton, Bad Company, Janis Joplin, Michael Stanley and so many more."

    Don Krider smile


  9. From the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, August 10, 2007 , a review of Raspberries "Live On Sunset Strip" by Jesse De Leon (who's also program director for "Oldies 93.9," a Clear Channel station):

    Power-popping Raspberries back
    Jesse De Leon

    Friday, August 10, 2007

    When asked to describe The Who's music, lead songwriter and guitarist Pete Townshend offhandedly said, "It's power pop ... we have an edge, but the melodies are strong."

    Townsend's comments signaled the beginning of a whole new genre of music: bands such as Badfinger, Big Star and the Raspberries expertly melded concise, ultra-catchy melodies with crunchy guitar lines. For this Cleveland-based quartet, known in some circles as power pop royalty, they again take the stage on their latest, "Live on Sunset Strip" (Rykodisc).

    Eric Carmen, who found solo success in the mid-70s with songs such as "All By Myself," was the Raspberries' lead vocalist and tunesmith. The band's "Go All the Way" and "Overnight Sensation" (inexplicably not included in this live set) were textbook examples of power pop as they blared out of countless transistor radios in the early '70s and helped propel sales of the band's LPs.

    This disc has the buzz of a high school reunion, which in a sense, it is. The Raspberries haven't been onstage together for years and Carmen felt the time was right to reconvene and see if they could reignite those power pop sparks.

    "I really am surprised," Carmen said. "I hear the playback of the show, and I don't cringe!"

    That self-effacing humor notwithstanding, the songs have aged well and these performances are crisp and exhilarating. The band burns through "I Wanna Be with You," "Let's Pretend," and "Come Around and See Me" with considerable gusto.

    They also include an affecting take on "Needles and Pins," and the band's loose performance and Carmen's signature falsetto sync up perfectly over the course of the whole set, becoming especially poignant on the last song, the fitting "Don't Want to Say Goodbye."

    So just how influential were the Raspberries? A clue to their popularity is one of the photos in the CD booklet: John Lennon is seen mugging it up wearing a Raspberries T-shirt. Carmen says that when he became aware of the photo, he contacted Yoko Ono about being able to use it in the disc's artwork.

    "Yoko said that John was actually a really big fan," reflects Carmen incredulously. Lennon knew a thing or two about power pop, even before Pete Townshend labeled it as such.

    Rating: The Raspberries, Live on Sunset Strip (Rykodisc) **


    He makes a couple of errors in the review --- saying "Overnight Sensation" is not part of the set when it's actually on both the Standard and the Deluxe Editions, and calling the sweatshirt Lennon is wearing a "T-shirt." I haven't heard the Yoko story before, and I'm wondering if he's got that right (since it's from May Pang's private collection)?

    Speaking of that Lennon photo, comedian Louise Palanker has posted that photo in her blog online at ADVENTURES IN LIFE AND COMEDY. She used to be the head writer for Rick Dees radio series, "The Weekly Top 40," and was senior vice president of Premiere Networks, a division of Clear Channel Communications (see her bio at LOUISE PALANKER ) --- she appears to be a major Raspberries fan as well.

    Don Krider :)

  10. Mark Linett said:

    Thanks for the nice comments about the project. I am very proud of being involved and happy that it has finally been released.

    Mark, you and Eric did an incredible job as producers. You captured everything from a live concert and made the recordings sound better than the original recordings, which stunned me. Your obvious love for the band shines through.

    Thanks for the photo link, too. I hope the guys get together with you one of these days for a group photo.

    Don Krider :)

  11. Jeff Niesel of The Cleveland Free Times gave "Live On Sunset Strip" only two-and-a-half stars in the August 8, 2007:

    Ever since hell froze over and the Eagles got back together, reunions you thought would never happen have happened. The Raspberries joined that club in 2005 when they put a famously acrimonious split behind them and reformed for shows at the House of Blues in Cleveland and Los Angeles. A terrific power-pop band (and one of the most popular acts to ever emerge from Northeast Ohio), the Raspberries still sound sharp here. They recruited extra backing vocalists to handle the intricate harmonies and sound polished despite the long layoff. And yet, they don't overdo it. They keep their cover of "Can't Explain" rough around the edges, coming off as a randy garage band.

    It's just too bad the songs don't really hold up. Sure, tracks such as "I Wanna Be with You," "Tonight," "Nobody Knows" and "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" have great hooks and have inspired artists such as Bruce Springsteen, who gives the band his endorsement here in the special liner notes. But they're ultimately shallow tunes (often about falling in love) that don't really transcend their era. Hardcore fans will want to seek out the deluxe version of this release that includes a second CD and a bonus DVD with footage of the band playing five songs at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

    So, let's review, he notes that the band is "one of the most popular acts ever to emerge from Northeast Ohio," calls Raspberries "a terrific power pop band," and says "the Raspberries still sound sharp here," but he calls the songs "shallow" (because they are "often about falling in love") and gives the album two-and-a-half stars?

    Anyone who thinks the band's songs are "shallow" just because they are "often about falling in love" is someone who is ignoring the main topic of nearly every great rock song of the last half-century. It's not a really negative review, but that "shallow" comment about the band's songs really irks me.

    Compare that Cleveland Free Times review with the glowing review in Entertainment Weekly:

    Live on Sunset Strip

    The Raspberries were the greatest power pop band whose name didn't start with a B. In '05, the original quartet reunited for the tour captured here, after a near-record 30-year hiatus. Eric Carmen's choirboy tenor has acquired a slight husk, but only a good look at the faces on the deluxe-edition bonus DVD belies the vintage of still-glorious teen-lust anthems like "Go All the Way." A cover of the Who's "I Can't Explain" makes the point that these supposed bubblegummers mined that band's thunderous riffs and drums as effectively as the Fab Four's harmonic sense. Grade: A


    Now the term "glorious teen-lust anthems," that's a cool comment!

    Don Krider :)

  12. Nice comments, Chris. I'm hoping Al or Bernie has a photo of Mark Linett and the guys to post. I can't recall seeing one.

    Don Krider :)

    August 11, 2007: Happy 58th Birthday to Eric Carmen!

  13. Can O' Worms opened smile

    I merged the three titles listed.

    Barcode ending in 10879 did 86 last week, 820 this week. The first 86 are what are called street date violations. Probably sold the day before. 85 of them were at Independent stores with 4 getting credited in Philly, and 81 in New York City. The example of weighting is pretty obvious here. 81 is 9x9, so there's a reasonable chance that a store weighted 9 to 1 sold 9 copies. (I have a hard time believing a store weighted 3 to 1 sold 27 copies, because what indie store in NY would have 27 copies prior to street date?)

    Barcode ending in 08786 sold 57 pieces, all "Non-Traditional" and ALL digital -- so most probably iTunes, or something dot com. This listing is "RASPBERRIES LIVE ON SUNSET STRIP" where the other two are just listed as "LIVE ON SUNSET STRIP."

    The third listing has a barcode ending 08796 and the 4 copies sold were all "digital" - so that's almost definitely iTunes, though there is a different barcode from the other digital release.

    All these titles probably SHOULD be merged, but they are separate packages, so...

    And that's the way it is...

    Thanks for answering my questions, Marc. With all the different bar codes, this will be a fascinating album to watch. The info is much appreciated.

    If you stumble across the sales records of the Raspberries albums and singles at Capitol, that would be interesting to read, too. I don't know if that's easy to punch up, but I've never seen the complete figures in print before.

    Thanks again.

    Don Krider smile



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