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  1. I can't answer that particular question, Matthew, but the other U. S. Raspberries "promo" (radio station only) singles that I have in my collection (on Capitol white label 45s, which were used for promo-only copies) contain the same song on both sides --- one side is in stereo for FM stations and one side is in mono for AM stations (the exception being the "Overnight Sensation" promotional single, which had the long album version on one side for FM radio and a shorter version on the other side with a different mix for AM stations). I know that doesn't answer your particular question, but it does show that mono recordings of some of the tracks were made and were released (though the albums were only released in stereo, as far as I know). Again, I'm only talking about promo copies and not commercial releases. Don
  2. Speaking of Neil Sedaka, guitarist Richie Zito and bassist David Wintour, according to Richard Reising (page 232 of Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp's book, "Eric Carmen: Marathon Man"), "had just come of the road with Neil Sedaka" to play on Eric Carmen's "Boats Against The Current" album. Don
  3. The question of photos of Eric at the Bottom Line in 1976 photos was raised, and I found a site that licenses and/or sells photo stock images that has (as of this posting) three shots from that show. Go to http://www.musicpictures.com , enter "eric carmen" (without quotation marks) in the site's search engine to see three Richard E. Aaron photos of Eric Carmen in New York City in 1976. You can register at the site for free if you want to view larger images of the photos (with the website logo and ownsership marked on them). Photos come and go from these kinds of sites, so I don't know how long those images will be online. These are direct links to the three photos (I believe they'll work without registering): http://www.musicpictures.com/ln_pictures/sysiphus/mpcom/200/RA1001_Eric_CARMEN_2.JPG http://www.musicpictures.com/ln_pictures/sysiphus/mpcom/200/RA1002_Eric_CARMEN_2.JPG http://www.musicpictures.com/ln_pictures/sysiphus/mpcom/200/RA1003_Eric_CARMEN_2.JPG Some other images, just for fun, from around the web: * Eric and the spirit of Elvis Presley planning the next Raspberries album. Actually, Eric Carmen and Walt "keeping the memory of Elvis alive" Sanders: http://www.onenightwithyou.net/waltericcarmen.JPG * Left side of the middle of page, Jim and Barb Bonfanti with two friends at the Great Lakes Cruising Club in 2002: http://www.glcclub.com/lifeline/02may/showreports.htm * From former Choir member (1968-69) Denny Carleton's website, Jim Bonfanti is in the back of this photo (the guys in front are, left to right, Ric Egglestene, Denny Carleton and Gary Sawyer): http://dennycarleton.com/sawyer.jpg From http://www.the-raspberries.com/the-raspberries.jpg : Scott McCarl, a guy in a mask, Wally Bryson and Dave Smalley in 2000 in Los Angeles promoting the "Refreshed" CD. * And, also just for fun, one of my favorite British power pop acts of the '70s, The Arrows (they recorded the original version of Joan Jett's U. S. hit, "I Love Rock 'n' Roll," and had a huge British hit with it) with a video of another of their British hits, "Touch Too Much" (they remind me of Raspberries and The Sweet rolled together, if that helps, and the only other time I've seen the video in the U. S. was on "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" in 1974-75): http://youtube.com/watch?v=fYD0vCK5zRQ Don ...keepin' the thread alive...
  4. Toss in Hanson ("MMMBop") --- in an interview with Eye Weekly from 2003 at http://www.eye.net/eye/issue/issue_08.14.03/music/hanson.php , it says, "Illustrating the group's long-time reputation as budding musicologists, Taylor lists Big Star, Travis and The Raspberries as current influences."
  5. Paulie, thanks! Kay Bryson said Al, the EC.Com merch guy and WAB party dude, took a photo or two of Jim Bonfanti and Wally Bryson backstage at a reunion concert by The James Gang recently --- I'm hoping Al will share those photos here (Kay said that Joe Walsh had Wally come backstage and play his new Les Paul)... sorry to pressure you, Al, but inquiring minds want to see the photos! Raspberries stuff from the web: Wally picking up his Flying V guitar at Wright Guitar in Cleveland last November from WrightGuitar.Com (the photo is located at the bottom right hand side of the page): http://www.wrightguitar.com/pictures.html Neat photo of Scott McCarl in action at Ricksource.Com: Cool photo of Eric Carmen with a bass guitar (is that a Hofner?) seated at his desk in front of his computer checking out (I'm guessing) EricCarmen.Com from Photogmarc.Com: http://www.photogmarc.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/Carmen.jpg --- easily one of my favorite photos of Eric: relaxed and happy. Don
  6. Rick Barstow, who was Dan and Randy Klawon's roadie, sent me a few photos of former Raspberries circa the bands The Secret and Peter Panic several years ago and I put them on a web page back in 1999. There's one shot of Wally Bryson and Dave Smalley in The Secret with Jim Bonfanti sitting in on drums, as he often did. Wally's band, Peter Panic, featured Dave Thomas and Dan Klawon, who joined Wally in 1976 for the band Tattoo's only album. The photos of Dan Klawon are priceless and Wally, with a full beard playing his dual-necked Raspberries guitar, is pretty cool. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy them. Probably some good memories for Raspberries and Cleveland fans: http://members.aol.com/KidKrider/peterpanic.html Don
  7. Kiwi, I haven't ordered it yet. Does it have a good booklet with it? Don
  8. Annie, Nope, I can't even log in over there now (so, I'll thank Mellie here for responding to a post "over there" --- Mellie, loved the story of your cat named Sharona). On an off-topic note, with the passing of Bruce Gary of The Knack ("My Sharona") fresh in our minds, I guess most Raspberries fans remember that The Knack (without Bruce) opened for Raspberries last year. As some of you may be aware, The Knack's lead singer, Doug Fieger, underwent successful brain surgery for two tumors earlier this month. If anyone wants to follow-up on Doug's condition or send an e-card to Doug, the information is on his official website at http://www.officialdougfieger.com/dfnews.htm --- he's a great guy and apparently appreciates the fans' messages during his recovery. I've been listening to Doug's solo album, "First Things First" (which features the organ work of Billy Preston, who passed away in June) and thinking about how fragile all of our lives are. Like Eric once wrote, "Love is all that matters." Don Krider http://www.epinions.com/content_166204509828
  9. Annie, I just posted on Raspberries.net --- seems to be working fine now. Don
  10. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner, Don. I just discovered the news in an Associated Press story today, and as a Knack fan, the news hits hard: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Sharona' Drummer Bruce Gary Dies at 55 AP LOS ANGELES (Aug. 24) - Bruce Gary, the rock drummer who worked with George Harrison, Bob Dylan and Stephen Stills but is best known as The Knack's original drummer on "My Sharona," has died. He was 55. Gary died Tuesday at Tarzana Medical Center of lymphoma, said Helen Gary, the drummer's mother. Besides Harrison, Dylan and Stills, he recorded with Cream's Jack Bruce, Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow, Bette Midler, Yoko Ono, Harry Nilsson and The Doors' guitarist Robby Krieger, according to the Web site http://www.brucegary.com. Gary also worked with blues masters Albert Collins, Albert King and John Lee Hooker and toured with former Eagles member Randy Meisner and Spencer Davis. He also co-produced a series of posthumous releases from Jimi Hendrix, including the "Blues" compilation. Gary also produced the CD of drum samples "Bruce Gary's Drum Vocabulary." The drum loops are popular in professional and home recording studios where they can be added to any song. The Knack was formed in 1978 and a year later hit it big with "My Sharona." The group's debut album "Get the Knack" sold 6 million copies, followed by a second album "... But the Little Girls Understand," which sold 2 million. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don Krider
  11. Muzza, Good point and I bet you are correct, which puts the album on its way to stores down under this past Saturday. Thanks for catching that. I was in a Ryan's Steakhouse last Friday, treating my son, who is named Eric for some reason, and as we approached the cash register upon entering the restaurant we both hear "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" on the establishment's music system. Then Saturday, the day after Eric Carmen's birthday, I was watching the WHAS-TV early morning news and in their "weekend events" section they played "Hungry Eyes." Can't get away from "The Kid" and his music. This Thursday, another August birthday boy, Rick Springfield, gives a free concert at the Kentucky State Fair (with Firefall opening). If nothing else gets in the way, I may go to that show (sponsored by Fifth-Third Bank, which sponsored Cheap Trick at the fair last year). Don
  12. The album's label, Rajon Records, is distributed by Sony Music --- http://www.rajon.com.au/dsp_aboutus.cfm . They have a page for Eric's album at http://www.rajon.com.au/new_releases/dsp_cd_profile.cfm.cfm?item_id=1382 --- interesting that they are using the back cover shot from the "Tonight You're Mine" CD as the front cover shot of this latest compilation. I know the Amazon.Com link Bernie posted earlier has August 17, 2006, on the Amazon page, but the Rajon Records album listing has the album release date as December 8, 2006. I have no idea which date is correct. Don
  13. Going through my email, I opened one from the Cleveland Scene magazine about an article on The James Gang (after three sold-out shows last year, they apparently will record a new album). In that article at http://music.clevescene.com/Issues/2006-08-09/music/music.html?src=music_newsletter , they quote musicians talking about The James Gang. It was cool to see Wally Bryson of Raspberries included among the quotes in an article from the August 9, 2006, issue: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wally Bryson (guitar, the Raspberries): "Ohio cats have always been way underrated. You have to be really good to get out of Cleveland. They're a great rhythm section. Jimmy's a stand-up guy and a good musician. Dale is a really, really solid bass player -- like the Who had [John] Entwistle, holding the thing down. It's an amazing foundation to play around. And Joe can play and sing and work the crowd. And he's really melodic. They were always good to go see, and they always delivered. They seem totally unaffected [by their success]. They're real guys. The real good [bands] always are." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's funny how the members of the Raspberries and The James Gang have crossed paths over the years --- from Phil Giallombardo (who wrote "Any Way I Can" on the "Choir Practice CD" by The Choir) playing in both The Choir and The James Gang, to James Gang bassist Dale Peters playing on Eric's last studio album. I remember an old Los Angeles magazine ("Music Connection"?) article some years ago where Joe Walsh talked about his '60s band sharing stages with one of Eric Carmen's '60s bands, and saying something like "the drummer scared the hell out of me" (he didn't say who, but I have to assume he was talking about that intimidating-looking drummer, Mr. Michael McBride, when he played with Eric and Wally in Cyrus Erie --- Michael, if you read these things, you're cool, buddy). Don http://www.epinions.com/content_247350726276
  14. Happy 57th Birthday, Eric! Don Krider
  15. That Blender article is online now for those who missed it: http://www.blender.com/guide/articles.aspx?id=1979 Don
  16. In response to LC's inquiry, "Here I am!" (and thanks for asking, LC). To answer the question, there is no one organization that tracks all the record sales in the world (the RIAA only tracks U. S. sales), so sales reports by artists are often estimates at best. But, http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/List_of_best-selling_music_artists has an unofficial list of best-selling artists, with The Beatles and Elvis Presley tied at #1 with 500 million units sold worldwide each, and Streisand is in the lower half of the Top 100 sellers with 80 million units sold, which is probably pretty accurate. There's another site, ClassicBands.Com, at http://www.classicbands.com/bestsellers.html , that shows "The Top Ten Artists in U.S. Album Sales" with The Beatles at #1 and Streisand at #7 in U. S.-only sales. Same page at http://www.classicbands.com/bestsellers.html , under "Artist Awards," shows U. S. gold (500,000 units sold), platinum (1 million units sold) and multi-platinum awards --- Streisand has more gold records than The Beatlles, but The Beatles lead her in platinum and multi-platinum awards, according to that site. There was a Fox News report October 6, 2005, at http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,172235,00.html , which indicated (half-way down the page under "McCartney, Stones, Streisand: Few CD Sales") that Streisand's last album sold 150,000 copies in its first month of release... Don
  17. In case any Raspberries' fans haven't seen them, Kay Bryson posted some great pictures from the Rock Hall's Topping-Off Ceremony this week at: http://www.raspberries.net/galleryIframe.htm Raspberries' Wally Bryson was musical director for the mid-'90s event, leading a band that included Raspberries' Jim Bonfanti, Jeff Hutton (from Raspberries' "Starting Over" album and tour), Opie O'Brien (Raspberries' "Side 3" album and tour), Kenny Margolis (Choir, Sittin' Ducks), Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby Womack, Michael Stanley, Gilby Clarke (Candy, Guns 'n' Roses), Dale Peters (James Gang, Eric's last solo album), Eddie Levert (O'Jays), and others. Among the four pages of photos are also some shots from the Rock Hall's "My Town" exhibit with items from Eric (the legendary "patch pants"), Wally and Jim on display. They should bring that exhibit back and make it a regular fixture at the museum. Neat stuff. Kay also talks about Wally playing guitar with Jerry Lee Lewis and with Chuck Berry in a thread at http://raspberries.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1208 . Really amazing all the rock idols all the Raspberries' members have performed with. Don ...wish I could have seen and heard Jerry Lee Lewis saying to Wally, "Guitar, son..."
  18. Darlene, I agree with Mamacote here. You treat everyone fairly and are the "good witch" of the board. I admire your love for the band (they said a reunion would never happen, it did, and we aren't going to let it end, are we?). And Bernie, Groucho rocks! Sometimes, though, I think of Raspberries in Three Stooges moments: "Hey Eric, that's my intro..." "Oh, wise guy!" Don
  19. JohnO, Thanks for the info. Sounds like a band that might want to loudly sing that word Eric mumbled at the start of the song "Starting Over." I was mainly wondering why a band with such strange song titles would cover something as innocent as "It's Cold Outside" and apparently do it so close to the original version (based on that Amazon.Com clip of their version). Now rotating my CD player to play Cherie and Marie Currie's version of "Overnight Sensation"... Don
  20. I'd heard the Tattoo, Dave Smalley, Stiv Bators and The Chesterfield Kings covers of The Choir's "It's Cold Outside," but I just discovered another version. The Queers recorded "It's Cold Outside" on their 2002 album "Pleasant Screams". You can listen to a clip of it at Amazon.Com --- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000063COM/002-1145586-2396060?v=glance&n=5174 --- and it sounds pretty close to The Choir's version (very similar to Dave Smalley's vocal on the original Choir hit). I regret that I don't know much about the band, but they have been described as being a punk band with Beach Boys and Ramones influences. If anyone knows how they came to record "It's Cold Outside," I'd love to hear the details. Their website is at http://thequeers.on.neobee.net/ . Here's another Raspberries-related item --- their 2006 live album is called "Weekend At Bernie's" (I'm not joking, check out http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000GBE...-6203129?n=5174 ). Don
  21. I think Eric Carmen pretty well stated his opinion of the song on page 364 of Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp's "Marathon Man" book, where Eric says the recording didn't sound "sincere enough" and: "...I was afraid it sounded like saccharine melodramatic nonsense. Had I not done 'All By Myself' I would have been less afraid to do it. But it was so much in that same mood that I was a little scared that it wasn't coming off right. I was afraid that it was a bit of a disaster and that people would laugh." Though I know some people love the song, I agree with Eric's comments on this. I first heard two demos of this back in 1993 and my sentiment is the same as Eric's on this song. I think the song would put Eric back in an "image prison" again as "a singer of melodramatic ballads," an unfair image Eric has worked very hard to get away from over the years. For some reason, the song just doesn't seem as from the heart, to me, as "Foolin' Myself" or "Boats Against The Current," both of which I love. If a song doesn't ring true to me, or doesn't sound "sincere" as Eric puts it, I tend to not like it. For instance, when Eric sings "If You Change Your Mind" or "Let's Pretend" or "All By Myself" or "Desperate Fools," I *believe* him all the way through the songs, but "Devil" doesn't hit me that way for some reason. Just my opinion, and I mean no disrespect to those who like "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea." Don who wishes Eric would release the fantastic "Cindy In The Wind" --- now there's a cool tune I bet Tony and I can agree on
  22. I think the best description of who Raspberries are is what producer Jimmy Ienner told Ken Sharp in his book "Overnight Sensation: The Story Of The Raspberries". Ienner called Wally "the soul of the band," Eric "the commentator because of his melodies and because of his titles," Jim "a gentle soul, but...behind the drums he was a maniac," and Dave "the quiet one who balanced the other things." Don
  23. Brioohs and Tony, You are both correct. You have won an all-expense paid, at your expense, dream vacation to Ohio where you will be served Raspberry tea in lawn chairs on top of a Greyhoud tour bus speeding at 25 miles per hour past Eric's house where you may, if you're very, very lucky, see Eric walking his dog (have those souvenir bags ready, gang)... Yes, I messed up. Hoffman's been one of my favorite actors for years. And I do like "Almost Famous" (sorry, Cameron)... Don
  24. Another piece of trivia: the guy listening to "Go All The Way" in the film "Almost Paradise" is actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who won the Oscar for Best Actor for "Capote" this year. Don
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