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  1. "Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak" was written by Dave Smalley alone (RPM "Power Pop Volume 2" incorrectly lists it as written by Eric Carmen). Don
  2. Eric, I've got an old Navy Times review of "Side 3" somewhere in my collection which praises you, Wally and Dave as songwriters bringing unique styles to the band (with glowing praise like "their vocal talents have never been questioned, but on 'Side 3' they add genuine musical clout"). It was such an odd publication to see a review for Raspberries in, but "Side 3" got the military tip of the hat with four stars just like the latest Rolling Stones album that year. That mix of rock, blues, country and classical is what I love about Raspberries. The different lead vocalists also gave a dimension to the group that bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys also had. Listening to a Raspberries album was a musical education for me growing up, too, and when you guys would name an influence, it was off to the record store to check that artist's music out (you sold a lot of other people's records). Thanks to you and Raspberries for instructing so many of us in the magic of rock 'n' roll. Having that music in my life is something I'm very thankful for. Happy Holidays to one and all! Don Krider
  3. Bruce, would it be possible that you are the Bruce Balzer who played with Circus and other Cleveland bands? Don
  4. Hi Bruce, I believe you are correct about the release dates being April of 1972 (I was glancing at Anastasia Pantsios' "History Of The Cleveland Rock Scene" article from Exit magazine in 1975 where she says the single was released in April, so I imagine the album release would have been at about the same time). The single, "Don't Want To Say Goodbye," first charted on May 13 (peaking at #86 in Billboard after two weeks). The debut album first hit the chart on May 20th. Those "first charted dates" I'm using are from Billboard historian Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop Albums" and "Top Pop" (singles) books, but Whitburn doesn't include album or single "release dates" in his books. In a related note on the single, in Ken Sharp's book "Overnight Sensation" there's a neat article (undated, but probably from April of 1972) reprinted on page 128 written by Cleveland writer Bruno Bornino talking about the initial success of the "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" single. I won't quote the whole article (since the book is still being sold, I believe), but it says in part: "...More than 5,000 copies of the single have been sold in Greater Cleveland... Eric Carmen and Wally Bryson, who composed the single, have long been recognized as two of the city's most gifted young musicians..." Kind of a nice early compliment to Eric and Wally, and the sales for DWSG show a good level of support for Raspberries in Cleveland early on. Then the band went on a national tour with The Grass Roots in May of 1972, followed by "Go All The Way" debuting on the charts on July 1st, and the rest is history... Don
  5. Trindy, thanks for the reporting. Good job! I wouldn't despair too much about the cd/dvd coming out "this spring." Kind of a nice tie-in to the 35th Anniversary of the first Raspberries LP, which debuted on the Billboard Top 200 Album charts on May 20, 1972 (eventually peaking at #51) during a 30-week chart attack. Kind of a neat PR campaign for the new cd/dvd release, I would offer, "Celebrating 35 Years On The Charts And In Our Hearts..." Don
  6. Thanks, Bernie! Howdy, Jeff! Don
  7. Steve, I think you may have Tony Burrows confused with Ron Dante. Ron Dante was the lead singer of The Cufflinks and The Archies (and producer of Barry Manilow, Cher and Pat Benatar, too) Don Krider
  8. Susan, The 1973 questionaires may appear elsewhere, but the 1997 updates were only on Raspberries.net years ago. The Internet Wayback Machine website archives old web pages from various .net and .com websites, including deleted pages, so the past is visible again. Michele got Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim to update the questionaires for Raspberries.net (I showed the changes above since Harry couldn't get that link to work). It would be interesting for someone to update the questionaires for 2006-07. Don
  9. That's also one of the reasons why I didn't quote the entire articles here, too, Bernie, even though they also appeared on the inner sleeve of the "Raspberries Best Featuring Eric Carmen" LP back in 1976. The quotes should be enticement enough to buy Ken's 350-page monument to the band (which includes rare photos of Wally Bryson with Pete Townshend, The Choir (Wally, Dave, Jim) with The Yardbirds (Jimmy Page), and Eric and Wally with Keith Moon). Everyone should be aware that the first printing of Ken's book sold out in 1993 (I bought five of the 1,000 copies printed) and when the latest printing is gone, who knows? Buy it now, folks! Don Krider
  10. Harry, I just clicked the link and it worked for me, but here's the info (1973 first, then 1997 (changes only) separated below): ERIC CARMEN 1973 FULL NAME: Eric Howard Carmen NICKNAME: "The Kid" BIRTHDATE: August 11, 1949 BIRTHPLACE: Cleveland, Ohio ZODIAC SIGN: Leo HEIGHT: 5' 9" HAIR: Brown EYES: Brown MARITAL STATUS: Single FAVORITES..... COLOR: Black & Purple FOOD: Cantonese DRINK: Coca Cola DESSERT: Boston Cream Pie HOBBY: Tennis, Swimming & Hiking ANIMAL: Lion INSTRUMENT: Piano GROUP: Beatles, Beach Boys SPORT: Tennis TV SHOW(S): "Sixth Sense" CLOTHES: Tight-fitting Mod Clothes SONG: Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2 in C Minor CAR: Rolls Royce MALE SINGER: Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger FEMALE SINGER: Lesley Gore SAYING: "Go All The Way" CLOTHES FOR GIRLS: Tight clothes, but very soft and feminine BOOK: "Clockwork Orange" PLACE TO VISIT: Paris IDEAL VACATION SPOT: Paradise Island in The Bahamas 1997 Changes: MARITAL STATUS: Married FAVORITES: Color --- black Food --- Japanese, French Hobby --- Stock market Animal --- cat Sport --- baseball TV Show --- "The X-Files" Clothes --- Armani, Versace Car --- Mercedes Benz E320 Cabriolet Male Singer --- Don Henley Female Singer --- Celine Dion Clothes for girls --- Versace, Armani Book --- "The Great Gatsby" Place to visit --- Rome Ideal Vacation Spot --- St. Bart's Don Krider who fondly remembers the TV series "The Sixth Sense" back in 1973...
  11. Marvin, hope you don't mind me posting these links, but this may save you some time. Michele Cervoni-Anderson printed the original 1973 Fan Club Questionaires at Raspberries.net when she started Raspberries.net in 1997 and then asked Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim to update the questionaires in 1997. Comparing the responses from 1973 and 1997 is indeed fascinating, I think. After searching the Internet Wayback Machine, I found those pages at: http://web.archive.org/web/20030506005509/www.raspberries.net/fanclub.html OR you can hit the individual pages at: Eric: http://web.archive.org/web/20030509042820/www.raspberries.net/fceric.html Wally: http://web.archive.org/web/20030816203514/www.raspberries.net/fcwally.html Dave: http://web.archive.org/web/20030509042734/www.raspberries.net/fcdavid.html Jim: http://web.archive.org/web/20030509043038/www.raspberries.net/fcjim.html Don Krider
  12. I see the Record World review by Allen Levy from October 6, 1973 in Bernie and Ken's book. There were also reviews in Phongraph Record Magazine (by Alan Betrock), The Village Voice (October 4, 1973), Cash Box (Oct. 20, 1973), Billboard (Oct. 13, 1973, and in a few other publications. The Carnegie Hall program for the show is reprinted as pages 220 to 222 of Ken Sharp's 350-page book, "Overnight Sensation: The Story Of The Raspberries." The book is listed for sale in the Raspberries merchandise section at http://www.raspberriesonline.com/store.shtml . The reviews I noted above are reprinted in that book, too. Some quotes from those reviews about that Carnegie Hall gig: "...Raspberries brought the audience to their feet, caused screams of delight to issue from young nubile throats, caused even jaded rock critics to get up and boogie. Lord, Raspberries are good. And fun!..." --- Allen Levy, Record World. "...They were confident but not cocky, and let their music do their talking for them - it rang out loud and clear.... Wally was the one who impressed me most. Somehow on record he just doesn't come across too powerfully, but onstage he's as charismatic a rocker as I've seen in a long time... The Raspberries are living proof that the music that so many of us (and the group) cherish can be brought to life vitally and powerfully..." --- Alan Betrock, Phonograph Record Magazine. "...The instant the Raspberries hit the stage it was 1965 again..." --- Dan Nooger, The Village Voice. "...Raspberries bounced on stage with 'teen idol' Eric Carmen leading the way. In opening with a rather cutely sarcastic 'Ticket To Ride' (folks have always compared the group to the mid sixties Beatles), the group, in slick precision, sequed into their second single 'I Wanna Be With You.' The crowd was captured right then and there. The rest of the evening was Raspberry fever with 'Let's Pretend,' 'On The Beach,' 'Tonight,' 'Go All The Way' (their incredible single smash) and 'Drivin' Around' most noticeably raising Carnegie's temperature..." --- Cash Box. "...Raspberries was something else - a band much tougher than the name might imply...the Capitol recording group brought back an era of music free of excess and full of exhuberance... Focal point Eric Carmen, a McCartney-esque look and soundalike, who sings, plays rhythm guitar and piano, is quite adept at stirring up a crowd..." --- Billboard. And one from an unidentified local paper a week after the show (p. 224 of Ken's book): "...Appearing in matching black satin jackets, they immediately had the young girls going crazy; the word about them being The Beatles incarnate is true. Not only does havoc break out in the audience at the mere mention of their names, but they even start their set with 'Ticket To Ride.' They stop mid-way through the song though, and take a second to soak up the adulation and gloat over their accomplishment - the expressions of the people in the audience now resemble various states of shock, as if they were witnessing the Second Coming... girls running exstatically down the aisles to get close to the stage, exhuberantly waving their arms and pulling on their hair..." Now that last one, ladies and gentlemen, was a fine description of Raspberrymania! Don
  13. Bernie, In that photo (p. 146) notice that the Raspberries logo is missing from Jim's bass drum. That's the way it was when I saw them two months later, too. And on that riser, the Raspberries sign on the front lit up to flash "Raspberries" (I believe it was synched with the bass drum) when I saw the band two months after Carnegie Hall. I was glad to see that pic in the book --- it's hard to describe that setup without people seeing what it looked like. Don
  14. LC, There's a post by Jim Bonfanti over on the new Raspberries site about that subject --- a "limited edition" CD/DVD release for the fans and a personal appearance by the band in Cleveland in "the near future." Don Krider
  15. Thanks for sharing that, Barb. I've always tried to imagine the look on the other guys' faces when they found out ("Jim won?" "Ballot stuffing!" "I demand a recount!"). Don
  16. Donmand, I don't think you were baiting. I think the questions were legitimate and I respect Eric for answering them. That's the kind of give and take I would expect here. I also agree with Eric, that the best live recordings have always been tinkered with. The best known example being the legendary live Kiss album. There was a VH-1 special a few years back about the making of that "Kiss Alive" album that really opened me eyes, and mind, to live albums --- the simple fact is that nobody's going to like, or buy, a bad sounding recording (and after hearing clips on VH-1 of what "Kiss Alive" sounded like before the band tinkered with the recordings, I believe that the recording wouldn't have been the mega-hit it became without the band's admitted tinkering, which included overdubs and adding new instrumental parts, done with the intention of reproducing on record what the fans heard, or thought they heard, in concert). Like the Kiss members said on the show, you want to put out a product that will sell. I've been reading online in recent weeks Eddie Kramer's (Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Fotomaker) thoughts on ProTools and live recordings in various online interviews, and I've come to appreciate, of late, what a delicate process is involved with bringing the thrill of a live concert home via a recording. It's a major task, and I'm glad Mark Linett is involved with Raspberries in doing this CD. I'm looking forward to the final product. Don
  17. Hi Barb, Barb, that is such a cool memory. I'm glad the children and grandchildren of band members are getting to see Jim in action again. Your comments also make me want to ask what it was like to be around Jim when he won the title of the "Foxiest Raspberry" from Star magazine contest? He has such a sense of humor that I bet he had fun with it (I've got a copy of the audio tape of when the band played on rdaio in Germany and the interviewer asks Jim where the band is going next, and Jim's not sure, so he responds by asking the other guys, "Where *are* we going next?" --- really cute moment). I think NBC really liked Jim and Dave, because the Thanksgiving of 1973 Raspberries appearance on the Bill Bixby Thanksgiving Show aired on NBC (the 90-minute version, with the tail end of "Go All The Way," then "Last Dance" and "I'm A Rocker") and then they re-aired the special a year later in 1974, again on Thanksgiving, after Jim and Dave had left the group, in a shortened hour-long format (minus "I'm A Rocker") --- it was so strange to see the 1973 lineup on TV while the 1974 lineup was charting with "Overnight Sensation." Don
  18. It wasn't the "Go!" show, because the guys didn't wear suits on that show. Since you said it "may have been a couple of minutes long featurette," what you may be talking about is one of two things. It may be the Capitol promo videos that were distributed around the time of "Fresh" --- there's one very short segment where they've synched the recording of "I Wanna Be With You" to a live performance by Raspberries in which the band is wearing the white suits. Or it may have been a network news feed. One of the networks in 1972-73 had little news briefs for kids (I think it was CBS) between Saturday morning shows and there was a brief Raspberries segment on one of those reports as well. It was short, the band was in suits doing "I Wanna Be With You," and the reporter compared the band to The Beatles. "Go!" was a half-hour long show that alternated topics every Saturday morning (sometimes serious, sometimes entertainment, but always aimed at a teen audience) --- Raspberries got the full half-hour treatment on NBC's "Go" in the fall of 1973 (in a segment hosted by Don Imus). The opening credit segment of "Go!", however, showed a variety of scenes (cars, boats, drummer, etc.), including a suitless (Mod-dressed) Jim Bonfanti playing drums, and that aired every week from 1973-74 (which probably means that Jim had more on-air television time than any member of the band, even after he had left the group). The Capitol promo videos were shown like advertising on Saturday mornings briefly, with the synched "I Wanna Be With You" performance and the guys riding in a boat and a dune buggy, and just looking darn cute (such was Capitol's marketing), all promoting "Fresh." Just suggestions for what you may have seen. Don
  19. Thanks for that update, Billy. That is sad news. People forget that despite poor U. S. chart success, The Runaways headlined over Cheap Trick and Tom Petty back in the '70s (just like they forget that Bob Seger was once Raspberries opening act). I remember reading about the first Runaways album in Phonograph Record Magazine back in 1976 and enjoying their first LP (I was 19 and they weren't that much younger than me). Over the years I've been struck by the way members of the band loved the same acts as me (Raspberries, Slade, The Knack). Great band that should have been huge. Looking at Joel Whitburn's Billboard stats, that first Runaways self-titled LP peaked at only #194, but it will always have a Top 40 spot in my heart. For me, they weren't like the all-female bands that followed them, they were a real, in-your-face rock and roll outfit (much like Fanny ("I've Had It", "Butter Boy") before them) --- they were cool. From the Associated Press wire service report: -------------------------------------------------- ---12:00 AM CDT on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 Associated Press Sandy West, whose ferocious drumming fueled the influential all-female '70s rock band the Runaways, which she co-founded with Joan Jett, has died of lung cancer. She was 47. Ms. West died Saturday night at a hospice in San Dimas, Calif., her manager Mara Fox said. Her illness was diagnosed a year ago. Ms. West was only 16 when she started the Runaways in 1975 with Ms. Jett, a singer and guitarist. Along with band members Lita Ford and Cherie Currie, they had hits such as "Cherry Bomb" and "Born To Be Bad." "We shared the dream of girls playing rock and roll. Sandy was an exuberant and powerful drummer," Ms. Jett said in a prepared statement. "I am overcome from the loss of my friend. I always told her we changed the world." Born in 1959 and raised in Huntington Beach, Ms. West was a bona fide California girl, splitting her time between surfing and skiing, Ms. Currie said. After Ms. West's grandfather bought her a drum kit, she channeled her athleticism into music. The Runaways headlined shows with performers such as Cheap Trick and Tom Petty as opening acts. Following the band's breakup in 1979, Ms. West continued to perform as a singer, guitarist and drummer with the Sandy West Band. She also released a solo CD. "Sandy West loved her fans, her friends and family almost to a fault," Ms. Currie said in a prepared statement. "It will never be the same for me again to step on a stage, because Sandy West was the best and I will miss her forever." Ms. West completed her memoirs before she died, and Ms. Fox said she hoped to get the book published. Ms. West is survived by her mother, Jeri Williams, stepfather Dick Williams and six sisters. A public memorial in Southern California for friends and family is pending, Ms. Fox said. ----------------------------------------------- Don... thoroughly bummed...
  20. Despite what it says on YouTube, it aired on "Solid Gold" in 1985. Both "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" and "I'm Through With Love" were performed on episodes of "Solid Gold" that year (and both hit the Adult Contempoary Top 20 Billboard charts in 1985, too, though only IWHIFYL went Top 40 Pop). Has it really been 21 years since that aired? I'm getting old... Don Krider
  21. The original version of "I Wanna Her It From Your Lips" (three female singers (one of whom was also in a Jackson 5 video) and a giant pair of lips filling the screen at times, as I recall it) aired on VH-1 for about four weeks beginning in January of 1985, then they started showing the new concert version. Geffen put out a promo phone in the shape of lips to promote the release when the Geffen album reached stores January 7, 1985 (despite the 1984 copyright, that's when the LPs arrived at record stores). I think Eric's being a bit too tough on his appearance in the original video --- it was a bit Las Vegas, but at the time, after years of not seeing Eric, I remember jumping off the couch and yelling, "That's Eric Carmen!" to my wife. His image in a suit coat appeared in a dimly lit opening shot at the video's start ("...I hear it from my friends..."), which blew me away, and then he's laying on the floor sideways singing the song, and the three girls are singing along (no band), and a giant pair of female lips sometimes fills the TV screen. Nothing to be ashamed of --- not rock 'n' roll, I guess, but it wasn't bad either, and I thought it was pretty cool at the time. Then the video just disappeared from rotation on VH-1 and was replaced by the "concert" version (which had a broadcast premiere on NBC's "Friday Night Videos" in late February of 1985). VH-1, which was brand new in January of 1985 and not on many cable systems at first, was the only network to actually air the original version (at least that I'm aware of, and I was looking for it everywhere). The second video of IWHIFYL, the concert version, was everywhere later, including MTV and HBO. But seriously, I liked the original video. I also prefer the 12-inch vinyl Jellybean remix single to the album and 45 rpm versions of the song. Don Krider
  22. So it can be fixed, there's an error on the Music page of the new site at http://www.raspberriesonline.com/music.shtml --- it lists the "Starting Over" album as coming out in 1973, when it actually came out in 1974. Don Krider
  23. The only thing I'm kind of stunned at is the lack of mentions of Scott McCarl and Michael McBride on the new site. There's a very brief mention of Scott and Mike in the band timeline section (which mentions the lineup change of late 1973-75), but they aren't mentioned at all in the band bio (which actually mentions the "Starting Over" LP without mentioning the lineup change on the band bio page). Heck, the jukebox doesn't have any of the songs sung by Scott either (how about "Play On"?) or co-written by Michael ("All Through The Night"). I was rather surprised at that and I would hope that will be changed. Not trying to rain on the parade because it is a very well-done site and I'm enjoying it, but as a long-time fan I'm just hoping the band bio can be fixed to mention the impressive contribution Scott and Michael made to the band (an "album of the year" award from Rolling Stone magazine is a cool thing), and maybe bring Scott some attention via adding his music to that very cool jukebox. I just think the additions would make the web site even better for the long-time fans. Don Krider
  24. I think the new site is very well done. Kay Bryson had told me about the photo Al took of Wally Bryson and Jim Bonfanti backstage with Joe Walsh at The James Gang reunion show. I was surprised to see Wally's haircut. Wow! It's in the Rasparazzi Gallery section of the new site (the photo section at http://www.raspberriesonline.com has several galleries) with other photos of celebrities hanging with the guys. Don Krider
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