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  1. There's a neat fan-created video for Raspberries' "Play On" (the original 1974 version of the Scott McCarl-Eric Carmen written classic) with Scott's left-handed bass and John Lennon-ish lead vocal, Wally Bryson's great driving lead guitar, Michael McBride's powerful drums, Eric Carmen's perfect rhythm guitar and the best pop harmonies in rock at:

    The Beatles' fan who created that did a great job matching the lyrics to various still photos.

    Hopefully someone will post the band's live 1975 (aired March and August of that year in syndication) "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" appearance performing that tune on YouTube one day - Scott was such an incredible performer, "shy yet confident," like one magazine said back in the day.

    Don Krider :)

  2. chris hess said:
    don,thanks for that!! have'nt heard that in a long time..good stuff!! lol,chris

    How about Raspberries Wally Bryson on the dual neck lead guitar and Dave Smalley on bass (great close-ups of Dave) with The Secret singing one of my favorite Kinks songs, "Tired Of Waiting":

    Man, Eric Robertson was one very talented lead singer. What a rockin' performance!

    Don :)

  3. I apologize if this has been posted before, but this Bryson Group (Wally Bryson and Jesse Bryson) videos from a live gig opening for Fastball in November of 2008 is new to me, so in case anyone else hasn't seen it, I thought I'd post them here (I would post them in the video section, but I'm afraid they would get lost there):

    Don Krider :)

  4. Margaux said:

    When you performed Never Gonna Fall in Love Again on the Midnight Special in 1976 who played back up for you???

    I watched it recently and it flashes to the faces of four members...I understand a back up group called "Magic" I think backed you on All By Myself??? Is it the same band???

    The members of Magic backed Eric on that appearance (having been renamed The Eric Carmen Band) and one of the two drummers (the impressive blonde-haired lad) is Michael McBride, who played on the Raspberries "Starting Over" album (who also backed Eric in the bands Cyrus Erie and The Quick). McBride was a neat addition to the guys in Magic, who all played on Eric's first Arista solo album in 1975 (at the time, I considered it *almost* a Raspberries album since half the band was on it).

    Don Krider :)

  5. Yes I agree Sinatra's updates of rock songs can be funny...but I also think that people who dismiss Sinatra's work have not heard much of it. Frank's series of theme albums in the 50s are national treasures, something Bruce Springsteen understood.


    I've always liked Frank Sinatra (especially "My Way" and "It Was A Very Good Year"), so it was neat to read Eric Carmen's comments in Crawdaddy magazine back in 1977 at http://www.ericcarmen.com/press/770900a.htm :


    ...Moments later, as he prepares to leave the hotel, Eric brightens with an afterthought. "I got a call recently—Frank Sinatra's gonna cut 'Boats Against the Current' next month. He's already done 'All By Myself' and 'Never Gonna Fall in Love Again.'" He beams. "Having him record your song is the greatest compliment in the world. As for as I'm concerned. I don't care what anybody says. Sinatra is still Number One."...


    In Bernie and Ken's book "Marathon Man," pages 304-305, there's a quote which makes it pretty clear that Eric was jazzed when Sinatra covered "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" (Eric admits he might have liked Sinatra to have "done it a little straighter," but adds, "but was I bummed out about it? No. It's fucking Frank Sinatra!"). Sinatra is mentioned several times in the book.

    Don Krider smile


  6. The "concert version" music video of Eric Carmen's 1985 Top 40 hit "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" was posted by someone on YouTube just before Christmas of 2007.

    I hadn't seen this version in a while, and on the off chance that it hasn't been mentioned here, here it is: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xOK8sVmkWxk

    I still have hopes the other version, which aired for a month on VH-1 in January of 1985 with the giant lips floating around, which I thought was pretty cool at the time, will be posted some day...

    Don Krider smile

  7. hollies65 said:

    My Back Pages.

    Gorgeous, my friend - thanks for posting that!

    I remember being blown away when I read in Bernie and Ken's "Marathon Man" book that it was The Byrds "Mr. Tambourine Man" that inspired Eric (page 6) to "find out what instrument made its distinctive jangly sound." Then over the next few pages finding that one of Eric's early bands played "almost everything from the first Byrds album."

    On page 18 Eric says that when he heard The Choir (with Wally, Dave and Jim) play, he dreamed of being in that band so he and Wally could play The Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man" - "both of us with our 12-string Rickenbackers."

    Now wouldn't it be cool if Raspberries made that dream come true by adding that song to their set list now?

    Don Krider :)

  8. hollies65 said:

    I'd love to hear them cover The Hollies 'Look Through Any Window' or 'Have You Seen Her Face?' by the Byrds...if we're talking covers.

    And talking covers, how about The Who's "So Sad About Us" or The Who's "I Can See For Miles." Raspberries could bring new life to those classics (I'd especially love to hear Raspberries' harmonies on "So Sad About Us").

    Don Krider :)

  9. LC said:

    Yeah, Hollies65! Lay off Pittsburgh! It's a cool city. I lived there in high school and wouldn't have traded the experience for anything.... I do think it would be a good place for a Raspberries show....

    (Deborah, the Steelers have traditionally beat up on the Bengals, so our good friend Hollies65 -- who's always digging up cool YouTubes -- might just have a little of that Bengals inferiority complex... :) )

    Ditto on that, LC. I lived in Brentwood, Pa., just outside of Pittsburgh, from 1968-70 and I loved that place.

    Pete Hewlett, of the Eric Carmen-produced Euclid Beach Band, lives there.

    And don't forget that two members of Raspberries, Dave Smalley and Jim Bonfanti, were both born in the great state of Pennsylvania.

    Sorry, but I have to defend a city where I still have friends.

    Don :)

  10. marvin said:

    We did get a bit of a Beach Boys-inspired medley in Chicago with "Drivin' and Cruisin'."

    I was thinking of a longer medley - it used to be one of my favorite things to get a Raspberries album or an Eric solo album (toss "Sunrise" and "Someday" onto the medley list) and find one spot-on Beach Boys-inspired tune on every album.

    On the '73 tour they also did a piano medley (the Raspberries piano songs from the first two albums) that was very cool, too.

    And hearing that medley of the covers of "Be My Baby" and "Locomotion" on that '73 tour was a high point of my life back then - forget The Ronettes and Little Eva, Raspberries made those songs their own when they sang them.

    Don Krider :)

  11. marvin said:

    1. All Through the Night (even though the lyrics suck!)
    2. Money Down
    3. On the Beach
    4. I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine

    Interesting choices, Marvin. I'd like to hear "All Through The Night" with the original title "Thank You For Services Rendered" (I think that's what Eric said the title was originally - just sounds like it would be a pretty good, Stones-ish gut-puncher with that title and a few lyric changes).

    I have adored "On The Beach" all my life - minus the birds, please. That chorus is awesome.

    I'd love to hear a Beach Boys-inspired, Raspberries medley of "On The Beach"/"Cruisin' Music"/"Drivin' Around"/"She Did It"/"Top Down Summer".

    I think Eric's "Take It Or Leave It," Eric's "Inside Story," Wally's "Come Back" (Fotomaker) and Wally's "I Still Want You" (Tattoo) are all songs that could put all those guitar-players on stage to great use.

    Don Krider :)

  12. Austinberries asked: "these 2 tunes were never released by the 'berries, right?

    The two song demos did appear on the Capitol Records year 2000 "Greatest Hits" CD that was briefly released by BMG Music Club (I bought a couple of those and gave one to a friend) with it's "Let It Be" inspired cover.

    There are three versions of that album, which was never "officially" released (despite the BMG Music Club copies that briefly got out): the advance promo, the BMG Music Club release and the unreleased Capitol version.

    Don Krider :)

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