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  1. Saw that - it's on iTunes only, I think. I'll have to get over there and buy it. I saw his one-man show at the beautifully restored Crest Theater in Sacramento a few months ago. Very impressive. It was just LB and an array of guitars he pulled from for each song.
  2. I agree that there is a nice balance with the mix of Stevie's songs, Christine's songs, and Lindsey's songs, but many bands don't have that diversity to begin with. I would be thrilled to see FM again, even without Christine. I can't remember which year I last saw the band, but it was soon after the release of their "Say You Will" album, and Christine wasn't there. It was a fantastic show nonetheless! I have seen Lindsey solo many times since then, and that, also, is always a great time.
  3. Thanks, LC! I've had a rough few years, but gradually, my life has been getting back to being good. Enjoying visiting with my friends online again! I have continued to see Kyle perform, as well as Lindsey Buckingham every time he's been in Northern California and those events have helped lift me out of some emotionally tough times. Now I'm headed to your FM thread!
  4. Fantastic picture, Bernie, as are all the others I've seen that you took that day. Having the WTC in the background makes it extra special. Thanks for sharing!
  5. The harem is a very contentious place to be...fun to witness sometimes.
  6. I really enjoyed reading this, Marvin. Good job! I have now seen Kyle perform 35 times in many states across the country, and even own and pack around the equipment he uses when he comes to California. Obviously, I am a fan. Marvin introduced me to Kyle's music via a CD shipped from Canada many years ago, and introduced me to Kyle in person at B.B. King's during one of the Raspberries' shows. Going out for that bite to eat after that concert still sticks with me because it was so hard to find something that Kyle would/could eat, as he's a staunch vegan.
  7. I agree with everything Anne posted on this page. I was introduced to Kyle by Marvin back at one of the 'berries's NYC shows in 2005. Since then, I have seen Kyle perform many, many times, and it's always excellent. Just finished seeing four shows in California last weekend (and acting as his roadie, hauling all musical equipment from town to town), and was also at the New Jersey show in September. If you have the chance to see Kyle perform, do it.
  8. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Eric! Jennifer
  9. Marvin, hope your birthday was a good one, despite the fact that I think you were enduring some airport hell. Call me and let me know all about your trip back to Cleveland. Can't believe I met you there for the first time almost seven years ago...
  10. Pat is a wonderful friend - greatly appreciated his help in Chicago when I was in town for the Raspberries' January '05 show, and enjoyed visiting with him at a Kyle Vincent show in Chicago in June '06. Have been on the phone and online with him since. Prayers for you, Pat! Jennifer
  11. Eric, wishing you a very happy birthday! Jennifer
  12. Hope you're having a wonderful birthday, Eric! Wishing you much happiness on your day!
  13. Thank you to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday! You guys are wonderful friends. Life has been very tough this past year-plus for me (some of you know how hard it's been), but things are looking up. Brighter, happier days, and some very good people are making life worth living again. Thanks again, my friends at EC.com!
  14. A good laugh for the day. Thanks.
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