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  1. Happy Birthday, Eric. I listen to some form of EC music everyday. I've always loved EC music.
  2. Hi Terri, Did you happen to see that the F. Scott Fitzgerald mansion on Summit Ave in St. Paul is being sold? Anyone interested?
  3. When that movie was shown on television years after it's release, I swear Eric's "Heaven Can Wait" was used during the closing credits. I've never had anyone back me up on this but I wonder if anyone else has this same recollection? (Beautiful song......a classic) Scott
  4. Oh, Terri, I agree. We need more EC fans to login here. That was a great setting for a concert, Hon. Lake Minnetonka is so picturesque. I saw Brian Wilson in Apple Valley last Summer at an outdoor amphitheater. It was the third time I've seen one of his concerts and it was a great show. We can also visit some place that's very meaningful to EC fans and Eric himself. The home of F. Scott Fitzgerald is on Summit Ave in St. Paul. I've taken the tour of this home and several other mansions like it in that neighborhood and they are all just incredible. It's nice to have another Minnesota EC fan here, Terri. Let's find some more. Scott
  5. Welcome Terri. Mankato is a great college town. It's nice to see an EC fan from Minnesota. Scott
  6. Hi Terri, I didn't see that you were from Minnesota until today. I live in Woodbury. In what part of Minnesota do you live? Scott
  7. If I were to look up and throw a smile at My Girl, I know what kind of reaction I'd get.
  8. I have not been able to find all the words that express myself yet. This new song is genius. For Eric to write, sing and play this masterpiece, he is absolutely gifted. But we already knew that. I love this song.
  9. Not to change the subject but I just returned home from attending the Beach Boys concert Saturday night in Milwaukee. I was happy to hear the Raspberries, Crusin' Music and Eric's My Girl played during the pre-show "seating" time. Very cool to hear this stuff at a Beach Boys concert. Great show too!
  10. Eric, I'm very glad you're still checking in. You've been missed. Scott
  11. Thoughts and prayers from my family to you and your Mom.
  12. Okay, no disrepect intended but I always thought High Cost of Loving had just a hint of country flavor. I love that song. It could be easily covered by a country artist. Scott
  13. Clayton, Great work! My sincerest congratulations. Make the absolute most of your gifts. My mom used to tell me, "make it while you're hot, kid because you're cold a long, long time. Scott
  14. I'll do one better than bashing the writer, I'm not going to read it. The only opinion that really matters to me, is mine.
  15. Does anyone know why the DC5 songs were never released on CD? Scott
  16. I've had EC music playing throughout the grade school my daughter attends several times. They loved it. However, we had a High School Musical Christmas with DVD's and CD's galore. I've OD'd on that stuff. She has taken an interest in music from the Sound of Music, too. Scott
  17. Count me in....I'll buy it. But, does this mean it's over? Scott
  18. I wonder if there are any more generous, sharing people here because I've never heard it either. Scott
  19. Well, all my Raspberries/Carmen stuff is valuable to me, but I have two copies of the record that have the extended play/remix of I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips. It's just kind of a rare item. Scott
  20. Paul McCartney, okay, but has Barbara Strisand ever played there?
  21. I almost forgot to post a birthday wish to you. My DVD arrived today and I've been enjoying all your work very much. Thank you for all the years of powerful, lasting memories. Happy Birthday! Scott
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