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  1. Tickets are still being sold on Ticketmaster if you use the HOB's HELPEVER password.
  2. Art


    A few others close to the HOB are Hampton, Embassy Suites, and Hyatt Regency.
  3. It will be interesting to see how fast the floor tickets sell out now. Any bets they are gone by the end of the day?
  4. Balcony seats are all gone. That was fast.
  5. As of 12:30PM there are still some balcony seats, but looks like they are going fast!
  6. The House of Blues started selling tickets at Noon EST today, Monday Oct 4th, for the reunion show. To get tickets, you must be a HOB member, which is free. Go to www.hob.com, sign up as a member, then select the Cleveland venue, Raspberries show, and you can get tickets. The VIP balcony section tickets are $100 each, standing room tickets are $45. Note that general public tickets do go on sale October 9th as Bernie has advised us....this early sale today took me by surprise. I had no trouble buying 4 balcony tickets just a few minutes ago. Good luck and see you in Cleveland! -Art
  7. Hey Lawyerfan: if the only hope you have of seeing Eric is at a Kerry inauguration, you don't have much hope at all. If, as you say, Bush is a "moron", that makes you what?
  8. I am just glad to see that this is happening. Discounts? I'll be first in line to pay a premium just to be there. And to any of the group getting cold feet, do as Tom Petty said: "I won't back down". Let the Spotlight shine!
  9. Can anyone please tell me how to save a copy of this song, or perhaps e-mail it to me? I would really appreciate that very much. Thanks, Art
  10. Bernie: Thanks so much. This is good stuff. And, you're still holding back some major news? -Art
  11. Eric: Good decision. I would have liked to see you, and had tickets to 3 performances, plus plane tickets. But, I'd rather lose the associated money invested so far than to go to a lousy show. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Why don't you send Ringo a couple of songs for his new album and tour with him next year? Better yet, get something going yourself. Hope to see you soon. Art in Utah.
  12. Bernie: Thanks for the update. Looks like the writing is on the wall, unless some last minute accommodations are made. Maybe you could talk Eric into playing a night at the Agora, it'd be just like old times. Art in Utah
  13. Bernie: Ignore the criticism being leveled by some. You are doing an absolutely fantastic job running this website. Thank you for a job well done, and please keep up the good work!!! Art in Utah.
  14. ERIC: It will be a great disappointment to me if you do not play on this tour. I live in Utah, and am flying to Baltimore to catch one of the Atlantic City shows and then the Wolf Trap date. However, you must be true to yourself, so whatever happens life will go on! I hope you can work this out to your satisfaction, but if not, then you should not compromise your personal ideals. Good luck...whatever you decide I'm sure you have your fans' support, and you certainly have mine. Art in Utah
  15. Eric: Thank you for electing to join the Abbey Road tour. I was a couple of years behind you at Brush High School, and never got to see you do any of the Beatles' stuff at the Chesterland Hullabaloo, and other hot spots in those days. I saw you 3 times with Ringo, and have already snapped up tickets to 2 of the July dates for this new tour. This should be great, Beatles songs and some of your own! -Art in Utah
  16. How about a Beatles cover?
  17. Bernie: Nice job on the new look. You've put lots of hard work into this site. Thank you.
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