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  1. Relax. I'm flying to Cleveland from Utah (ski resorts, lots of snow). I lived in Cleveland for over 20 years and never got rerouted. You may have a short delay, but you'll probably be just fine. The exception would be if you are flying via Chicago, where it seems cancellations and delays are almost the norm.
  2. Steve is right. I am also at the Hyatt Regency. It is connected to the Cleveland Arcade, a really interesting landmark, and just a short walk to HOB. Either Priceline or Hotwire can get you into a really nice downtown hotel at a great price. or you can check their websites for specials. I got my room at Hyatt several weeks ago for $139.
  3. Can one of the Cleveland members please give us a summary?
  4. This is good information. Maybe Bernie can clarify what door we enter for the pre-concert reception and that indeed the meet and greet is after the show?
  5. Michael: Thank you for this very helpful post.
  6. Jim & Bernie: Thanks for these photos. The anticipation is building!!! -Art
  7. hof63: Thanks for this preview.
  8. Bernie: That's great news about the photographer. Thanks.
  9. Excellent compromise solution that should make everyone happy.
  10. The dialogue on this topic cracks me up. If it isn't worth it, don't go....if it is, then go. I am going, as I deem it to be a great opportunity and value. In any case, see you all at the show!!!
  11. I wonder how many people will really be naked in that mosh pit?
  12. Jesse Bryson is very talented. Worth seeing if you can. Personally, I'd skip any Kerry rally, but music transends politics.
  13. You gotta be kidding me.....only two of us Brush alums going to see one of Brush's greatest alumns in history? How can this be? Say it aint so.
  14. Thanks for this news. A HOB club tour would be great. I am for anything that gets them exposure and lets them have some fun!
  15. Correctamundo!!! Can't forget that.
  16. Gord: You are wrong. The more the better! This is great stuff going on here. The $50 for food and drinks, not to mention meeting beucoup other fans, represents less than 1/2 a PENNY a day since the group last performed!!!!!!! I have to eat, and who better to eat with before the concert than the many fine fans that have remained loyal all these years. I can't wait!!!!
  17. Bernie: This is great. Thanks for organizing it.
  18. Annie: Thanks...your great.
  19. Annie: How many ribbons did you end up making?
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