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  1. Hey Barb: I heard it and you didn't. No big deal. Let's move on!
  2. There is also a nice stage photo at raspberries.net that can be downloaded.
  3. Barb: Mellow out, I am not insulting you or anyone else. I was standing at the rope by the photo shoot for the first several groups and I did hear it said every time. Sorry you missed it. I just hate to see the criticism of something that was, indeed, a real bonus to the show.
  4. Jennifer: I too got stuck in a big snow returning to Utah. Actually had to stay an unplanned night in a motel as the mountain pass to my town was closed. Oh well, just adds to the memories doesn't it! Think I may just do it again for New Year's Eve.
  5. Despite the many complaints about the meet and greet, it would be nice to hear those complaining recall to us the last time they were part of such an event. These guys played their hearts out for 2 hours on what appeared to be an uncomfortably hot stage, then took the time, when they would rather be in bed, to be with us after the show. They were polite and genuinely interested in each fan. I was in the 7th or 8th group to be photgraphed. Despite what some of the complaints are, every group was told that they should list their e-mail address in the book that was clearly in view at the exit from the photo area. I am grateful for the group allowing the meet and greet to happen, and for the photos. Thanks Raspberries for making this such a memorable evening.
  6. It was good to meet you at the show LobsterLvr. Your remarks above are right on.
  7. Regarding the Capital CD; the cover of that CD is what I had autographed by the band members during the meet and greet. I was lucky enough to buy 4 of those when they were briefly up for sale (I think on some music club). The two unreleased demo songs Oh Tonight and Please Let Me Come Back Home are pretty good.
  8. Well, I was directly behind Ken Sharp, who sat to Bernie's right. They both stood up alot and I did too! Had they not, I still would have. It was just that kind of show. One of the more interesting sidelines to the show was watching Bernie and Ken: every time Eric hit a high note they looked at each other with large grins, just like what must have been on my face as well. It was great!
  9. Dave sang the lead on Its Cold Outside. I have a CD with that and several other Choir songs on it.
  10. I stayed at the Hyatt. This proved a fine choice, as all we had to do was walk through the Arcade (a shopping complex build in the 1890s) to the HOB. The rate was $134. Great place, great location.
  11. Thanks to everyone, as aptly named above by Bernie. Special thanks to Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim. This could have easily just been a concert. I would have been happy to see the guys on stage together and hear the songs, even if they were a little off key and/or misplayed here and there. That is what you expect from a band of 55-year olds who have not played together in 30+ years! But, this was far far more than just a concert. It was truly an exercise in perfection, a work of art, and exceeded my expectations many times over. The singing was great, the range of vocals exceptional. These guys went all out to really do it right, and they sure did. I saw Raspberries at the Agora and Chesterland Hullabaloo in my younger (much!) days. They have outperformed even themselves with this one!!!
  12. Thanks to Raspberries, the airlines will be having a busier-than-usual day after Thanksgiving. I'm heading to Salt Lake City now for an early flight out tomorrow. It is amazing to think how many fans are doing the same! See you all soon.
  13. Join the HOB, there is no fee. Then you get in on the members-only presale. When it happens, be on-line a couple of minutes early and buy your tickets at exactly the stated time of sale. If you are lucky (as I was) you'll land balcony seats. Wait a few minutes, and you may get GA, or worse yet, nothing at all.
  14. Gene: I presume you were cleared for using the camera. Any insight into whether or not you could sneak one in? My understanding and past experience is that is nearly impossible.
  15. Dave: Thanks for doing the list. I am Art. My name is Art Palm, my wife, also attending, is Cherie Palm. And, we are bringing our friends Shawn and Peggy Clawson. Catching an early AM flight tomorrow from Utah.
  16. I am very thankful for all I have on this day.....including my tickets to the show tomorrow! And I am especially thankful to Raspberries Eric, Wally, Dave, and Jim for making this possible.
  17. The Raspberries website (raspberries.net) has an article published today in Cleveland Scene. The guys have a real down-to-earth attitude about this reunion, and no unrealistic expectations. There is a nice group photo.
  18. Art

    Opening Song

    "The Boys Are Back in Town" would be approprite.
  19. Hof63: thanks for taking the time to post these.
  20. Relax. I'm flying to Cleveland from Utah (ski resorts, lots of snow). I lived in Cleveland for over 20 years and never got rerouted. You may have a short delay, but you'll probably be just fine. The exception would be if you are flying via Chicago, where it seems cancellations and delays are almost the norm.
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