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  1. Excellent guidance, Bernie. If you miss the initial sale by a minute, you will probably not get balcony seats.
  2. Me too, Marvin. I clicked right at sale time, and I checked a minute later and they were gone.
  3. Balcony seats were gone in 2 minutes!
  4. Kay has really done a wonderful job. It is almost unreal all the great Raspberries things that are happening now!
  5. And you guys had a pretty good football team too!
  6. Beachberry: You are so right! We must have gone to high school about the same time, and near each other. I graduated from Brush in 1972. You?
  7. I wonder what the member count is now? Must have increased considerably.
  8. Marvin: Great. Talk to you then.
  9. Marvin: Check your e-mail. I may have the good deal of the day for you!
  10. Going to be a real race on Saturday! If my ISP fails me....they die!!!!
  11. Popdude: I think the biggest part of the "amazing" thing is that Raspberries are truly a special group. I know I have never so identified with a band and their music as I did, and now do again, with Raspberries. It is fun, personally rewarding, and a real honor to be one of their fans.
  12. Just received this e-mail from HOB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subj: The Return of the Raspberries Date: 12/2/2004 5:24:06 PM Eastern Standard Time From: "House of Blues Cleveland" <CleveConcerts@HOBConcerts.com> Reply-To: CleveConcerts@HOBConcerts.com Sent from the Internet (Details) tell a friend RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH RASPBERRIES AT HOUSE OF BLUES CLEVELAND! Raspberries fans have reason to celebrate &#150; again! Due to the success of the long-awaited reunion performance of the original Raspberries at the House of Blues, HOB proudly announces the return of Cleveland&#146;s prodigal sons to rock the House&#146;s Music Hall again &#150; this time to ring in the New Year! Plan to spend your New Year&#146;s Eve with Eric Carmen, Wally Bryson, Jim Bonfanti and Dave Smalley! Raspberries at House of Blues Cleveland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The House of Blues restaurant will be open exclusively for Dinner Package reservations from 5:00 PM through 9:30 PM on New Year's Eve. The gourmet Dinner Package will be $60 per person and will be a true culinary experience. Tickets will go on sale Saturday, December 4 at 10:00 AM. : To order dinner packages and concert tickets for New Year's Eve, call the House of Blues box office beginning Saturday at 10:00 AM at 216.523.BLUE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- event info Friday, December 31 House of Blues Cleveland Cleveland, OH price: $75.00 - $125.00 * door: 7:00pm / show: 8:00pm ages: all complete details "Go All The Way" "Let's Pretend" "Overnight Sensation" AUDIO CLIPS REQUIRE WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER Additional New Year&#146;s Eve activities will be rocking the House in our famous Cambridge Room and also in our Restaurant! Visit www.hob.com/cleveland for updates and announcements. This event presented by House of Blues, online at HOB.com * : tickets subject to all applicable facility fees and service charges : applicable fees and charges apply to all ticket sales You received this message because you requested information from House of Blues about upcoming events in your area. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time. shop at Amazon.com "Go All The Way" by The Raspberries from Back2Back Hits: The Rasberries & The Babys (EMI Music) "Let's Pretend" by The Raspberries from Back2Back Hits: The Rasberries & The Babys (EMI Music) "Overnight Sensation" by The Raspberries from Back2Back Hits: The Rasberries & The Babys (EMI Music) 2004 HOB Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. privacy policy terms of use help Move messages to.. Saved on AOL 2 of 3 Include original text in reply.
  13. Thanks Bernie....these are great.
  14. Annie: I was just referring to being at the Ticketmaster website on Saturday as soon as the sale starts.
  15. Ted, thanks. I only checked 12/31 and 1/1.
  16. Annie: Yes, there is a restaurant. You can get room service. I don't know anything about concert tickets except to be logged on and at the website Saturday. Hope you can make it.
  17. The Hyatt is one of the best places to stay for HOB. It is just across the street, and adjacent to the Cleveland Arcade, a multi-story building of shops constructed in the 1890s. The rate for New Years Eve is $89 (non-refundable) or $99 (refundable). I just booked my stay on the Hyatt website: www.hyatt.com. Even better, if you are a frequent or even infrequent Hyatt visitor, you get one free night for every 2 nights paid for by Master Card (at any Hyatt). Anyway....a heads-up for those of you looking for a nice convenient hotel. My wife and I stayed there for the reunion concert and it was fine.
  18. These are great, Bernie. Thanks.
  19. Argee: I agree with your first 2 comments. It would be bad if I agreed with the third, as Bernie and Ken Sharp were in front of me!!! But, really, the band suffered from the heat; it must have been awful. That was my biggest negative observation for the evening. On the food issue, I did the same as you, gave up the plate, and stabbed whatever came by. I actually did hear a few people complain about Wally smoking on stage. That didn't bother me, as I wouldn't want to see my 30+ year wait for this concert to unravel over a cigarette or two. Other than the heat, I think the HOB did a reasonably good job with the whole thing.
  20. Steveh: A great question. Maybe Bernie has some insight for us. Until I hear a better idea, I'll just keep going to the shows and buying the merchandise, etc. If there was some write-in we could pull off that would help, I'm game. Maybe we could bombard the networks with the hope of getting to perform on TV?
  21. Just bought 2 lithos. Couldn't check out using the secured credit card method....had to use PayPal.
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