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  1. WOW! I do some of that too. My days are numbered.
  2. I saw Eric 4 times when he toured that summer with Ringo. He was good....very good. But the reunion concert was different It wasn't just a very good singer plying his trade, it was a performance that was truly from the heart. Eric gave it everything he had, and the bottom line is...HE STILL HAS IT. Can't wait for NYE.
  3. If anyone can post this article, it would be most appreciated.
  4. I vote for no EC solos at any Raspberries concert. In regards to Laury's question: it was HOT at the last show.
  5. The loss of John Lennon had a profound effect on my life. I'll never forget him, and his contributions.
  6. Marvin: What is the RS address? I believe a second letter is in order!
  7. It is a great book. Thanks to you and Ken for the fine job.
  8. There are mixed signals regarding when the show starts. Official time is 8PM but others in the know say 10PM. Some have mentioned an opening act. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon.
  9. Jesse is quite good. If there is an opening act, he is worth seeing.
  10. Great plan. But (Annie) the Hyatt rooms are fairly small (at least the one I stayed in for the last show) and wouldn't be suitable for much of a group. The idea June put forth would afford more room. Guess it all depends on the attendance: wouldn't try to get more than about 20 folks into the Hyatt room.
  11. The Raspberries' roots are in Beatles and other same-era music, and I thought it was a nice touch to do the covers. Plus, I have always been a Beatles fan! And too, it is reminiscent of seeing the group play in the early 1970s when they did do many covers. As for the Eric solo stuff, as great as it is and as much as I like it, I agree that it was better to leave it out. That is best saved for another place, another time (which I would also rush to go see). The Choir music, however, also reflects the group's formative years, and it was fantastic to hear them play those two songs. In the end, they should play what they enjoy....and I will enjoy what they play.
  12. I indicated earlier I would attend. Add to the list my brother and my mother (yes, I'm an aged fan at 50, but she loves the group too!!).
  13. I agree, Craig. Especially us older folks!
  14. I would be even more worried about driving after the show than walking to a nearby hotel. There will be many drunken crazies out after midnight. My advice is to walk in groups and not to drive at all (the only Drivin Around should be on stage!).
  15. It is a good dream, though!
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