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  1. Anyone got the definitive answer to the start time yet?
  2. Well, whoever has the latest and greatest info, please keep updating as we near the bid day. It will be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Help us out Bernie: do you have the answer?
  4. This is actually an insideous thing for HOB to do. If it was available at the start of the ticket sale, that would have been absolutely great. I would have paid more to see the band, no doubt about it. But, knowing all loyal fans have already snatched up tickets early, rolling this deal out so late really STINKS. What do you do, eat the extra cost of buying double tickets? I don't think so. Note to the HOB: either do it early next time or don't do it at all! Bad marketing plan.
  5. It looks like each package contains 2 tickets, and the minimum bid PER ticket is $200.
  6. Does anyone know exactly when the show is going to start? I've heard 8PM and 10PM. Please, if you know, provide enlightenment. Thanks.
  7. I'll be there with my brother and Mom (72 yrs!).
  8. Ticket has been sold...thanks to all who were interested.
  9. The balcony seat I am selling is located in the second row of the center section. E-mail me if interested.
  10. Still available as of tonight (12/16).
  11. Steve...well said. I agree fully.
  12. New Topic: Where will be build the grear Rasbbeerrie shru ine
  14. I have one balcony seat available for NYE. Had purchased 4 and only need 3. I do not know the exact seat, as I have not received the tickets yet from HOB. Please e-mail me by 12/17 if interested. I'll select the recipient, FedEx the ticket on 12/20, and you can pay me at the show. Please respect the fact that I will not answer all e-mails, only the one I'll sell the ticket to. This is not a bidding contest, I'll try to pick the "best" Raspberries fan who replies. A fellow Brush High graduate would be my preference, but beware that I have all my yearbooks and will check!!! Sorry, this will be a subjective process that cannot please everyone. Really wish I had only purchased 3 tickets so I could avoid this hassle!
  15. Well, can't make this one. Hope it sells out quickly and leads to many more!
  16. I'm a consultant and pretty much set my own hours. I have been lucky to have a lot of work, so I schedule around the shows.
  17. Looks like tickets are still available.
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