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  1. So sad, Eric was such a great influence on so many people, and a truly wonderful person. He will be missed by all.
  2. Thank you, Bernie, for posting this interview...it was really enjoyable to listen to Jim.
  3. I just ordered the CD today...did not realize it existed until your post, so thank you very much for that.
  4. Eric: I graduated from Brush High School, as did you, but don’t get back to Cleveland all that often anymore (although I did indeed attend the Raspberries reunion shows). But this weekend I was visiting my Mom, and while driving down Gates Mills Boulevard I sensed a tremendous presence of creative energy. Hadn’t ever noticed that before on previous trips…I can only assume this means you in the process of finalizing the release of more excellent music!!! Can’t hardly wait!!!
  5. That is great news Pat...appreciate the update and looking forward to more material from Seth.
  6. Anyone know when we can expect new material from Seth or Red Button?
  7. Nice...thanks for posting.
  8. An excellent question...many of us are looking forward to this release.
  9. Not a bad deal for $85 for those who don't already have these. But, what we need is a NEW album!!!
  10. Ooops...that would be cdjapan.co.jp
  11. This is the CD to get, rather than the American version. Got mine the other day from cdjapan.com
  12. Those Atlantic City casinos have dug their own grave, certainly helped by the spread of gambling across the country. Blackjack there was fabulous when they first opened, but after Ken Uston and others cleaned them out the rules changed and the odds became abysmal.
  13. Yep...I'll be in that line too...sure hope a tour comes about...even just a handful of dates would be great. Then there is always the postponed Severence Hall extravaganza!
  14. Wow...great deal for the Japanese buyers.
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