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  1. I'd like to hear EC's thoughts on "All By Myself" being included in some way in the as-yet-to-be released, new "Shrek" movie? Sounded like EC singing "All By Myself" on the trailer that I viewed this morning.
  2. Bernie, Congratulations on upcoming hit 2,000,000! The site just keeps getting better. Keep up the great work.
  3. I've been away for awhile. Enjoyed reading EC's posts very much. Thanks for the very special insight on various topics that only EC can give. I will plan to return to the board, soon, to read more! Thanks, Eric!
  4. I've listened to ROCKLINE many times. Really enjoyed it, and learned a lot of interesting information/trivia about the various performers. Would love to see the show feature Raspberries. I hope it comes to pass. Will e-mail, also. Thanks!
  5. Ticketmaster.com is offering a VIP package in an auction format for the NYE show. Minimum bid of $200 per (GA) ticket - along with a meet/greet opportunity. http://www.ticketmaster.com/auction/0500398DECD9FCD6/1 is the link. The auction ends at 7PM EST on 12/22. Don't remember seeing this information elsewhere on EC.com. I'm surprised to see that the GA tickets are still available. Raspbernie's earlier note indicated that the HOB released an additional amount of tickets at some point.
  6. Of course Eric is an outstanding songwriter as well as vocalist/guitarist/performer.I'd be willing to bet he's also very proud of #1's he has penned or co-written. Didn't Celine Dion's version of "All By Myself" go to #1? My wife and I happened to be at the Celine Dion concert at the Gund Arena (Cleveland - Fall 1998) and Celine mentioned Eric as the composer of "All By Myself" and thanked him. Then....the spotlight went to Eric, in his seat in the audience(!), and he gave a wave and smile. Also, didn't "Almost Paradise" from the Footloose soundtrack (co-written with Dean Pitchford) reach #1? For those that are not aware, Eric included this excellent track on his "I Was Born To Love You" CD in 2000. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are other EC #1's out there. Members?
  7. Happy Birthday, JIM! My, how you 'Berries have NOT aged! You and the guys all look great. Tremendous drumming at the HOB reunion show. I've read that at one time post-Raspberries you gave up the drums for awhile. Well, I would never have known based on the 11/26 performance. Superb!
  8. I had the opportunity to see Queen in the early 1980's in Cleveland, OH at the Richfield Coliseum. An outstanding show. The highlight for me was Freddie playing the guitar intro to "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" himself! He said that Brian May had given him a few lessons. I've seen Paul Rodgers with Bad Co. and solo, and without a doubt he has "one of the most distinctive voices in Rock and Roll" as one DJ put it. But, I would feel better if the name "Queen" was not used for the upcoming tour. It's not "Queen" without Freddie!
  9. Good point. As noted, GA tickets still available on Ticketmaster, as of Monday evening. Does anyone know why no "balcony" seats were released for sale (TM or via HOB membership)?
  10. Wow! What a night! It's real hard to pick just one favorite moment. But, for me it would be "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" - what a thrill to hear it "Live". The whole evening was outstanding. All of the 'Berries were tremendous, and you could tell that this show was not "thrown together" in a short period of time. I understand that rehearsals had been going on for months, and it showed. Congrats to Bernie on the video intro, just loved it!
  11. Saw Avril on tour recently, with StereoFuse. She put on a great show, just as expected. I thought she should have won the "best new artist" Grammy, but...she didn't. Looking forward to her next CD. You have got to admire not only her performance/vocal skills, but especially her songwriting skills. There are a number of similarities there, to EC.
  12. Outstanding, and under-rated. Still my favorite, of all Eric's solo albums. Great music takes on a timeless characteristic, and that certainly applies here. Thank you, Eric, for "Boats". It doesn't seem like 25 years have gone by...
  13. Love the revisions to the site! Always wonder how you do those awesome graphics? Any news, regarding Eric's involvement with the Ringo Tour this year?
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