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  1. We had the TV on and the TODAY show was on and Anthony yells "Bernie is on TV" I was out of the room and ran in and he played it back on DVR and IT WAS BERNIE!! The topic was the LIGHT OF LIGHT FOUNDATION. They were talking to a woman her name was Joan and she has thyroid cancer. Then they showed some people in an office and Joan was sitting at a desk and she was looking at a large photo and Bernie kinda leaned and pointed at the photo and they mentioned LOWE Agency. So Cool! Gotta run...
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEPTEMBER BABIES You are invited to a party WHERE: CHATROOM WHEN : SEPTEMBER 30TH TIME : 9pm CST TIL ??? Let's celebrate! FUN...FUN...FUN! See you there
  3. I was in chat last night but no one was there
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUGUST BABIES Time to celebrate WHERE : CHATROOM WHEN : AUGUST 31ST TIME : 9pm CST TIL ??? Join in on the fun!! See you there!
  5. Diane - I had a wonderful time hangin with you. I owe you cutie. Hopefully, someday soon. Thanks so much. There was so much food I didnt have a chance to taste that beautiful cheesecake. Probably a good thing after seeing some of these pics. Oh dear....I'm calling JENNY. WAIT....I forgot about the news that Lew posted. Oh dear... I am soooo screwed! heehee Tommy Tunes and family - So great to meet you. I was thinking at any moment you were going to blurt out some lyrics and say "NAME THAT TUNE" Til we meet again. Lew Bundles - Well, I could write several pages about my time spent talking with you, but my time is way too precious,so I'm not going to waste it. *kidding*teasing* You are very entertaining. Thanks for the laughs. I laughed so hard talking with you that my sides still hurt. Thanks for playing DJ. That was nice. Great job! You know you really are kinda "harsh". You just about shredded me up with your sharp attitude. OUCH! Poor me. BTW- Anthony asked me about the big bruise on my arm. Sorry, I had to tell him the truth. Funny....he just booked a flight to the east coast. Hmmmm.....*shrugs shoulders* Oh well.......take care! Kiwi and Muzza - Loved the chocolate fish. YUM! Thanks! Scentlady - Sue, the gifts were so cool, so creative. Thanks! I know there were a couple of phones being passed around so we could talk to our friends that were unable to make it. We missed you so much. So nice to know that you were home celebrating along with us. Jim, Barb, Al, Denise - WOWIE! Thanks for the nice suprise. Oh my...we screamed so loud. My heart almost flipped out of my chest. I know you are so busy and it means so much that you took the time to join us. Your attendance showed us, the fans, how much YOU appreciate US. Hope you had fun too! My heart is still pounding *thump,thump* Bernie and Kathy- THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are so warm so, gracious. Kathy I loved the chocolates on my pillow. heehee. Sweet! XOXO to everyone! Til next time.... Love, G
  6. Simon????? I thought that was American Idol contestant Elliot Yamin
  7. Hey everyone, I had such a great time this weekend. Well, the airport was a mess yesterday. My flight was delayed 4 hours. Finally arrived home late last night. Still haven't unpacked and so fluffin' tired. Will post my thoughts tomorrow. Nighty, night
  8. Wow! He just played IWBWY! Scott MacKay mentioned his birthday and even said "he is a HUNK too" heehee He must have really paid attention to my email. He said that Eric is the "featured artist" on this weeks show! WOW! HE will be playing more EC/berries during the rest of the show!! Yay! 947trueoldies.com
  9. Hey I think they are about to play an EC song and mention handsome's birthday. I am listening right now and he is playing songs from artists celebrating birthdays this week. He mentioned coming up a RASPBERRY. Yay! I emailed Scott MacKay last week and asked if he could mention EC's birthday.
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC! Hope you enjoy your special day with family and friends. Thanks for all the great music! Love, Gina and Anthony Now....a little extra special birthday greeting.... just from me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....HANDSOME
  11. Hi Shaun! WELCOME! I had a great time meeting your mom. Hope to meet you and your family someday. G
  12. July Birthday Party WHERE : Chat WHEN : Saturday July 29th TIME : 9pm CST Til ??? Lets Celebrate! See you there
  13. Tony, sending prayers and good thoughts your way.
  14. Thanks for the update......handsome
  15. This is another wonderful station. They play GATW on regular rotation but there is a great show on Sundays called SUPERCUTS and the past 3 Sundays they played EC solo and berries. July 2nd they played NGFILA. On July 9th they played GATW and mentioned Dave Smalley's birthday. On July 16th they played OS. Wow!! I love this station!!!
  16. This station has a daily feature called One 45 @ 1:45 where Stroud spins a scratchy 45 and focuses on a certain artist/band. Today he featured Raspberries. He mentioned Wally's birthday. He mentioned several things about the band. I can't remember everything he said but he mentioned something about Wally's ferocious power cords on GATW. He mentioned Wally being in The Choir and their hit song Its Cold Outside. He mentioned the berries having great harmonies and bridges to die for. You could hear The Beatles, Small Faces and The Beach Boys in their music, but yet they were one of a kind. He said they ignited power pop of the 70's. He mentioned they had a very successful reunion tour also. He also played GATW and wished Wally a happy birthday! YAY! GO BOB! Also on the fabulous Rock n Roll Roots Show this past Sunday he mentioned that Dave Smalley celebrated a birthday and mentioned the reunion tour. He then played TONIGHT! WOW!!!
  17. This is great! Thanks! Y U M M Y
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