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  1. Voting ends at the end of this month, not May Thanks everyone for your support Thats all for now... Have a great week!
  2. I thought it was great too , considering the Donny Osmond segment consists of him playing ONE SONG, and he played ABM.
  3. Scott Mackay at 94.7 trueoldies is premiering a new segment on his SUPERCUTS show featuring Donny Osmond. The segment is called 8 track flashback. Righ now Donny is playing ABM! He said Raspberries front man EC 1st and biggest solo smash ABM and also had a hit with Hungry Eyes in the 80's. Cool new segment, and GREAT song to start off the new segment! Thanks Mackay! Thanks Donny!
  4. Wow! A little treat on todays show. Stroud just played TONIGHT!!! Stroud Rocks
  5. This is wonderful news. Congrats Bernie! Thanks for everything!
  6. Right now on www.wdrv.com Bob Stroud's Rock N Rolls Roots show is saluting THE HOLLIES. The show is until 10:00 am CST.
  7. Once again Bob Stroud from 97.1 THE DRIVE is taking suggesstions for the next Rock n Roll Roots CD. Last year we voted for ITS COLD OUTSIDE by THE CHOIR and IT MADE IT ON THE CD Thanks to those that voted(you know who you are). Thanks Stroud Lets keep trying to get a RASPBERRIES song on this CD. We have a better chance if we all submit one song,the same song, that we would like to see on the CD. I think we have until the end of May to vote. You could submit 3 songs. The CD will be released in November. Go here to vote www.wdrv.com VOTE NOW! Oh, and tune in to Bob Stroud's fantastic ROCK N ROLL ROOTS show every Sunday morning 7-10 am CST. Stroud Rocks!
  8. Since the DVD is such a hot topic here, I thought I would pass this along. A friend was listening to 94.7 trueoldies yesterday and heard DJ Scott Mackay talking about the DVD. I wasnt listening so I dont know all the details. He did say that Mackay said something about Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip DVD. Mackay then said, did you hear that Gina? Too bad, I missed it, I was at work. I am trying to get more details about what he was talking about. This is the DJ that played a berries and EC tune, back to back on his Sunday SUPERCUTS show 2 WEEKS IN A ROW! Wow! I would like to give Makay a STANDING O ! He has been very supportive of our guys. Thanks Mackay Also, a big STANDING O to the big guy that runs the show on trueoldies, Scott Shannon A few weeks ago he played GATW and said this is for my friend Gina in Chicago! His show is nationwide. Thanks Shannon ! I appreciate all your support keeping this great music alive Thank you. G
  9. Tune in again tomorrow for another berries/EC treat on the fabulous SUPERCUTS Show!
  10. Hope you enjoyed SUPERCUTS last Sunday. Another fantastic show ! Gotta love a DJ that spins a berries/EC tune every chance he gets. Thanks Scotty Have a great weekend all! BIG SMOOCHIEEEE
  11. Listen to Scott Mackay's SUPERCUTS show Sunday from noon-2pm CST. This is a great show loaded with hits from the 70's, forgotten 45's, bubblegum and MORE! heehee. Yay Scott MacKay! www.trueoldies947.com
  12. *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCH BABIES *** You are invited to a party WHEN : Saturday March 31st WHERE: Chatroom TIME : 9PM CST TIL ??? LETS CELEBRATE!
  13. You are invited to a party HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEBRUARY BABIES! Lets get together and celebrate with our friends WHERE: CHATROOM WHEN : SATURDAY FEBRUARY 24TH TIME : 9PM CST TIL ??? Join the fun.... See you there
  14. Hey handsome, Congrats on the commercial. Very Cool! $$$ $$$
  15. So great to see everyone again, and so nice to meet so many new friends. What a fantastic show! Bernie and Kathy- Once again I thank you with all of my heart for opening up your lovely home to me. Kath, I loved the surprise. You have a great voice. Jen- I had a nice time with you all weekend. Thanks. I will keep in touch. Ira- You ROCK! Lew Bundles- Sissy shots! Bottoms up! You are so much fun! Tommy and Lady Tunes- So good to see you again. I really like Lady Tunes too. Oh man, she has beautiful eyes. The ice box cake was YUMMY! JohnO, AnyMac, Jennie, Debbie, AnneG, Cap'n H and Rich PA it was so good to meet you. Tory- So, so great meeting you. Cute shirt! You have great taste. heehee Diane- You DA BOMB girlie! The cheesecake was delicious. I found myself eating baked ziti at 2am. Oh dear. Annie and Pete- You guys are so cute. Thanks for the great conversation. Simon- You make the best sissy shots. Thanks, it was so much fun. Lisa and Cheryl- Thanks for everything. I appreciate it. You girls ROCK! bofb- M e o w w w w w w Kyle and Parthenon- The reason for this lovely get together. What a fantastic show! So many great songs. Hope to see you again someday. "Nobody Knows" was a nice treat.
  16. You guys are so funny. Join the fun on Feb 2nd . We will celebrate all January birthdays. See you there
  17. Hey I like 'Ole Buttermilk Sky by Hoagy 1946 or so
  18. Bernie, thanks for all the treats. They are fantastic! Thanks Brian!
  19. It's Christmas! It's Christmas! Of course I'm going to share...with a little help from my friends I am grateful.
  20. Looks like the REAL chick-en just flew the coup.
  21. PHILLIP!!! Shhhh...BTW, I heard THAT song a few days ago...and thought of YOU! heehee!
  22. Phillip! I cannot help you, because I'm a chick ...peep....peep
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