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  1. Lew baby, we all just left, but Im going back in just for you!
  2. TONIGHT! Its a party for the one and only webmaster we love, Raspbernie! Lets talk everything ec.com. Lets celebrate and honor one heck of a great guy that has provided us this great place ! Im not sure if he will attend, but lets hope so Grab a bunch of ballons, your favorite beverage and put on your dancin' shoes. WHERE: CHAT ROOM WHEN : TONIGHT TIME : 9:30 CST TIL ??? See you there
  3. Happy Birthday January Babies
  4. You hear the maintenance man at work singing ABM! You jump up from your desk and run over to him and tell him you love that song, you love the guy that sings that song
  5. Hey Pauly, Wishing you all the best Have a GREAT time! Love, G A
  6. You are invited to a party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DECEMBER BABIES WHEN : FRIDAY DEC 28TH WHERE: CHATROOM TIME : 9PM CST TIL ???? Lets celebrate! See you there
  7. You are invited to a party! Its time to celebrate November birthday babies WHERE: CHATROOM WHEN : FRIDAY NOV 30TH TIME : 9PM CST TIL ??? Come join the fun!! See you there
  8. WooooHoooooo!!! I am so excited!! HEY WE DID IT!!! After submitting our requests for sooo long GATW made it on Vol 9!! The cd will be released today!! On Stoud's show this morning he is playing the entire cd! He just played a snippet of No Hard Feelings, and mentioned how that was about the band breaking up. He said for many years he had many requests for a Raspberries song and tried to get it on one of the volumes and finally the great classic GATW is the lead track on vol 9!!! Then he played GATW!! OMG!! After the song he said that is from Clevelands Raspberries!! Thanks Stroud! You ROCK!
  9. He takes another home again, to find me waitin' for him
  10. Thanks Mackay! Thanks Shannon! You made my day yesterday!
  11. Two weeks ago Mackay featured GATW on the Silver Dollar Survey Song Of The Day!! Trueoldies loves and supports our guys
  12. It's time to celebrate all October babies You are invited to a party WHEN : Friday Oct 26th WHERE: Chatroom TIME : 9pm CST Join the fun! See you there.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEPTEMBER BABIES You are invited to a party! It's time to celebrate September babies WHERE: CHATROOM WHEN: SAT. SEPT 29TH TIME: 9PM CST TIL??? Join the fun!! See you there...
  14. Congrats Dave! Wishing you all the best Love...G&A
  15. Its time to celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUGUST BABIES You are invited to a party. WHERE : Chatroom WHEN : Friday August 31st TIME : 9PM CST Til ???? Join the fun!! See you there
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