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  1. We are going, anyone else going? Gina
  2. Oops.. girls I forgot to mention what appears to be an important subject here. An outfit to wear to the show. Mini skirt? I envy you, I don't know, I call my legs tree stumps. Oh, and cleavage, huh...what's that? I suppose if I just walk around all night with my arms tightly folded, I could get that effect. It's always something Gina
  3. Hello everyone. We are going to the show, and hope to meet you. Would everyone like to plan a before show or after show get together? I don't know the area, but maybe someone from the area could suggest something. The lobby of the theatre, somewhere near the theatre, a lounge, coffee shop, I don't know it is just an idea. I thought it would be nice to chit chat face to face. What does everyone think about that? Gina
  4. WOW!!!! Great news! Thanks so much Bernie you're the best!
  5. There are some pictures of him, looks like he is playing an outdoor event, and he looks soooo cute. You know the pictures I am talking about ? He is wearing a vest with no shirt under it. He looks like he is having so much fun, really rockin'. He looks so sweet. I love the peach fuzzy chest Thump, thump, thump, pound, pound... Oh, my heart is racing just thinking about it. Uh oh, Anthony was just reading over my shoulder. Oh, now he has that one eyebrow raised. Gotta go Gina
  6. Fans worldwide, unite! Lets all get together and put in a call to Eric, and maybe he will return the call someday. Please leave your message after the beep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep... Hello, Eric... are you there? Just leaving a quick message for you. I know you have a busy schedule, but if you get a chance please stop by here, would love to hear from you. That's all for now. Gracias Gina
  7. Is there a song by another singer that you would like to hear Eric sing? Here are a few that I can think of right now. When I See You Smile - Bad English The Search Is Over - Survivor Love Changes Everything - Kevin Chalfant You Saved My Soul - Burton Cummings
  8. Hi Bernie,Thanks for all you do. It is so nice that we have this great place to meet and talk about the music we love. Is is so much fun getting to know all the fans out there This is a FANTASTIC site and thanks for providing it for us. I know this must take a lot of your time to put this together, and I am sure it has been fun for you. All your work is greatly appreciated. Gina
  9. Woooooohoooo!! Yes, Bernie this is the idea. This should be fun and it will be hard to choose sometimes, that is the fun part. I will choose Love Is All That Matters. It is so beautiful and the title really says it all. Hey, Spring is here and LOVE is in the air Gina
  10. If you celebrate a milestone birthday, with a picture of Eric on your birthday cake. Hey, when I celebrated the dreaded BIG 40 my family and friends know that I am a huge fan, so they had a beautiful cake made, hoping to brighten up that dreaded moment. IT WORKED! It was fun ! and the cake was so cool .I have a picture I would love to share but I am not sure we are allowed to post pictures here, so I will describe. It is a picture of Eric with his hands raised in the air above his head and he is clapping his hands. Then in pink icing it says "Clap For The Birthday Girl" It was really cute and extra yummy. So glad to have friends that are so much fun !!
  11. Thanks! but actually Marvin's comments about "Lips" is the perfect example about how we can feel so strongly about a song. Some real strong feelings to hate a song so much that you cannot discuss it for another minute, the need to have to move on and talk about something else. WOW! Well, that's what it is all about. Well, actually it is about EVERYONES opinion. It is time to choose. I will choose It Hurts Too Much. I really love how Erics voice sounds so rugged, so rough, grrrrrrrr.... Ok, now can we talk about something else ??? Just kidding.
  12. Putting on thinking cap...... I guess I will need more time to think about this. At least we have lots of time to think about this. Thanks
  13. Oh no.... sneeze,sneeze ..... I have a bad cold and sore throat Well, I will try anyway. Every evening I would watch the sunset End another day Let the nighttime wash my bluuuessss awwwayyy Uh oh...my voice is cracking, I better stop here before I shatter the windows next.......
  14. Applause , Applause STANDING OVATION Thanks everyone, that was fun !!
  15. We all know and love this song, and I know how much I love to sing it (actually I howl it) . I will start out with the first few lines and then if you would please join in by adding on to the next lyrics, and continue on and on until the song if finished. The next poster will post the next lyric and so on and so on. Type in as much or as little of the song as you would like but remember we have to finish the song. Don't be shy, step up to the mic and sing your heart out. Just have fun with it. Everyone here seems like a fun group and I thought it would be fun to try this. Ok, ready ? cough, cough clearing my throat I know it's over You know it's over We're just goin' thru the motions But we're sailin' separate oceans worlds apart And you know it's breakin' my heart...
  16. Well, when I have a headache. I noticed when I have a headache I always do the same thing, put on a CD, relax, and I feel better. This made me think about the times I enjoy listening the most, and I was wondering when everyone else enjoys listening. Do you listen on a daily basis? Do you listen, whenever, where ever possible? Are you so busy that you really don't have time to listen? Do you find that time really flies while listening and doing housework. Here is my list: 10. Outdoor BBQ in the summer. Volume on high. Hey, I don't mind sharing this music with the neighbors. 9. Playing albums/CDs for my little nieces (must pass along this great music) 8. Background music while reading a book. 7. Baking cookies. 6. Headache 5. Going to Denny's, playing the jukebox, 3 plays for $ 1.00. I play GO ALL THE WAY 3 times in a row 4. In the car. 3. A nice hot bath 2.Working out Drum roll please 1. Well, now how do I say this Lets just say.....who needs Barry White! Ok, it's your turn.
  17. I guess I listen to several bands out of Chicago. I love all our old 60's bands that are still around in one form or another. In the summer just about every weekend we are out catching our favs: The Buckinghams,The Ides of March,The Cryan' Shames, New Colony Six, Off Broadway (80's) American English (Beatles). It's fun ! I listen alot to Journey, Survivor, Styx, Boston, Hugo, The Guess who, Burton Cummings, America, Def Leppard, Night Ranger. Looking forward to a new band called Mecca, with Joe Vana he is good, and Fergie Frederickson (Toto). My second favorite singer/songwriter, next to Eric of course, is Kevin Chalfant (The Storm, VU, Two Fires). There is a really beautiful song on his solo cd called "Love Changes Everything" If you love ballads you would love this song. It reminds me of a song that Eric would sing. I will look into some of the artists mentioned here that everyone listens to. I love music
  18. So glad to see another Jim Peterik fan out there. I really like how he is always involved with some kind of charity/benefit concerts. Have you been to a World Stage concert? There have been 4, and I was lucky to catch 2 shows. Talk about an all star jam. Incredible! The last W.S show everyone in the theatre received a new W.S. cd, it has 2 songs on it. It was free, a gift from Jim to his fans. Very generous. His song with Cathy Richardson Diamonds for Stones, is great. They sing it at the W.S. shows. That song also appears on the very brand new "One Less Tear" cd (for cancer research). This is another all star jam that he is involved with. So happy that his song "Vehicle" is featured in the GM commercials. Yipee! Hope you catch the next W.S. show.
  19. Wow! I think I will be back here several times before I really understand how this works. That's ok it is time to learn and we will all figure this out together. The site looks great! And all your hard work in getting this updated is greatly appreciated! Hope to check in again later. Have a great day!
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