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  1. Gregkevinw, I did go to the show on Saturday. I posted some thoughts over on Gina In Chicago.
  2. Pat, I did go to the show, and it was fantastic! We had great seats, 2nd row center. No one (on stage) mentioned that Eric was not there, but a few people in the crowd did. When we first sat down, a guy sat next to Anthony and the very first thing he said was "Hey, I hear Eric Carmen is going to be here, I always wanted to see him, I am a huge Raspberries fan". My radar ears picked up on this conversation, and I couldn't believe what I had just heard. My head spun around so fast to look at this guy, that it almost flew off my shoulders JACK BRUCE <-- Empty space CHRISTOPHER CROSS MARK FARNER ALAN PARSONS After reading Erics explanation as to why he dropped out of this tour, I was bummed. NOW, after seeing a show hearing about another show, I can say that I am ABSOLUTELY, heartbroken. Just one more thing to say, and this is to you Eric: YOU WERE TRULY MISSED. Gina
  3. We are still going later to the show, and I am still going to wear my ERIC t-shirt. Yikes !! It looks like rain. Gina
  4. Billy K. -- I have that same question also about the other performers on/off time on stage. I don't understand. I know someone, somewhere on the board had mentioned they went to a couple of shows. Could someone help with this question??? Thanks, Gina
  5. Should I bring a big sign that says WHERE'S ERIC ???
  6. I did the same thing as I did last year when I saw Jim. On the way to Cleveland I kept saying, "Wow! We are really going to see Jim?" Then after the show, getting back to the hotel room, very very lat , I'm SCREAMING, "Wow! We really saw Jim! We really saw Jim!" (oh, and I was jumping up and down on the bed too) I think I could see him a hundred times and still have that same reaction. Gina
  7. Eric, thanks for the message. I have a feeling you will put a great show together someday and you know your fans will wait patiently for that moment. Bernie, thanks again for always keeping us updated. Gina
  8. Hello Eric, it's me, Gina. Oh, Ant is here also and said to say hi! We are sorry that things did not work out for you on this tour. We really hope now you would consider possibly doing a solo tour.Well, hope you will think about it. When you do decide to do something, please give us enough notice so we can make arrangements to see you, ok? I am really bummed out about this, and of course I know you are feeling bad about this, but you know, everything happens for a reason. Well, that's all for now, have a great summer. Bye.
  9. Seattle Steve, I love that Burton Cummings cd. We planned on going to see the Guess Who last night up in Milwaukee, but we didn't go because we heard the show was cancelled, along with the next couple of shows, because Burton has inflamed vocal chords. YIKES! What next?? Gina
  10. Darlene, I was just thinking, DIET??? What diet??? hahahaha Ok, I will go back to the old bad habits for now, since I don't need to worry about fitting into my Eric outfit. We are so silly. I just hope before his solo tour (hint,hint) I will get enough notice so I can get back on my diet so I can fit into my outfit. I was just thinking...it really is a beautiful summer day today, the perfect kinda day for a delicious hot fudge brownie ice cream sundae. Hmmmmmmmmmm...looks like it is time to back out those fat clothes. Gina
  11. Bernie -- it was VERY exciting to see Jim. I cannot believe how quickly the night passed by, though. It was like just waiting all week for that moment, and then it was over so quickly, but a GREAT time and an absolute dream come true. Craig -- I asked Jim, and actually I asked all the guys about future shows. They said they have nothing booked for this summer. They want to finish working on their CD. Maybe they might book something towards the fall. Check their website, they might have a last minute show someday, you never know. Hey, maybe when they finish their CD and book a date, they will have a CD release party, and we can get some fans together to go out and celebrate. There is one original song they played that is my favorite so far. Gina
  12. Ok, so now that I am home now, and walked the entire city of Cleveland, I just found out a little something about the guitar that Eric designed. I found out that it is not on display because it needed an overlay/coating put on it. It was not ready to be displayed. I understand it will be on display next week. Hey, we had a great time checking out all the guitars, and we saw a grand total of 43 guitars. It was fun! Actually the reason we went out there was to see Jim Bonfanti's band, INCOGNEATO. We had a great time, they ROCKED!! They played a few of their original songs, and they are really, really good. They said their CD should be finished in the fall, and I can't wait to pick that up. They are all great guys, and it was a great show, the club was very crowded. Maybe we can catch that guitar Eric designed another time, we just thought since we were there it would have been nice to see it. Gina
  13. Thanks Pat for that info. I don't understand what's going on. Even today Stroud talked about the concert this Saturday night, and mentioned all the guys in the band including Eric. Thanks, Gina
  14. Pat, The Rock n Roll Roots show is on from 9:00 am til 12:00 noon. oh, I wish I could listen. Fill us in on any news, ok ? Thanks so much. Gina
  15. We spent most of the day looking for this guitar. Once again I asked someone at the Rock Hall about it. This time this woman said, oh Eric Carmen. I like him. She explained she saw him when he played there. She really made an effort to help. Finally, she had another woman come over and they both said that his Guitar is most likely somewhere in the city. Yikes ! How will I find it ? We walked this entire town, and I think I know this city better than I know my own. I can't find it. She said because he is one of the famous people that designed a guitar, that those guitars will be moved from time to time. She said that, no, his guitar was not one of the ones that were damaged. Oh, I just don't know anymore. Time is really ticking now. We also decided that we will try to make it back here again before September, when they are auctioned off. The search is on !!!
  16. Pat, Yes it is 97.1 THE DRIVE, AND Stroud is there. I was in such a hurry earlier I forgot to mention that, duh. He knows me too from bugging him all the time about The berries and Eric. Please if you can listen, see what he says, ok ? Check back later, Gina
  17. There is a radio station here sponsoring the WALK DOWN ABBEY ROAD TOUR. On Sunday mornings they salute a different artist, it is a 3 hour show. This Sunday they salute the WDAR tour. They will feature music from each artist on the tour. It has EC listed as part of the show. I hope that is correct, though I haven't listened to that station all week. But, their website does also say EC will be profiled. Oh, I hope this is true. I won't be able to listen tomorrow, though . It figures Let's hope this is good news. I will call a friend at home to try to get someone to listen to see if this is true. Gina
  18. Bernie, thanks for the map. That is the map they give at the Rock Hall. I pointed his guitar out on the map to several staff members and they all look at the map and say it is right there. Then they all point in the same direction, but it is not there. I even had one of the girls radio to all staff members for some help. Then someone responded to her and said that his guitar was one that was damaged. I don't know I guess maybe it was. Or maybe it was moved to a different location. If so I will never find it, there are so many guitars around. I don't know how to get any more help. I will go back again tomorrow, and bug these people again. Thanks, Gina
  19. Bernie, or anyone out there I need some help. You guys are not going to believe this. I went to the Rock Hall to see the guitar that Eric designed and it was not there. I asked several people about it and they all said the same thing. There was a bad storm and 10 guitars were damaged and are out being repaired. There are about 100 guitars on display and it would just figure that his guitar was one of the 10 that were damaged. I know the staff there are probably sick of me asking questions about this but no one knew too much about it, or when they will be back on display. Time is ticking, and I was hoping to get the chance to see it. Anyone out there have any info on this ? Geez, it's always somethin' Thanks, Gina
  20. Beautiful, Sooooooo beautiful Thanks Gina
  21. Hi Bernie, We are here right now in Cleveland. Can't wait to see the guitar that Eric designed. Gina and Ant
  22. I also have concert tickets, airline tickets, hotel, and time off from work to see Eric. I certainly don't have money to throw away, and I will feel bad if this tour falls apart. I hope he sees how many faithful fans are out there. I guess this is a part of being a faithful fan, we take chances, no matter what happens. I am waiting patiently for what I hope will be some good news, til then, I am just hangin' in there. Gina
  23. Hey Ryoko - WOW !!! All the way from Japan. We will look for you. Gina and Anthony
  24. Laura-- Overall the Taste is great! Once you find a park, there is nothing but lots of food, lots of entertainment, and lots of people. I hope you think about going to the show. Gina
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