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  1. WOW ! That's fantastic ! Thanks for everything and keep up the good work. We appreciate it! Gina and Ant
  2. I would like at least a few songs that really rock ! Gina
  3. Oh boy, I almost missed this one again I need to set aside more time to actually post here. I chose a performance by Eric in my home Hey, I can still video/audio too ??? Right??? I want it all! By the way a song written for me??? Ok, I'll take that too.
  4. Ok, so lets try this.... All together now..... WE LOVE BERNIE, WE LOVE BERNIE
  5. Please join in everyone, nice and loud Ready...set...go... WE WANT THE "DEVIL" SONG. WE WANT THE "DEVIL" SONG Next please, Nice and loud now
  6. I thought I would choose to go all the way with the berries but I'll take Eric all by himself. Gina
  7. Has anyone on the east coast heard of D.K. Davis? Just Wonderin' Thanks Gina
  8. Steveh, You have a great imagination my friend. That is cute, very cute. Gee, and I thought I was a dreamer. Hmmmmmmm...I hope I choose the right one. So what do I get if I choose the wrong one? Maybe a scolding by Eric? Closing my eyes and thinking...do I choose I Saw The Light or I Reach For The Light? Hmmmmmm...I don't know... Drifting into a daydream..."Hi Eric, I'm home. Ahhhhh, big hug, big kiss "How was your day dear?" "Oh, it was fine and guess what? I just finished writing that song, you know the song that I wrote just for you." Uh, oh...my daydream is interrupted by a knock on the door. "Hi Gina, It's me Anthony" Ok, ok back to reality. Actually this is really an easy poll for me. Whether it's the right or wrong answer, I can very easily choose, I Saw The Light. Gina
  9. I guessed this poll slipped by me I missed voting on this one, maybe next time Gina
  10. Isn't It Romantic gets my vote. I just ...melt....everytime I here that song Gina
  11. You guys are so funny... I Reach For The Light - G.E. Rose Coloured Glasses - Pearl Vision Get The Message - Post-It Notes Ecstasy - Trojan (ultra ribbed) Isn't It Romantic - Sandals Resorts Gina
  12. I Was Born To Love You or Isn't It romantic Ahhhhhhhhh. <dreamy eyed> Gina
  13. 1. Top Down Summer 2. Crusin' Music 3. Drivin' Around
  14. Could you pick one song from the entire EC/Raspberries collection that you really don't like? Ok, it is hard to admit something like that, lets just say could you pick your absolute,least favorite song? I thought about this a few days ago when I was listening to a CD by a band that I really like, and then that one song started to play and I thought about how much I really didn't like that song considering all of their songs are fantastic. I realize this applied to an EC album that I play, then I hear that one song and I can't help it, I just don't like it. Oh, I think I could hear everyone out there gasping as they read this. Well, I guess I am just being honest, we can't like everything all of the time. Well, I don't know maybe some do. We always talk about all the songs we love, I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone considers their least favorite. Your least favorite song might be a favorite of someone else, or it might even be Erics favorite. Standing before everyone in this forum..... My name is Gina..and I admit...I really don't like ON BROADWAY
  15. I ranked these songs last week sometime and finally have a chance to post. Steveh, I used your list and from that I picked my top 10. As I type this now I want to change my rankings, but I won't. I guess that is how I felt at that time I sat down and ranked them. And, you are right, this is something fun to do while we wait for the big tour announcement. Ballads 1. The Way We Used To Be 2. I Was Born To Love You 3. She Remembered 4. I Can Remember 5. Let's Pretend 6. Starting Over 7. All For Love 8. Boats Against The Current 9. Love Is All That Matters 10. Don't Want To Say Goodbye Power Pop 1. Go All The Way 2. I wanna Be With You 3. Tonight 4. Overnight Sensation 5. Ecstacy 6. That's Rock and Roll 7. It Hurts Too Much 8. Tonight You're Mine 9. You Took Me All The Way 10. She Did It Gina
  16. I love playing this ! It is really hard to choose, but it is fun. I chose TONIGHT.
  17. I am really trying to get a list together. Will be back later... Gina
  18. Hello Eric, Wishing you a delicious day layered with love, family, friends and lots of whipped cream ! Have a sweet day HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gina and Anthony
  19. YEAH!!! It's always something. I also saw Taylor Dayne, all those pictures of her were on that roll of film. Great to hear you did see Eric's guitar. Cool!
  20. Yummy! I LOVE Chambord! My favorite drink is a raspberry martini made with Chambord, but when you are out and order it you have to tell them to make it with Chambord otherwise some make it with raspberry flavored vodka, it's not the same.
  21. The drummer Steve Murphy was wearing a BLACKHAWK jersey. The end of the show the guys were leaving the stage and Steve walked out front and turned around to leave and I was trying to take a picture of him. Godfey Townsend saw me trying to get that picture and told Steve to turn around. He did , and came up to the front of the stage. I got a nice picture of him and got his drumstick. The Taste of Chicago was a FREE show. I forgot to mention there was also a big sign way up on top of the stage, off to the side, and that STILL had his name on it. It was probably just too high up to go up and remove it. It's a small world. The same night as the Abbey Road show, Grand Funk was here also playing in the suburbs. Some friends we were with at The Taste said they were going later that night to see them.
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