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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLACKHAWK PAT! To one of the berry sweetest guys I know. Hope you enjoy your special day. You ROCK Love G A GO HAWKS!!!!
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY G-MAN! Hope you had a great day!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY! Sending warm wishes your way. Hope you enjoy your special day Love ya girlie
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIWI! So glad to hear you enjoyed your special day
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STOWAYAY SUE! Enjoy your special day. Have fun, fun, fun!!
  6. Its time to celebrate May babies You are invited to a party! WHERE: CHAT ROOM WHEN : FRIDAY MAY 30TH TIME : 9PM CST TIL ?? Come and join the fun
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY! Hope you enjoy your special day with family and friends. Rock On!
  8. I love this new feature. Great idea Bernie Thanks !!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!!! Wishing you a birthday weekend celebration filled with family and friends and FUN, FUN, FUN!! Take care of yourself...miss you... Love, G&A
  10. Adrienne and Ernie, Sending sincere condolences to you and your family. We are so sorry. You are in our thoughts and prayers G&A
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN! Hope you enjoy your special day with family and friends. Love G A
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL SIDOTI! Enjoy your special day! Wishing you continued success. With love from Chicago... G A
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANMICHEL! Hope you enjoy your special day! Have fun, fun, fun!
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEW C CLARK! Hope you enjoy your berry special day! Have FUN, FUN, FUN!! You Rock!!
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERBERRIES! Glad you enjoyed your berry special day!
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANITA COTTINO! Hope you enjoyed your berry special day!!
  17. Thanks Al, This is wonderful news!!
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUZZA! Hope you are having a fun filled celebration with family and friends.
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL DAVIE! Hope you enjoyed your special day!
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