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  1. Matt- Jim Peterik has 3 book signing/unplugged performances scheduled here next month. He will also talk about the book and songwriting. The last time I saw him I did tell him that you are a fan and would like him to play in your area. I hope they are able to schedule a show at your summer fest next year. Gina
  2. To Blackhawk Pat-- Do you have Rock n' Roll Roots Vol. 4? Well, once again no Raspberries but at least we tried. A few weeks ago Stroud was at Borders for the CD release. Did you stop by there? When he saw me he said "No Raspberries" I said that's ok maybe next time.I was really excited to see that a song I have requested since Vol 1 made it on this CD. It is REFLECTIONS OF MY LIFE by Marmalade. Well we will wait for Vol 5, and try again Gina
  3. Lydia - So glad you like the idea of the piano jewelry music box. Glad it inspired you to post. I agree, "Love Is All That Matters" would be a great song for it to play. I think I would like it to play a medley of songs. It is nice to see that you are posting now Hey Eric, if you are reading this, what do you think about designing something like this for your fans? I Know I know Well, a girl can dream....right? Gina
  4. I just thought of another idea. A bobble head toy ! Of course it would play EC tunes. Gina
  5. A jewelry box ! It would be in the shape of a piano, and play EC tunes ! Gina
  6. I believe my Eric Carmen toy would require batteries
  7. They played ALL BY MYSELF when one of the Chicago Blackhawks was sent to the penalty box during a game against Detroit. At first Anthony did not hear it. I said shhhhhh.shhhhhh,listen, listen. He did not hear it right away, but my radar ears heard it immediately Gina
  8. My little nieces were over visiting yesterday. They always ask to play on the computer. They always giggle when they see the picture(wallpaper) of Eric. Well a short time after that we were all talking about Christmas and Santa. I asked them what they hope santa will bring them. Then I asked them what do they think santa will bring me. The 6 year old said, I think he will bring you perfume. The 4 year old said I think he will bring you an Eric Carmen toy Everyone was laughing. I couldn't believe she said that. How cute! Hmmm.....sounds like fun! I told her when she goes to visit santa to tell him auntie Gina has been a very good girl, and don't forget to bring her an Eric Carmen toy Ahhhhhhhhh......if only Gina
  9. This concert was part of the week long festivities held in downtown Arlington Hts.IL. There were somes rides, food and craft booths. There really was a nice turnout considering the temp at showtime was about 42 degrees. I see you are in CA. Are you familiar with a band from the 80's called JET RED. They were out of CA. Gina
  10. Two weeks ago I went to a great concert in Arlington Hts,IL. That is where the Breeders Cup was held. This show was free, but it was outdoors and it was freezing. This was another World Stage featuring Jim Peterik(Survivor)and The Ides Of March. Special guests included- Kip Winger(Winger) Henry Lee Summer,Henry Paul and Dave Robbins(Blackhawk),Kelly Keagy(NightRanger), Kevin Chalfant(The Storm, Two Fires),Cliff Johnson(Off Broadway),Alan Parsons,and others. They all signed after the show. I missed out on a few. I did take a picture with Alan Parsons. I told him that I also saw him on the Abbey Road tour. He asked if I saw that show here in the city and I said yes, I enjoyed it though I really missed seeing Eric. No, no I am just kidding I did not say that, though I wanted to. I love these World Stage shows, they are always so much fun. Always a great variety of guests.
  11. Survivor Styx Chicago The Storm Journey Led Zep Van Halen Santana
  12. Greg-- The Buckinghams play many, many shows here throughout the year. There are the regulars that go to many shows, usually those same people that follow the Buckinghams also follow the Ides of March. Yes, the Bucks play the Holiday Star every year. I have never been to that show, but have friends that go every year. Check them out if you get the chance. Gina
  13. Now, That's Rock 'n Roll! Love it! Thanks, Gina
  14. aggiesjc ñ I think the reason they will no longer hold this record sale, people are not interested in buying records anymore. It really was fun while it lasted. We would go early and wait in line, usually spend 4-5 hours going thru boxes and boxes of records. The albums were not in order. Just boxes marked 50, 60, 70's or 80's, country, jazz, childrens, Christmas and so on. There was even a section with albums that were not sorted. They were put out without anyone checking them for collectables. I am sure that collectors that know what they are looking for, could have picked up some good stuff. I don't know anything about that.
  15. Greg-- The record show was the ALS Mammoth Music Mart. I has been held here for many, many years. I have been going for the past 6 years or so. It was held in the parking lot of a mall in a huge tent. There are boxes and boxes of albums, cds, 45's and so on and a collectors room. Opening day Dick Clark was there. This event ran for 11 days. I am sad that this was the last year they are having this record sale. All albums in the main tent were $ 1.00 and the collectors room $4.00 and up. I did run across a few EC albums. On the last day EVERYTHING was 80 percent off. I couldn't believe it. We did not get too much though. I have too much stuff. I call it my junk. I collect stuff because if I see something and it is cool and I like it I will buy it. I did not go into part of the tent that had newspapers in it, but Anthony did. He found a couple of cool things. This paper looks like it was never read. It is a Goldmine 1993 with the Raspberries on the cover. Huge article inside. It's cool. He also found a Discoveries paper 1989 with our local guys The Buckinghams, on the cover and nice article. I can't wait to show it to them. It's cool. These papers were 20 cents each. They were $1.00 then 80 percent off. That's unbelievable! Sorry to see it end though. Gina
  16. I picked up an album over the weekend at a gigantic record show, and I haven't listened to it yet.It looked interesting so I bought it. It's in a plain white cover with a piece of paper taped to it listing the tracks, composer, time, producer. On the album itself it just says, Columbia record, Test Pressing. Anyone out there know about stuff like that. I guess I should mention the artist, is the Babys. I really like them. Gina
  17. aggiesjc-- I think the singer in Journey, Steve Augeri does sound like Steve Perry. I have seen him 3 times with Journey. Now there are a bunch of people that would disagree with that. But I think he does sound like him, of course not identical at all but he could wail. He was in a couple bands before Journey, one is Tall Stories and I just can't believe how good this guy is. Again, just my opinion. There is another guy out there Hugo (Valentine) that REALLY sounds like Steve Perry. I love this guy. He has a new Cd out but I don't have it yet. Some people think that he looks a little like SP too. He could moan and groan, and wail with that high pitched voice. There is another guy, Kevin Chalfant (The Storm, Two Fires) that sounds like Steve Perry too. He actually tried out for Journey before they decided to go along with Steve Augeri. A couple guys from Journey recorded a Cd with him in the Storm. I love Journey now, but will always miss Steve Perry. Gina
  18. I LOVE SAPPY, SAPPY, SAP! I love IWBTLY. I can say that after I listened to the entire CD I wondered where are those couple of songs that really rock. Now if I listened and the entire CD would have had all rockers, I would have wondered where are the sappy songs. I would be happy with a little of both sap and rockers Turn on the gag-o-meter! Gag me! I love that sappy stuff! Gina
  19. I forgot to mention I listen to NEIL ZAZA ! Gina
  20. John Waite and Peter Frampton toured with Journey last year It was a GREAT SHOW! Gina
  21. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I thought we would make it back to Cleveland to see the Return To Fender guitar, but we decided to go back out in December instead. Will pick up the book for sure.
  22. Hello Ellece ! I have lots to catch up on here. Now back to the topic. I hope Eric does read here, because I am sending him this BIG....... H E L L O Gina
  23. Is someone out there trying to organize this? Gina
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