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  1. Julia - Great picture! Glad you had a great time. I saw him a few years ago, and thought he put on a good show. Please e-mail me if you are going to see the Buckinghams. Gina
  2. It is 2 discs, and I don't have it.I have seen it for sale at the shows, but just too expensive. Maybe someday. Gina
  3. Matt, Hope you had a GREAT birthday! I did receive your message and hope you received mine. Sorry so late hope you understand. Take Care, G.
  4. Billy K - I have the same problem getting into his website. I did tell Barb about this sometime ago. She said maybe it has something to do with my computer. I still can't get in. I don't know, I must be doing something wrong. Gina
  5. hungryeyes


    Bernie - That was a beautiful front page Love and Peace To All............ Gina
  6. Julia, that's a FANTASTIC story ! Very Cool! Rock On! Gina
  7. I still am listening/watching this music choice channel, the 70's channel, and I can't believe they just play the berries GO ALL THE WAY. That's cool! I am going to try to check out the 80's channel to see if they play any EC songs there. Hey Roonie, Nice to see you. These music channels on tv are not videos of the songs, they just play the song and list the artist, name of song and album. It also lists some info about the artist and song, while the song is playing, but they are not videos. It's nice to leave on whether you actually sit and watch, or leave on just to listen to while you are cleaning house, on the computer, whatever. All music, no commercials. You could even e-mail in requests, I will do that later. Gina
  8. About an hour ago I decided to flip through the music choice channels and landed on the 70's channel. This was only the second time that I watched this, and after just a few minutes they played EC's SHE DID IT. It was cool, they give some facts about the artist while the song is playing. Anyone else run across any other songs on the digital music channels? Been busy, hope to catch up here tomorrow. Gina
  9. hungryeyes


    Julia We are saddened by your loss. With our deepest sympathy....... Gina and Anthony
  10. Tony - C O N G R A T S! Best to you and your bride. Gina
  11. It is cold and cloudy here today. I was thinking about all those beautiful, hot summer nights. There are so many concerts throughout the year, and I was wondering if anyone out there went to a really good concert??? or maybe a real awful concert?? Gina
  12. Matthew - Please check your mail! Gina
  13. W O W ! Bernie - You are an angel for bringing us the "devil" song. Thanks so much. What a nice surprise! Gina
  14. Many wishes have come true, right here on this site. We received many, many goodies here. Thanks Bernie and everyone that knows so much about music. Thanks for sharing. I have learned so much here,and really love and appreciate this place. Eric - Hope to catch you out there ON TOUR someday, soon! Best to you and your family I did get a wonderful Christmas gift last week at the Rock Hall. What a beautiful surprise! H a p p y H o l i d a y s T o A l l ! Wishing you good health,love and peace Gina and Anthony
  15. I am really excited about the Christmas concert tonight. We are going to see Neil Zaza's ONE SILENT NIGHT. He is a GREAT instrumental guitarist. There is a nice article about him in a local paper here. He's cool! I met him earlier this year when he was in Chicago. He knows a musician that I know. I knew that he was from Cleveland. We talked and I told him we have been out there to see INCOGNEATO and he knows Brian Dossa very well. They went to school together and he told us some great stories. What a small world. I saw Brian this summer and told him I had met Neil and Brian told us some great stories as well. There is a party tonight after the show at the HARD ROCK, and Neil will be there signing autographs. I can't wait. It will be a fun night! Gina
  16. Hey you guys, I have GREAT news ! We went to the Rock Hall today and as we were walking up to it I could see many guitars from GuitarMania inside. My heart was racing and we walked in and I could not believe my eyes. Eric's Return To Fender guitar, right there, right inside the entrance. I was so excited! We took many, many pictures. It's very cool. I touched it, I hugged it as the security guard watched my every move. I developed the film right away. The pictures all turned out great. WHAT A THRILL! I had no idea that this guitar was still there. What a nice surprise! Bernie, you are right. There is a Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Public Square. Someone told me it was 2 weeks ago. Someone else told me they have more decorations to put out and not sure there was a tree lighting ceremony yet. I think it was 2 weeks ago. I am trying to find out more about it. Bernie, I did get the GuitarMania book. It's cool! and yes it is a great souvenir. Yesterday we went to Cooper'stown Sports Bar and Grill. On the cover of the menu there is a list of Cleveland celebrities and Eric is listed. It also has a little paragraph about him. I asked the waiter if I could take one with me. He said sure take two! Cool! Darlene, I thought of everyone here on the board as I hugged Eric's guitar Gina
  17. We are going to Cleveland to see a Christmas concert. I have a question and I hope someone out there could help me out. I remember reading a post last year about a video that was played on a big screen in the downtown area. It was holiday greetings from some celebrities. I know that Eric was one of them. I don't remember all the details. Where?? When?? Anyone else remember reading this? Anyone know if he did this again this year?? Where?? When?? I hope they have the GuitarMania book at the Rock Hall. I didn't order it, I waited to go there to get it. I sure hope they have it. Anyone have the book? Any other pictures or article about Eric, besides the picture of guitar? Thanks, Gina
  18. Wow ! What a place to jump right in. Kirk - Thanks for your help. I thought LONG and HARD about this and even kept it very clean. Here it is. Rockin' The Ladies ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT Gina
  19. Steveh - You are so funny! Talking to clients while requesting songs, that is very cute. Gina
  20. I am confused. I would like to reply but I am not sure what's next Gina
  21. Steveh, I called a radio station today and ordered up a lunch time request. I told the DJ that I had a taste for some Raspberries and would like to hear GO ALL THE WAY. He then asked me my name. HE PLAYED IT, HE PLAYED IT ! So cool My phone call even made it on the air. Lunch was extra yummy today! Gina
  22. Steveh - I think that is a GREAT idea ! Let's all do it. A radio station here takes lunch time requests. Most areas have stations that do that. I will call this station tomorrow with my lunch request (yummy!) I will tell the DJ that I have a taste for some berries and request GO ALL THE WAY. I will call another station on Wednesday, they take lunch requests also. I will tell them that it is lunch time and I am starving for some Eric Carmen and request HUNGRY EYES Gina
  23. There is a radio station here that sponsors a toy drive every year at a shopping mall. I listen to this station once in a while and I do know that they play GO ALL THE WAY on regular rotation. This toy drive started at 10:00 am on Friday and continued for 32 hours, until 6:00pm tonight. The DJ was set up at a table in the mall. We walked in and started to approach the table and then the DJ started talking and said "we have request for Eric Carmen's NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN. I couldn't believe it. I never heard this station play that song before. I was so excited that I started clapping and cheering. Wow! right place, right time. The DJ said that Matthew requested that song. I wonder if he posts here? I love when silly stuff like that happens. Gina
  24. A few days ago my niece was visiting again. I reminded her about how she said santa would bring me an Eric Carmen toy. I told her that I never heard of an Eric Carmen toy. I asked her- what is an Eric Carmen toy? She said it is a doll.....you play with it I decided........no more questions Gina
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