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  1. Hi! I missed hearing this. Was it 3 different songs? I didn't really read this entire thread yet. Will go back and do that. Thanks,
  2. Hey, anyone know if Eric might have a song in this movie to be released Feb 2004? Thanks, G
  3. Thanks guys! That is so nice. You really brightened my day. You are my rock n roll buddies Thanks so much
  4. When I was a kid I had a tabletop organ that I played constantly. My only songbook was a S & G book. I gave the organ to my sister when she had kids. Thru the years they moved a few times and the organ was lost in the shuffle. Everytime I hear their music I think about my organ and how much I loved it.
  5. I was at my parents yesterday and my mother was watching VH 1 Classics. They showed a Van Halen video and she commented how he kicks and jumps around on stage. I told her that I saw him last year and he really still moves pretty good. Good show, but no interaction with the audience at all. He is cool though Hope he is ok
  6. We were in St Louis and walking down the street at night checking out the clubs and we passed by a club that was playing piano music. We went inside and it was dueling pianos. It was very cool and a lot of fun. They put on a great show. When we first walked in there was a guy at the door that stopped us and asked if we wanted to be in a commercial. He grabbed another couple, and now it was time to film the commercial. All we had to do was go outside of the club and walk in the door. WOW! I never imagined that we would have to do this 6 times or more. It was hilarious because they kept telling us to do it again and again,but all we were doing was walking. They said walk slower,walk faster. What could be so hard about just walking. We were cracking up, because we were just walking, what is so complicated about that. Apparently we were not doing it right. I am sure they scratched that one, and probably used another couple
  7. Hey everyone, Just a quick note to say that I really need to find some time to go back and read the boards, and catch up on reading and posting here. Looks like my bud Roonie misses me, and like you said Roonie, I hope Eric misses me visiting here too This has been a busy year and will only get busier as the holidays roll around. We moved and bought a very sweet house and are settled in. What a big job that was! Still lots to do here. My father has had a couple of health issues and we are there quite a bit helping out there. Haven't been online in 5 days,YIKES! I am really slippin' here people. Will try to post here more, there are lots of topics I would like to reply to. Darlene, congrats on your 1000 post that is just around the corner. Very cool! Take care Gina
  8. Hi ! What a GREAT night! The guys started a little late, and near the end they said we have 2 more songs to do, then someone off stage must have told them to do only one more song. Well,that's ok.....it was really nice to see them. There was a small crowd, probably because on the Theatre's website, tickets were $35.00. Yikes! Kinda high I thought. There were lots of local musicians that I know there hangin'out. We only stayed for a few songs from the FLOCK. I wish this would have taken place on the weekend, just too hard to stay up late during the week. I look forward to seeing The DRYSDALES again sometime. THEY ROCK ! Thanks,Gina
  9. Thanks Roonie! I haven't been here much lately, thanks for noticing. More about that over on the Community board Gina
  10. Hi ! There is a concert tonight here at The Copernicus Center in Chicago on Lawrence and Milwaukee. THE DRYSDALES open for THE FLOCK . The Drysdales are scheduled at 7:00pm and The Flock to follow later. This is going to be a GREAT show. The FLOCK united after 30+ years. The DRYSDALES will be performing old and new stuff from their CD to be released on '04. Just thought if you are in the area you might want to stop by a fun night filled with great music. Thanks Gina
  11. Bernie, I guess when you said this song would not make most top ten list, you are right, but looks like I am the only one that agrees with that Yikes! It is a good song, but I just don't like it as much as everyone does I guess. Hi eveyone! Good to be here tonight Take care Gina
  12. Darlene, Wow! All that.......and to think I was just trying to get some sleep I had this dream after I saw Eric on the Ringo tour Thanks, Gina
  13. Steveh, I don't think you want to hear about my daydreams
  14. By the way, did he take your order? Quote: Yes, but what I wanted wasn't on the menu OK people.......I'm just kidding I'm just kidding Gina
  15. I e-mailed my favorite DJ here a few weeks ago asking if he could acknowledge Eric's birthday on his Sunday morning radio show. He usually would announce an artists birthday and play a song by them. Well...he did it, again. I had asked him this in the past also. He is so COOL! He said that Eric had celebrated a birthday, and then played LET'S PRETEND.
  16. It rained all day here today and yesterday. I wanted to go see NightRanger today, but there still was a light rain. So we decided not to go. Just figures.......rarely get a day off from work and it rains all day. I am bummed.....but the rain is good for the lawn and flowers. Just dropping by to see what's new here Have a GREAT week!
  17. Steve Perry Don Henley Paul Rodgers Hugo Kevin Chalfant Jack Russell Gregg Rolie John Waite Jack Blades Gary West Van McLain Rik Emmett Dave Bickler Jimi Jameson Peter Cetera Way too many more to list
  18. I saw The Grass Roots about 2 weeks ago Gina
  19. I had only one dream about Eric. I was sitting in the Martini lounge of my favorite restaurant along with someone else that was sitting on my left side. I am not sure who this person is though. The waiter walks up to our table and it is ERIC. I look up at him and I don't know what to say. I ask him what are you doing here? He asks, what could I get for you? I'm really confused and I'm just staring at him. He walks away from our table. All of the other waiters were dressed in black and white, but Eric was wearing all white, like a chef's uniform. His uniform was really bright, kinda like it was glowing. Well, I don't know how else to describe it. That's it. That's my Eric dream. Borrrrrrrrring! Now......back to my daydreams..... soooooooo much more exciting than that Gina
  20. Hello Eric, Celebrate......Celebrate.......Celebrate Hope you enjoy your day with family and friends You know......I received a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday.....kinda felt like it was my birthday Celebrate........Celebrate.......Celebrate Thank You Best To You ......Always Gina and Anthony
  21. Hey Roonie - So glad you made it out to the Rock Hall. Trying so hard to catch up on the board here,still trying to settle in. I am missing so much here and miss reading all the posts. Glad you took pictures Please, keep in touch. Rock On! Gina
  22. Thanks Bernie and Eric!
  23. Great list Marvin! Lots of fun reading.
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