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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILLIP!!! Wishing you all the best on your very special day! You ROCK!
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY!! Hope you enjoy your special day with family and friends. Wishing you all the best Always...
  3. Annie, Please keep us posted Sending get well wishes.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANE!! Hope you enjoy your special day!!
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCKERREDS! I'm a little late but hope your birthday was GREAT!!
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAL! Snding wishes a little late, but hope you birthday was GREAT!
  7. Thanks for the lovely bday wishes Thanks for thinking of me G
  8. HAPPY BELATED BDAY KHOLVN! Hope you had a super rockin' day!! G
  9. HAPPY BELATED BDAY MARVIN!! I hope you enjoyed your special day surrounded by family and friends. Best to you G
  10. Julie, Sending good vibes your way. Hang in there
  11. Love these pics Bernie Thanks
  12. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DARLENE!! Glad you enjoyed your special day Wishing you all the best! Love G
  13. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY T C!! Wishing you all the best!!
  14. Happy Birthday Handsome! Hope you enjoy your special day will family and friends Love G
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNE BABIES!! You are invited to a party HAPPY SUMMER...Its a pool party! WHEN : FRIDAY JUNE 27TH WHERE : CHAT ROOM TIME : 9:30pm CST TIL ?? Join the fun..its gonna be a splash!!
  16. HAPPPY 5O DANNY!! Sending warm wishes your way and hope you enjoy your berry special day Love G A
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRA! Sending warm wishes your way Enjoy your special day!
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA! Enjoy your special day Have fun
  19. Best to you Tommy Hang in there my friend... Love...
  20. This is wonderful news. Congrats!!
  21. Sherry, Sending prayers and good thoughts to Kayla and your family
  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! Hope you had a great day.
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