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  1. Phil and Keith so glad you had a good time
  2. Happy Birthday Trindy and Jimmy the Nick!!!
  3. Last week my mother had 2 dreams about Eric. The first dream she said she was with my sister and they were talking to Eric. She asked him where is the next show. She said that he just gave her 6 numbers xxxxxx. She asked if that is the address and what is the name of the street,but he did not answer. My sister also asked him but he did not answer. End of dream. She woke up and remembered the 6 numbers though. Now, the 2nd dream is a little more interesting. heehee. Actually, she called me at work and told me about this dream. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I guess it was the way she explained the dream, the tone of her voice was very funny. She was so confused as to why she had these dreams. She said, I dont know why I had 2 dreams about him this week, its not like I am thinking about him or watching his videos I think she was surprised she had this dream. She said in the dream I am with her in a room and we hear someone singing. I say "Its Eric, he sings so beautiful." Then we go into the room and Eric is there with another man. This man has dark wavy hair,mustache, and is very handsome. He is singing also. Well, there is more to this dream but I am laughing so hard I cant type She aslo said "I better not tell dad and maybe you better not tell Anthony about this dream Oh dear.......
  4. HAPPY 35th guys! Bernie this is wondeful!! Thanks
  5. You're invited to a party! WHERE:Chatroom WHEN: Oct 29th TIME: 9:30 pm CST til ??? It's time to get together and wish all October babies a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Grab your favorite beverage and a snack and lets have a good time! MARK YOUR CALENDARS ------> Oct 29th See you there!
  6. I grew up in the Franklin Park area. What is the name of your bass player?
  7. Hey SugarBabi7, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! See you in LA!
  8. </font><blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Originally posted by Kathy: <strong> Who's counting.........??? Marlene??? Gina??
  9. Dar, sorry to hear about your friend. Sending our condolences. G&A
  10. Dar, what a cute story. You are a wonderful teacher!
  11. Hi Jay! So nice to see you here. "Hi" to Lisa *waves*. We look forward to spending time with you both next month Oh boy......This is going to be F U N ! Can't wait to see everyone! G&A
  12. Billy, this is GREAT news. Congrats! Gina
  13. Hey Pat, when you see Gregg please tell him and Ron Wikso that Gina and Anthony from Chicago said hello! Have fun at the show! Thanks Gina
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