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  1. Eric/Raspberries Fest........I'm in!! Great idea!
  2. Back in January I posted here about the upcoming CD to be released by Bob Stroud at 97.1 The DRIVE. Go to www.wdrv.com to read more about it. If you remember I thought it would be a great idea to get a berries song on this CD. I have tried to submit my suggestions in the past but had no success. I know so many here went to the website and entered their suggestions. The CD is being released tomorrow. The songs will be played during the R&R Roots show from 9am-noon. There is also a CD release party from 1-3 at BORDERS in Oak Brook. This is always so much fun. Members from the Ides Of March,Cryan'Shames and New Colony Six will be there, and maybe some surprise guests. If you are in the area, check it out! Well, I hope a song made it this time. If not, at least we tried . Thanks so much!!!
  3. At the HOB in LA I saw someone that looked familiar. I was staring at him and he was looking at me. I thought maybe it was a fellow fan that I had met in the past. Finally, I said "I know you from somewhere" but I dont remember your name. He said "You watch SCI FI? I screamed....YES!!! Oh you are the ghost guy!! I said I don't remember your name and he said Jason. I grabbed his hand and dragged him outside to meet Anthony. Thru the club and down the stairs. I said hey Ant look who I found. Ant looked and said oh wow!! We talked about the show and the Jason said that Brian(from the show)was there also. He went back inside and brought him out. We talked about the show and I took a picture with them. Anthony said I hope nothing weird shows up in the picture. I developed the pictures and I am standing in the middle. There is a small circle,light, above my head. Oh dear..yikes! Actually I think it is a light maybe on top of a building in the distance. Hope so. I will send it to them so they could check it out. BOO!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  4. Hi Baby sis! Happy Boo-thday To You! Hope you enjoyed your day
  5. I am really enjoying this topic. I love Everytime I think Of You/Babys and so many others.
  6. Marlene, missed you in chat. Once we were able to log back in we had a good time. So glad to see so many joined in. I guess someone thought this was a Halloween party and decided to ummmmm......wear a costume Not exactly "yummy" or "handsome" but it was interesting. NO ANDS IFS OR BUTTS about it Til next months birthday bash
  7. Hey a few of us were just chatting and one by one we were kicked out. Cant seem to log back in
  8. I actually still feel "high" from seeing the show. I have so many tunes running thru my head. Singing..humming, can't stop
  9. I received an email a few days ago regarding Lew. It was signed by 2 people. I have no idea why I receievd this message. I replied asking to explain the message and still no response. Anyone else receive this message? They asked me to post something to everyone but before I do that I will wait til I hear from them Hmmmmmmmmmm
  10. I asked Gord in my last letter to him if he would like me to post something for him. Here it is. To my fellow Raspberries fans,friends, Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave(Raspberries) Of all my life, my music I enjoy, the groups I cherish and will always listen to from past to the present along with my loved supportive friends on the message board, I am really grateful and happy to have friends like you being a part of my life. I may be off the internet right now, but you know, I will not give up in trying to keep in touch. Marvin and Gina have been so supportive along with Kathy and Bernie. I realize you guys, Eric, Wally, Kay, Jim and Dave are very busy right now. I really hope and wish and pray you, Raspberries, do come to Toronto or Hamilton for a show that I would never forget. There IS room for you here in Canada. If there isn't, look out, I will make room! God bless you all, I miss you Gord Harris P.S. What keeps me alive and well are the people close to my heart
  11. This is a wonderful review! Thanks
  12. Pat, Anthony has been WAY too wrapped up in the Soxgames. After that.......oh dear.......it's on to hockey. We will see.
  13. Wow, what a lovely surprise! Thank you all so much, you are so thoughtful. All these wonderful messages, PM's, and e-mails. You are the best! This has been an extremely YUMMY birthday. heehee Thank you.......G
  14. Jennifer, I am listening to Kyle right now Ahhhhhhh..........dreamy Hope you make it to the show!!!!!
  15. Jay that is very cute! Now.....lets hear the one about...... Awwww....never mind
  16. Wonderful photos Gene Thanks.........
  17. So glad everyone had a great chat. Susana, so nice that you enjoyed the dark choc rasp. See you in chat this Saturday
  18. Hey Lew, I swayed for you at the show!
  19. Marvin, Hope you enjoyed your birthday! Missed you at the show, but will see you someday at another
  20. We had a great time ! Another spectacular show. I was so glad they played I SAW THE LIGHT and STARTING OVER Ahhhhhh.........dreamy. Thanks guys for a wonderful show!
  21. Wow, I am going to miss a chat party??? I hope you have fun and we will be thinking about you. Enjoy some dark chocolate for me HAVE FUN!
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