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  1. Hang in there guys! Mine arrived on Thursday. It's beautiful! Can't wait to read it. To all involved..thank you,thank you, thank you! Wonderful job!
  2. SugarBabi Please know that we are here for you (((((((((HUGS))))))))))
  3. It's very cold and the temp is 10 degrees but suddenly it's VERY warm here. Looking at this beautiful picture just raised my temp to 103! *giggles* Thanks Eric for sharing your exciting night out.
  4. I wish we were going to this concert, but we are not. We saw this show a few years ago and it was fantastic! Neil Zaza's ONE SILENT NIGHT Sat Dec 17th 8pm Playhouse Square Allen Theatre Downtown Cleveland See Neil and his band along with a full orchestra perform traditional Christmas music,entirely instrumental with a melodic edge. Hear Neil's "singing" guitar. Tix are going fast. If you are in the area,check it out. You will love it! Wait.......there's more! Sneak Preview ONE SILENT NIGHT Sat Dec 10th The Galleria E. 9th Ave Cleveland Go shopping and catch performances by local artists, art displays and visit Santa too! Neil will perform a few songs from ONE SILENT NIGHT at 4pm. If you are in the area check it out!
  5. Silly Old Bear, these are all just great! Very clever,very funny.
  6. It's that time of year that Stroud plays It's Cold Outside on the RnR Roots show. Keep listening.
  7. I was listening today also to The Rock n Roll Roots Show. Another fun show! Todays feature was the Grass Roots. Stroud counted down their top 12 singles. He played I'm A Rocker at 11:40am. Ant and I were in the kitchen talking and as the song began we looked at each other and just listened a moment. Then I screamed "NO WAY, I NEVER HEARD THIS SONG ON THE ROOTS SHOW BEFORE." I told Ant I have to go sit and listen, so I sat on the couch. Ahhhhh.......daydreaming. I was thinking about the past year, and all the shows, so much fun *dreamy* After the song and after his "whoo" he said "get the message I'm A Rocker, Raspberries." Funny you should say that too Marv. He also said its so nice to see Eric Carmen and the Raspberries out there palying coast to coast at HOB and mentioned they played here in January. He said that was one of the treats of 2005, if I do say so myself. Way to go Stroud! Its so nice that he really supports the band by playing so many of their songs. We will really have to get together on getting a song on Rock n Roll Roots Vol 8. More about that another time.
  8. Eric, Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Its been so much fun! To everyone that sent me a message,I sent out a few envelopes on Friday and the rest will go out tomorrow. Well, I am out of goodies. Til next time Enjoy!
  10. Anyone interested in some of the goodies I passed out in LA I would be glad to mail to you. Please pm or email me. I have the Hollywood Clapboard keychain/pin or the scented Rapsberries TONIGHT Bookmark.
  11. Happy Birthday Barb! Hope you enjoy your day! Love ya, G&A
  12. No luck again Well, there is always Vol 8 to look forward to The CD release party was a blast!
  13. So sweet! Best to you and your prince
  14. Hi Keith! Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you enjoyed your day! G
  15. Swingin' by to pick you up Ricky!!! Love, Lucy
  16. You are invited to a party! Where: Chat Room When : November 30th Time : 9:30 pm CST til ???? It's time to celebrate!! Lets get together with all our friends that are clebrating a birthday in November and PARTY,PARTY,PARTY!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS --------> November 30th See you there!
  17. Ernie, wishing you all the best. Take care of yourself. Gina and Ant
  18. THE DRIVE 97.1 has a new feature called One 45 at 1:45. Stroud's selection for the first day of this feature was Overnight Sensation(Hit Record) Cool. Way to go Bob!!
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