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  1. So nice to see you Gene. Nice pics!
  2. Hey Bry Bry! I had a nice time hangin out with you. Great pics! *thinking* Maybe I need my own purple hat.Hmmmm....maybe even matching shoes and purse. *giggles* Had so much fun! Thanks!
  3. On todays Rock n Rolls Roots Show 9am-12CST Stroud might play ITS COLD OUTSIDE in celebration of the reunion show. www.wdrv.com 97.1FM THE DRIVE
  4. Oh dear....just wait til March 4th
  5. You are invited to a party! It's time to celebrate Lets get together and wish all February babies a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WHERE: ChatRoom WHEN : Friday Feb 24th TIME : 9pm CST Til ??? Lets make this an extra "sweet" celebration So, grab your favorite beverage,snack and put on your dancin' shoes and...well,I can't say.... because...WHAT HAPPENS IN THE CHAT ROOM,STAYS IN THE CHAT ROOM MARK YOUR CALENDARS------> Feb 24th C'mon everyone join in on the fun! See you there G
  6. Hi Pat! I found this CD while Christmas shopping. I was looking for some 70's CD's for my sister and Ant found the CD. He said hey look at this! We bought it and haven't listened to it, its still sealed
  7. So happy to hear the show SOLD OUT!
  8. Get ready for another Birthday celebration WHERE: CHAT ROOM WHEN : FRIDAY JAN 27TH TIME : 9PM CST TIL ???? Lets get together and wish all January babies a very happy birthday. Last months party was so much fun, but for some reason the next day my toes were sore and I kept hearing a dog bark.... See you Jan 27th!
  9. Thanks Bernie! I would like to wish Eric a very special ABM anniversary, just from me
  10. Happy Birthday Jillian and Justin!
  11. I've been good! I've been good! I love surprises!
  12. Kyle is so amazing. I love the new CD. So many songs sound like they should be in movies. His music should be played EVERYWHERE! RADIO! MOVIES! TV! *dreamy* Can't wait for the next CD.
  13. You are invited to a party! WHERE: Chat room WHEN : Dec 30th TIME : 9pm CST til ???? Chat birthday parties are so much fun. Lets celebrate! Lets wish our friends a very happy birthday. Hope to see you there!
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