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  1. **** ITS TIME TO CELEBRATE***** JUNE BIRTHDAY'S!!! WHERE: CHATROOM WHEN : FRIDAY JUNE 30TH TIME : 9PM CST TIL ????? C'mon lets have a party for our friends See ya there....
  2. hungryeyes

    Hey Gina

    Ok guys, try again
  3. This is wonderful news! Thanks.......handsome
  4. I could use some new coolness to rock my world this weekend.
  5. Once again the bunnies are eating up the flower beds Any suggestions on keeping them out of the flower beds??? Thanks
  6. You are invited to a party WHEN: APRIL 28th WHERE: CHAT ROOM TIME : 9PM CST We are having a celebration for all our friends born in April. FUN....FUN...FUN Singing....dancing.....trivia...food...beverages...and surprises! HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRIL BABIES MARK YOUR CALENDARS------> APRIL 28TH
  7. Thanks Trindy Thanks Brian This is cool
  8. Here we go again.. Once again 97.1 THE DRIVE is taking suggestions for RnR Roots Vol 8. I know we tried submitting Raspberries songs in the past with no success but I AM NOT GIVING UP ON THIS. I know we have a chance. We need to pick/agree on ONE song and enter that ONE song.The more requests they recieve for ONE song the better chance of getting that song on the CD. We have this entire month before we enter that song. The CD will be released in November. You can enter 3 songs. I also think we should enter ITS COLD OUTSIDE. PLEASE go to the website and read all about it www.wdrv.com If everyone posts their song choice here, near the end of the month we could tally the most suggested song then go to the website and enter that ONE song, along with ITS COLD OUTSIDE Thanks!
  9. Hopefully on my patio someday!!
  10. Kyle was recently in Japan and kept a journal. www.kylevincent.com You will love it! Its very entertaining! READ ENTRY DATED MARCH 20TH
  11. That's a lovely housewarming gift
  12. I love diet Coke along with a handful of M&M's
  13. Mitch, I had a great time! Thanks for sharing your photos So nice to see you here
  14. You are invited to a party! In honor of all our friends celebrating a birthday in March. WHERE: CHAT WHEN : MARCH 31 TIME : 9:30 PM CST Lets Celebrate! Let's wish our friends a happy birthday! Singing..............dancing..........food.......fun...........games...........surprises! See you there
  15. Hello............handsome! So nice to see you on board. GREAT POST! 😉
  16. Both shows were fantastic! The guys sounded great and I loved all the songs they played. I enjoyed the opening bands also. So nice to see fellow boarders. I also met a few people that are not on any of the message boards ,just strangers striking up conversation. They were all so nice. To the band - Thanks for the pics and autographs. Nice to see you all having a great time. It was a great show. I was just so tickled to see Jesse play, and Wally join in on a song. So cool, so cute! It was nice seeing Ernie,Rusty,Baby sis,and Paulie. Hey Lisa! Ya think we had a good time?? *giggles* Oh beachberry,beachberry I enjoyed your company. Bryan(purple hat guy)you are a silly guy! Paul I will tell my father I met a fellow "choo choo" You were great company. Lisa you're the best girlfriend! Bernie and Kathy...thank you,thank you,thank you. It was so nice to see you and thanks for all you do. Kathy,thanks for the bag of dark choc M&M's.YUM! Thanks for thinking about me. Thanks everyone for another memorable trip, I will treasure.....always
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