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  1. Since nobody seems to think I'm crazy for hanging on to the cigarette butt, I believe I'll tell you a little more about it. In 1976, when I was home from college on Christmas break, my purse (with the butt inside it) was snatched. The punk got my dorm room key, my house keys, my driver's license and of course, my wallet and money, but, I swear to God, I was most upset about that butt! I was too embarrassed to tell the investigating officer that I had a rock singer's cigarette butt in the purse, so I never mentioned it. I spent 6 months kicking myself for carrying the thing around with me. Thanks to a six year old girl who was playing in a ravine and found my purse and ALL its contents (except the money), I got it back! The thief had apparently sat in the ravine and rummaged through the purse. He probably wondered why on earth I had a cigarette butt taped up in a plastic cassette case! But I got it back and that's all I cared about.
  2. Marvin, I believe our own Bernie discovered the Berries after becoming a fan of Eric's. I seem to recall reading one of his posts in which he detailed how he came upon the Berries, and his brother informed him that the Berries was Eric's former band. I was lucky enough to have seen the Raspberries live in concert and, let me tell you, they were electrifying. I will never forget it. I distinctly remember talking to Eric and Wally backstage and thinking, "God, I hope they don't think I'm a groupie." It was a thrill for me to meet them. Believe it or not, I still have Eric's autograph from that night, May 24, 1974 and (you're gonna laugh) a cigarette butt that he disgarded when he had to run onstage. Hey, I was only 15! My husband thinks it's time to throw it out, but I keep hanging on to it. Betsey
  3. I didn't stay for the Dirty Dancing concert without Eric and I will not see Abbey Road without Eric. Eric, you are just like your music -- full of extraordinary class, dignity and integrity. Any true fan of yours will understand your decision and defend it. I, myself, would have been very upset to see the show as you described it. You're a cut above that nonsense. Thank you for the great music and perhaps we will all get another chance to see you perform soon. All my best to you and your family. Betsey
  4. I am so sorry for all of us who were planning to see Eric on stage this summer. But, if I were Eric, I'd pull out too! The promoters' plan is idiotic. We all know that Eric deserves better than that. Eric was right -- we would be disappointed with the arrangement. Betsey
  5. I do not have a "blind allegiance" to Eric Carmen or to anyone else for that matter. I, like many of you, am extremely disappointed with the turn of events regarding the Abbey Road tour. However, it doesn't take a genious to see what's happened. Eric is not the bad guy here! I believe this tour has been shoddily produced and Eric is one of the victims. Many years ago when I was in college I was on the committee which organized concerts on our campus in Ohio. Suffice it to say that some of the concert promoters with whom we dealt were unscrupulous characters. Believe me, it's not uncommon in the business. Many of you want to blame Eric for not fulfilling a commitment. Perhaps it is the promoters who are not fulfilling their commitment to Eric. Whenever I saw Eric perform live, it was obvious he put his whole heart and soul into it. I am certain that he would do the same on this tour---he's just not being allowed to. Betsey
  6. Bernie, that was so slick! Very diplomatic and quite clever. Betsey
  7. Bernie, Yea I saw Eric's explanation and it sounded like the Dirty Dancing Tour was a nightmare. I don't want anyone to think that I blamed Eric. No Way! I have a feeling that this Abbey Road Tour is turning into another nightmare for Eric. Isn't it weird that no-talents like Marilyn Manson can be seen and heard all over the country and a true musical genius like Eric Carmen has such a terrible time with tours? I'd pay $50.00 to go the backyard concert in Altoona! Wouldn't you? Betsey
  8. I've got the same sick feeling that I had when an announcement was made at the Toledo, OH Masonic Auditorium that Eric would not be performing that night with the Dirty Dancing concert. This doesn't look good, folks. Even Todd Rundgren's site is confused. There are dates when he's not sure if he's playing or not. Check it out! Betsey P.S. Who are the promoters of this thing?
  9. OK, OK -- I know I posted a few minutes ago, but I just listened to that glorious song, "Wild Wild Heart" and it blew me away! Makes me want to hear every single thing Eric (and Bernie) have hidden away. Thanks -- I feel better now. Betsey
  10. Bernie, thank you so much for this wonderful site. It was the very first website I visited when I went online. I can't imagine life without it! Eric really lucked out in having you for a fan. Of course, I think all of Eric's fans are the greatest, but look what you've done for him and for all of us! It is greatly appreciated. Betsey
  11. Hey, I'd go for some EricCarmen.com shirts, too! One of my Mother's Day gifts was the Capitol Collector's Series CD. Now, instead of avoiding my parent's questions about "Go All The Way," I'm dodging my kids' questions. A lot changes in 30 years. Betsey
  12. It was a warm May afternoon in Ohio. My best friend and I were playing cards in the backyard with a radio blaring. I distinctly remember the screaming jock from Detroit's CKLW announcing "Go All The Way" by "these guys from Cleveland, the Raspberries." It changed my life. Never before had a band or song had such an effect on me. It's very hard to believe it has been 30 years. Way to go, Eric! Betsey
  13. Bernie, does it have to do with "Go All The Way" or the album "Raspberries"? I don't remember the exact release date but I do remember the first time I heard "Go All The Way" on the radio in 1972.
  14. I am wondering why I have not heard of this Kyle Vincent fellow. Did he ever get any airplay? How did all of you hear about him? It looks like I need to check him out!
  15. Betsey


    Bernie, I love the new design! This message board takes a little getting used to, but I'm sure we'll all get the hang of it. Nice job!
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