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  1. I'm not certain that one could survive that...especially the Anna Nicole part!
  2. Way too cool, Bernie! You never cease to amaze me. I love it! Happy Holidays to everyone! Betsey
  3. Aw, come on Darlene. You can't be as bad as Tony. No one can be as bad as Tony! (He sure does make me laugh, though).
  4. Lydia, I'm so glad to see you post! And thanks for not thinking I'm boring. Looks like I'm not alone in liking the music box idea, huh?
  5. The only thing I'd buy is the piano music box. Am I boring or what?
  6. Oh My God, Tony! Are you always this bad? You must be a riot at a party!
  7. I was so excited about that show, I could hardly sleep the night before! I nearly went into hysterics when the cable went out right before the show started. Luckily, it came back on in time for me to record the Berries on cassette. It was a rather strange gig, don't you think? I mean, how did Bill Bixby and the Raspberries hook up? Some very creative agents, I assume.
  8. I love those new photos, Bernie. Thank You!
  9. Kristina, he looked pretty darn good in it. If I'm not mistaken, he wore it for an appearance on "Midnight Special," and good old Bernie has a photo from that appearance posted in the "pictures" section. Enjoy!
  10. Hey guys-- I am laughing at all of the comments abut Eric's er, um "appearance." Every time I saw him perform he looked sensational. Face it folks, back then the white jumpsuit and full head of hair were absolutely perfect for him. Does anyone really think he would dress like that now? And no matter what the hair looks like, the music is always great, right? Betsey
  11. Great question, Darlene! I've wondered that myself!
  12. Interesting Question! 1. Eric Carmen 2. Raspberries 3. Dan Fogelberg 4. Van Halen 5. Queen 6. Jackson Browne 7. Hall & Oates 8. Linda Ronstadt 9. The Guess Who
  13. Congratulations Bernie (and Eric)! Did you ever dream that it would come this far? I am proud to be among such an intelligent and loyal following. (ps That Tony cracks me up!) Betsey
  14. Come to think of it, I did wonder if perhaps "our" Tony was behind this whole thing. Come on Tony, fess up! Let me know I didn't risk my life in that God-forsaken place for nothing! Betsey
  15. Gee, thanks Tony, I'll remember that next time!
  16. I could have easily run the plates, but I didn't intend to. I was just hoping to match up the city and state with someone on this site. I had no intention of stalking them. You're right--it does sound freaky. Betsey
  17. Julia,I know, I know.....the license plate thing, well, I screwed up! But hey, there I was at 2:00 am in pitch black darkness in an unfamiliar, spooky campground outside a dark motor home with Eric's music playing inside. It was freaky!!! I guess I just hightailed it back to my husband and kids. Yep, I blew it. Betsey
  18. Michelle, I laughed at your story. I do not come from a camping family. My idea of "roughing it" is a Hilton without room service. This camper thing was entirely my husband's idea. The kids have fun with it, but I will never again stand in line to shower in a filthy, grime-filled stall. Ugh!!!!!!!! I have made it clear that I will be in the local Holiday Inn and the rest of them can camp wherever they please. I guess I was lucky to hear Eric's tunes, rather than what you heard, huh? Betsey
  19. Hi Everyone! I haven't posted in quite a long time. It seems that swim meets, cross country meets, and football games have me on the go. Anyway, I was wondering if any of our regular posters happened to be in the Northern part of Michigan's lower peninsula around Aug. 6-7. I reluctantly agreed to take the 4 kids on a camping trip with my husband. (Forgive him--he bought a new camper and wanted to try it out). We travelled the entire state of Michigan and one night around 2:00 am I heard the unmistakable sounds of "She Did It" coming from a campsite at Black Lake in Onaway, MI. After that, came "Boats" and then "Overnight Sensation." When I couldn't stand it anymore I tried to get my husband to go with me and find out where the music was coming from. He thought I was nuts. I couldn't wake any of the kids, so I set out alone with a trusty flashlight. Man, those campgrounds are dark! I followed the music to a rather fancy, expensive motor home with no lights on. But the windows were open and more of Eric's songs played. I decided I'd visit the motor home in the daylight and went back to our camper. In the morning, the motor home was gone! I was wondering if it happened to be anyone who regularly posts here. It was a real treat to hear Eric's music that night. Betsey
  20. I was such an enthusiastic fan, that when BOATS was released Arista Records made me a part time college rep. I remember all the girls in the dorm gathering round when the first carton of promo material arrived. The glossy photos were flying and the album covers, which were to be used as mobiles in record stores, were disappearing FAST! It was surprising that I had enough to take to the radio stations and record stores! I took press kits to every radio station I could find in the Toledo-Bowling Green area. More than anything, though, I wanted to arrange for Eric to appear in concert on my campus. I tried and tried, but the dates and the $$$ never worked out. It was a major disappointment for me. But the album, BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT, is a masterpiece, I believe. Like Bernie, it changed my life. Betsey
  21. Eric, thank you for the 30 years of wonderful music. You've touched so many people in ways you'd never imagine. I join with all the rest of your devoted fans in wishing you a wonderful birthday. Here's to the next 30 years! Betsey
  22. Hi. I was born in Erie, PA, but moved to Toledo, OH when I was 10. I have lived in Michigan and Colorado and am now in Lima, OH, right between Dayton and Toledo. Either city would be great Eric! And not too far from your home! Betsey
  23. Darlene, how could you not make a judgment based on your bad experience? It's only natural. I remember when I was involved in concert promotion in college and I was working backstage at the Jefferson Starship show. Paul Kantner, one of the original members of Jefferson Airplane, threw a fit because he could not find his leather jacket. He was throwing things and using very foul language and blaming my crew, and threatening not to go on with the concert. Well, one of his roadies had put it in a duffle bag and neglected to tell him. Do you think he ever apologized to any of us? Not one word! Now, I have a very bad impression of him and I doubt it will ever change. Maybe he was just having a bad night too, but I can't forget what I saw and heard that night. Betsey
  24. Gee, I must have caught Barry Manilow on a good night and I wasn't even trying to meet him! Some friends of mine were huge Manilow fans and I went to the Toledo, OH concert with them in 1975. Afterwords, they dragged me to the hotel where the band was staying. Barry and his band came into the hotel lounge and they had drinks with everyone there. They sang songs and partied for several hours. Believe it or not, Barry was nice. I never knew he had a reputation for being rude. He never complained about the photos either! Betsey
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