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  1. Hi Everyone. I've been absent from the board for quite a while. My four boys (5 if you count hubby) have kept me so busy with swim meets and practices and now baseball practices and games. Anyway, President Bush is visitng my small Ohio town today and will speak from the Lima Army Tank Plant where my husband was an engineer for 11 years. The company, General Dynamics, makes the Abrams M1-A1 tank, 500 of which are now in Iraq. Roads are blocked off and we're under the watch of Secret Service and snipers on tall buildings. It's incredible! Happy Spring to all EC fans. And to Eric, are you watching those Indians? Will they be able to come back? Betsey
  2. Betsey


    Julia, I lost my father a few years ago. I know what you're going through. You're in my prayers. May God bless your family during this difficult time. Betsey
  3. Many of my friends find it unusual that I can like both Jackson Browne and Eric Carmen. Am I alone in this? I have been fortunate enough to have seen Jackson in concert 5 times, certainly more than I have seen Eric (sadly),and he was terrific at every single show! Talk about a nice guy! When we booked him to play on my college campus, the crew put up a stage much larger than was specified in the contract and the first 3 rows were wiped out! He joked about it and asked everyone to squeeze together and said it was his roadies' fault. So easygoing! Anyway, do any other EC fans like Jackson Browne's music also?
  4. Betsey

    Ask Eric

    Bill, Welcome! It's great to have you aboard! You probably have some interesting stories to tell. Well, we're all waiting. Betsey
  5. Hey, looks like Jimmy Ienner does a lot of video production now. I did a Google search on his name. It's interesting.
  6. Believe it or not, I saw Jimmy Ienner listed as the executive producer of a made for televison movie about a romance between a dancer and her boyfriend. It wasn't very good, and I can't recall the title, but I was shocked to see Jimmy's name at the end.
  7. Do you guys remember Paul Anka? He was a teen idol in his early career and had a major hit with "Diana" and later with "Having My Baby." He wrote "My Way" which Frank Sinatra turned into his own signature tune, he composed the theme for Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, and "The Times of Your Life" for Kodak. Anyway, the point is, after he married and fathered five daughters he became a family man and slowed down on the recording and touring, and became more of a writer for other artists. Sounds a lot like Eric, doesn't it? I would buy ANYTHING that Eric released--don't get me wrong. But I am absolutely thrilled that he is happy with his wife and two small children. More men should be like Eric! We are in no position to demand anything from him. He'll do something when he feels like it.
  8. Betsey

    First Concert

    Darlene, I had a similar experience when I went to see Peter Frampton at the Toledo Sports Arena in 1975. The doors were locked as a crowd of thousands gathered and waited outside. When management opened the doors, the crowd pushed forward and I was shoved up against a glass door! A policeman rescued me, but I could have easily been killed. The rampage was due to the fact that the cheap concert promoters used the old "festival seating" format, which meant that everyone had to run in, grab a chair and race to the front of the stage. It was a madhouse! I, too, said "Never again" to concerts at large, poorly managed arenas. And I never did go to another concert at that venue. It was way too scary!
  9. Thanks Julia! Pretty Cool!
  10. Darlene: I agree with you on Robert Downey Jr. He is an incredible actor! I, too, hope he stays clean. :p
  11. I just heard about Phil Spector and I am in shock. I really hate to see our American icons fall from grace like this. Spector is truly a legend in pop music. What a tragedy. My only hope is that it is not what it seems to be.
  12. God Bless the friends and families of those brave men and women who died this morning on the shuttle Columbia. It is a tragic loss for our country.
  13. Betsey

    First Concert

    Thanks Lydia. Maybe my reputation isn't ruined after all. After Bobby Sherman, I went on to the Berries, Peter Frampton, Head East, Foghat, Jackson Browne, Eagles, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Beach Boys, J. Geils, Jefferson Starship, and on and on and on. But still, that first Berries concert stands out!
  14. Betsey

    First Concert

    I am humiliated by admitting this, but my first concert was Bobby Sherman! Can you guys ever forgive me?
  15. Fantastic! I am hereby officially placing an order for your book. You'll probably have 200 orders before it is finished--just like the New Harry Potter due in June! Betsey
  16. Mike, thanks for the info. Never knew the Berries played at Waldemere.
  17. Mike: I was born in Erie,PA, but moved to OHIO when I was 10. Still visit family there. Where did the Raspberries play in Erie?
  18. I first saw the Raspberries live on May 24, 1974 at Mason Consolidated High School in Erie,Michigan just north of Toledo. I had entered my Toledo high school (Central Catholic) in a contest sponsored by the CareFree Gum company. The winning school received $1000.00 and a concert by Rick Springfield and the Raspberries. My school did not win, but thanks to the great people at CKLW radio out of Detroit/Windsor, I was able to attend the concert as a guest of the station. I was backstage with the emcee, Pat Holiday, a popular DJ from CKLW and I met Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim. I talked to Rick Springfield, too, but I was too excited about the Berries to care about him. My friend and I sat with the Emcee next to the stage and when Eric threw his green velvet jacket to the side, I caught it and held it. The Raspberries were electrifying that night! Just incredible! (I guess it turned out alright. I was never sure how the Berries' GO ALL THE WAY would have gone over at my Catholic school with the priests and nuns!) I will never ever forget that night! No other concert I have ever seen by any other artist or band has compared. Gosh, I can still feel the excitement! Betsey
  19. Tony, I saw that piece several months ago and I believe that is all Eric says in it. It was somewhat disappointing, wasn't it?
  20. I agree with MAM. Ann Wilson and Eric would be spectacular! Don't know about Amy Grant, though. I like her, but, with Eric? Not sure about that.
  21. Well said, Bernie. I agree completely.
  22. Hey Julia, sounds like we're in the same boat. Just keep your chin up and hold that head up high. The first thing I want to get rid of is the Jimi Hendrix poster that's been in my garage for way too many years. You know, my husband never liked Eric's music. I should have known there might be a problem, huh?
  23. Tony, you really are a newlywed! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Does the new Mrs. Cartmill like any of Eric's music?
  24. Aw Tony, something tells me that Bernie couldn't be a grinch if he tried! I really do think it was a wonderful idea. In fact, I had a feeling that he would do something really cool for Christmas. Just my luck I couldn't get it. You bet I was ticked but, hey, these things happen. Sorry about your cat, Tony. Now, are you really a newlywed and should I congratulate you on that, or are you kidding us? And Darlene, misery loves company, no? I wonder how many of us were not able to hear that Mysterious DATDBS song.
  25. I don't know, Bernie. I couldn't get it either. Although I was one of the unlucky ones, it was a lovely idea. Thanks for giving it to everyone!
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