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  1. Annie, the goodie bags were so cool! They had a red pen, a Raspberries bumper sticker, a Raspberries sucker, a bag of Raspberries candy from a candy store in Cleveland and a thank you note from Wally and Kay. Betsey
  2. Last night I received the email from the photographer. You are able to view every photo that was taken. It looks like 2 were taken of each group. Betsey
  3. I had a wonderful chat with Eric's brother Fred. He is intelligent and charming and very funny. Eric is lucky to have Fred looking out for him! Betsey
  4. Ernie, I think I speak for many fans when I say thank you for your part in making the dream come true. It was an incredible experience and you and the rest of the crew deserve thanks too! Betsey
  5. I was very impressed with everything and everyone, from the hotel bellman to the parking garage attendant to the clerks in the shops. Everyone was much more friendly than I expected. My friend and I had a fabulous time! Betsey
  6. Tiggsherby, I was up very close to the stage also and after Overnight Sensation I saw Eric laughing and heard him tell the rest of the band "No Cruisin' Music." I don't know what his reasons were, but he made that decision during Overnight Sensation. Betsey
  7. Paul, thanks so much for the great job you did with the Berries last night. Betsey
  8. Nice shots, Gene! It was well worth putting up with you blocking my view. Just kidding--it was a pleasure to meet you--hope you got your $50.00 worth of food at the pre-show reception! Betsey
  9. Hi Dave, I am Betsey from Ohio. I am bringing my friend Lisa, as our husbands are staying home with the kids.
  10. OH MY GOD! Is it just me, or did anyone else get chills down their spine watching that clip?
  11. Just got mine Annie. They look great! Thanks so much! Betsey
  12. Right on Bernie! That's exactly what I want to see! Betsey
  13. My hubby is staying home with the kids so I am bringing a friend I've introduced to Eric and Raspberries music. Count us both in for dinner! Betsey
  14. I first saw the Raspberries in May, 1974, and I have to admit I am as excited about this upcoming show as I was back then. 30 years makes no difference!
  15. Wishing you all a fantastic time at Bernie's tomorrow. Sure wish I could be there, but I have 4 kids in 3 states, with arrivals home starting this evening. Meanwhile I'm going out on the porch with my new book!
  16. Bernie, just got mine. Thank God I am home this weekend and not off to watch my son run cross country! It is fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you to you, Eric and Ken and everyone else who made this possible! What a thrill!
  17. Eric, wishing you a wonderful birthday. Thanks for the great music over the years. My teenage son now asks me not to play your music on the way to his cross country meets because he cannot get "Hungry Eyes" out of his mind when he is running, and it interferes with his timing! Have a great day with your family! Betsey
  18. Darlene, you and Eric both look great in the photo! Didn't we all love that jumpsuit back then? Bet Eric wouldn't be caught dead in it now. Congrats on your 1000th post.
  19. Matthew, I worked at Cedar Point during the summer of 1978 and I asked anyone and everyone if the Raspberries or Eric had ever appeared there. There was talk and some of the older management seemed to recall the Raspberries playing there in the early 70's, but I could never confirm anything. I had my family at Cedar Point just a few weeks ago. I can't imagine Eric NOT taking his kids there, since it's not far from where he lives.
  20. I'll do the PR and the radio promotion. It would be great to get back into the business!
  21. Hope you have a terrific birthday, Eric!
  22. I saw it too. Great way to start the day! Isn't it amazing how that song lives forever?
  23. Bernie, it's awesome! Thanks so much. Even my husband, who has never been an EC fan, commented that it was pretty good stuff. Alright!
  24. I've been out an about and it's not so much the Secret Service that is bothersome. It's the media! CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, ABC---they're all here. It should all be over in a few hours. Don't know about that handshake, Bernie. The President will speak inside the tank plant and since my husband doesn't work there now, we wouldn't be able to get in.
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