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  1. I have been missing from this board for way too long!! Came back to find this gem and all I can say is...Clive probably should have called it a day after passing on this. It's a great song!
  2. Eric, I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration with your family and friends. May today be the start of a fantastic new year! Thanks for the music which has touched so many lives.
  3. And by the way, Tony, I have enjoyed your humorous posts over the years, but I disagree with you on this one. I do not believe we are entitled to "the truth from Eric himself" as you say. Don't you think he's in enough agony right now, without worrying about "fessing up" to us? He knows we adore him and his music and he also knows what he did is wrong, as we all do. Let him deal with this with some privacy and dignity for the sake of his family.
  4. For God's sake!!! What is wrong with Fred helping Eric out in his time of need? I, too, have an attorney brother and believe me, he has helped out many family members with several different issues. Isn't that what family is for? I am glad that Fred is there for Eric now.
  5. I don't think it's our job to speculate on why or how this happened to Eric again. He alone is responsible and knows what he is dealing with. My heart breaks for him and his entire family. It is extremely difficult for Eric and for all those close to him. Let's send our prayers and good wishes and hope he now travels a road to recovery. He and Susan and the kids deserve privacy during this trying time. Thank God no one was hurt and Eric will now do what needs to be done. My thoughts are with Eric and his family.
  6. I was very fortunate to meet Fred at the first concert in Cleveland. He is quite a charming guy! And he has some very funny stories to tell about growing up with Eric! It was obvious to me that he loves his brother and could not have been more proud of him that night!
  7. Hey Al, I am right here in Ohio!!! If I slip you a few extra bucks, could you get mine out soon?
  8. I think Michael Stanley exhibited a genuine interest in Jim and Eric and their recent endeavors. He seemed very excited for them regarding the release of the cd/dvd. I agree that he is a class act......had a great band of his own and never seemed to put down our boys back in their heyday. Kudos to Michael Stanley!
  9. How cool was that? My spine is tingling!
  10. Eric, wishing you all the things that make you happy.....on your birthday and always! Betsey
  11. Thanks to all of you wonderful people for your thoughts, prayers and messages of suppport. My niece's 7 year old daughter became ill suddenly in Boston last week, was soon unconscious and taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where she slipped into a coma. In a few hours she was pronounced brain dead. This was all from a virulent strain of bacterial meningitis. Our family is reeling from this terrible shock and I am so grateful for my other "family" here on ec.com. I am touched by your concern.
  12. OH MY GOD! They are gorgeous. Thanks so much Bernie.
  13. I won a pin too! Thanks so much. I needed something good since I have recently been the victim of identity theft on the net and also am involved in a criminal case against a car dealer in my home town. Thank God for the pin!
  14. Eric, I heard the news on Cleveland radio and did not intend to post anything, but since you brought it up..........congratulations! I am so glad that things went well for you and now you and your family can move on. It took guts and a lot of class to get on this site and say what you did! Wishing you much happier times for the rest of the year!!!! Betsey
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