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  1. Maybe they had him propped up somewhere like Weekend At Bernie's...
  2. This guy sings it an octave lower, then an octave higher- Goth cover of Sleep With Me:
  3. I bought an album of theirs in the 60's. They were quite good!
  4. Rhonda, have you seen the heart-shaped single that was released for Valentine's Day? It's pretty cool!
  5. Matt, they played their last gig on April 19th, 1975. That 5th album cover 'Bad Boys' was a fictional cover that I designed when there was a discussion about what a 5th Raspberries album would have been like had they stayed together.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving all! Bernie, you forgot one LOL:
  7. Which is evident if you listen to Eric sing in 2000, then 2004, 2005, and 2007. His voice got better each time...
  8. I hear they were going to play "You Can't Always Get What You Want" LOL
  9. Counting myself lucky because... 1. Saw Raspberries play twice at Disneyland. 2. Saw Raspberries play at the L.A. Coliseum. 3. Saw Raspberries several times on their reunion tour. 4. Saw Eric play twice at The Roxy. 5. Saw Eric play UCLA. 6. All of the above.🤪
  10. I wonder if this person is one of the current members here? Eugene, Oregon...
  11. Anybody know who listed this? I'm copying the seller's description here. Look at the sentence in bold near the end of the listing and tell me what you think. Bernie? "This is Hit Record, which of course became known as Overnight Sensation (Hit Record). This is from the original auction almost ten years ago now, and I was the guy who won it. Now that I am seriously ill and waiting in the checkout line, I need to have it go to a new home. So first, here's that original spiel: This auction is for an exceedingly RARE original acetate pressing of the Raspberries classic power-pop masterpiece "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" recorded in 1974. This acetate is labeled with the track's original title: "Hit Record," which Capitol made Eric change because they didn't "get the joke." Because it carries the original title (and labeled "Ver. 1"), it may be a different mix than the song that was released. Made directly from the Master Tape after the band finished mixing the single, this record in all likelihood is the only one of its kind in the world! Ok, so now you know the history. I don't recall the seller being too up front about it's condition, it certainly isn't referenced in the popsike listing I found this in. It has some scuffs and scratches, they will be audible. Is it playable? Certainly, I did a couple of times trying to figure out if the mix was different (more on that in a minute.) I don't know how to shoot these things very well, to show scratches, because I'm always fighting weird light when I try. But you'll see a little chip off of the vinyl layer but that's before any music starts, so you just drop it down manually past that point to avoid that. In fact the music doesn't start until about half way in that side, so all stuff isn't for tracking. Your needle would just slide over it. So actually that doesn't even figure in. I track pretty light and towards the end I had a couple of light skips which I don't recall hearing before, but back then I had a different turntable that tracked heavier, so you might keep that in mind. This is my favorite all-time Raspberries song. Other songs are power pop classics-this is kind of taking Spector and going beyond him (like Brian did with Pet Sounds). It's an incredible song, production, and should have been that #1 Hit Record. We weren't ready, or worthy yet. As for the mix, I didn't hear anything radically different and I just played it again while prepping this auction. I do think I'm hearing less compression on this one and the sax part at the end seems further back. But I've also lost a bit of hearing over time (ironically I'm actually active on a project listening and approving mixes for a reissue, and this is probably the last time I can do that. I can tell you, yes, this is likely a one-off of this particular mix and there may well have been another done once it was prepped as Overnight Sensation, but who knows? Eric might have one. I have this. Now you can. And will be packed very well so it survives the post office, not a small thing these days. As is-it is an acetate but if you're the mega fan and want something very unique, this would it. Any questions, please ask. Try and be generous; I'm starting near what I paid ($153 or so) and anything raised is not going to EC.com, it's going to medical bills. Hold that transistor radio to your ear and never forget the magic of music." Ps- It shows Eugene, Oregon as the location- anybody here from Eugene?
  12. This guy has covered Eric a lot; he's even covered this tune a couple other times. This is as slow as you can go...IWBWY ballad:
  13. I guess it depends on the reason for Eric's absence. If he were still alive and the 'new' group was promoted as Raspberries, probably not. If Eric had passed, and everybody else wanted to get together for a gig and needed a lead singer, that would be different. The new group without Eric could be called the Newberries LOL!
  14. No, but I have a picture you could use to make your own if you like:
  15. Kirk


    Bernie, there seems to be a huge infusion of viewers in the last couple of days. The test pressing I posted a day ago has over a thousand views! Is this possible? Love it!
  16. It looks like whoever it was copied the liner notes, abbreviating as necessary because of space limitations. Then, on side 2 (which they didn't bother to note), after the first song they stopped writing the notations- just the song titles. Weird.
  17. Recently I dug out a test pressing of the Starting Over album. It's a pretty early pressing, with a hand-written label on both sides. Included in the pressing were some press release materials as well as some public relations items. Thought you guys would enjoy them:
  18. Along with Bernie's interview running down the right margin...
  19. This song gets covered quite a bit- this is one of the better versions:
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