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  1. I <think> I posted this guy's ranking of Raspberries albums a while back. He gets it, for sure.
  2. Great article: From Circus / February 10, 1976 ERIC CARMEN'S Post-Raspberry Sundae By Joe Bivona In 1972 the Hollies were dazed and confused by the young Americans who were the opening act for their U.S. tour. With their white suits and coiffed hair, the Raspberries were supposed to be softer than Bread and more saccharine than the Osmonds. So what were they doing raising hell with rock harder than the Who and the Faces put together? "We were just being the rockers we always were," said Raspberries leader Eric Carmen, "and the Hollies threw us off the tour because of it." Three years after the Hollies incident and three months after the Raspberries decided to pack it in as a band, Carmen chuckles at the memory. "That was the trouble with the Raspberries," he emphasizes. "Nobody had any idea what we were all about." When the Raspberries split, Eric decided to go solo, and his first album, ERIC CARMEN (on Arista), takes up where STARTING OVER, the last Raspberries disc, left off. The idea I had when the Raspberries thing was done with was to assemble a band that could create on-stage the sound that 'Overnight Sensation' (the complex centerpiece track from STARTING OVER) had in the studio. I wanted it to be the antithesis of the stark Bad Company kind of sound. I thought that if we were going to do it, we were going to do it big." After snatching former Raspberries drummer Michael McBride for the solo project, Carmen recruited the services of a band that existed in Cleveland (the Raspberries' hometown) called Magic. "They had the best sound of any band playing in Cleveland," Eric recalls. "Aside from being just excellent, tasteful musicians,' they are five of the best ensemble singers I've heard since the Beach Boys. Adding Michael and myself to that gives us everything we need to do seven-part vocal harmonies and things like counterpoint-it's like 'Overnight Sensation' taken a few levels higher." "Musically, it's a very versatile band. There's one guy in the group that served the same function in Magic that I served in the Raspberries, playing guitar as well as keyboards. So in some songs our lineup can be three keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums or three guitars with a rhythm section. Most of the time, though, I play acoustic piano, and the two other keyboard players are doing a whole lot of synthesizer work. The sound," he muses, "is not what you would call small." ***
  3. I don't think it's auto-tuned...this guy has good pipes:
  4. A chart that didn't exist when Eric was making music: Eric Carmen Posthumously Earns His First Hits On One Billboard Chart Hugh McIntyre Senior Contributor Mar 20, 2024,11:00am EDT ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 10: American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist Eric Carmen, former member of The Raspberries, is interviewed at The Holiday Inn Downtown on November 10, 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. (Photo by Tom Hill/WireImage) --- Eric Carmen passed away earlier this month in his sleep at the age of 74. When the news of his death was shared and became a headline, many fans of the singer-songwriter rushed to listen to his work again, as is often the case when a musician leaves the world. This week, he scores his first two hits on one Billboard ranking posthumously. On the latest edition of the Digital Song Sales chart, Carmen lands not just his first placement, but his first two hits. The tally didn’t exist during Carmen’s heyday several decades ago, and while some of his tracks have remained in the public consciousness, it took a unique event like his passing to spur enough people at one time to head to online storefronts like iTunes and Amazon to send him to the list. The highest-ranking of Carmen’s two hits on the Digital Song Sales chart this week is “Hungry Eyes.” That tune launches at No. 13, selling 2,362 copies in the past tracking period, according to Luminate. Coincidentally, Carmen scores back-to-back wins on the Digital Song Sales chart. “All By Myself” is new at No. 14 this frame, opening inside the top 20 thanks to 2,321 copies sold. Carmen lands the fifth and sixth loftiest debuts on this week’s Digital Song Sales chart. His beloved singles come in behind new releases from the likes of Ariana Grande (“We Can't Be Friends [Wait For Your Love],” No. 4), Livingston (“Shadow,” No. 7), Forrest Frank (“Good Day,” No. 8), and Tenacious D (“...Baby One More Time,” No. 9). “Hungry Eyes” and “All By Myself” ranked as two of Carmen’s biggest hits during his lifetime. The tracks both reached the top 10 on the Hot 100, with the latter peaking at No. 2, his career high point. Later, he added a third top 10 with "Make Me Lose Control," which rose as high as No. 3. ***
  5. Another fave of mine. Saw her when she was just starting out at the Kern County Fair.
  6. Yes, that was a good one. Phil Collins songs sometimes just beat the chorus to death. Only nitpick for me. P.S.- I just love Jeniffer Nettles.
  7. For some unknown reason, this song popped into my head after hearing Trisha sing Put it in a Song:
  8. Here's the studio version of the song. Only slightly more heavily produced- add a fiddle and a steel guitar- so good:
  9. I don't think it's ever been documented that Eric and Bernie ever worked together. At least, not that Bernie hahahahaha
  10. Y'all are welcome. It's what I do:)
  11. Guys, it was Gus Dudgeon who was producing Eric for 'Boats' and parted ways with him.
  12. We didn't get around to watching that show until this evening. Trisha singing this song might have been the highlight of show for me.
  13. Cocktail lounge version- the guy has good pipes:
  14. New to me- sound drops out for a few seconds- perhaps a song was playing that had a copywrite issue, but this is a wonderful interview from a time when Eric was not in the spotlight as frequently:
  15. Kirk


    Eric played this on the Dirty Dancing Tour; also did a nice rendition at the 2000 HOF show. If this song had been out when American Graffiti was being filmed, I could see it being on the soundtrack!
  16. I can't find the post where this was discussed, but this one came to mind:
  17. 4.8? Call me when you get a real earthquake LOL!
  18. Susie, how big is your garage?
  19. The first set of 'custom' speakers I made involved taking the front panels off of our 60's RCA console stereo and incorporating the speakers into a box I made. Sounded pretty good!
  20. This is perhaps not totally surprising. When the Eagles went out on their Hell freezes over tour, Don said he wanted the Eagles to sound exactly like they do on record...
  21. That's a good one, Julie. When I ordered my 2000 Dodge Durango, 90% of what I had was on cassette. I knew cd's were the wave of the future, but I ordered it with the cassette. In the next 23 years, I bought and collected a bunch of cd's, knowing my next car would have a cd player. Oh sure, I could play them at home, but I'm hardly ever sitting still at the house. In 2023, I bought a new car. Where's the cd player? Old hat, I guess. Came with Apple Car Play and Xsirius XM. I missed the entire generation of cars with cd players! Grrrrrr. I feel for you!!
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