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  1. Affection is consuming in this context is his way of saying that love is all consuming, a concept that could be wiggled into the song if you interpret the over-riding theme as a failing relationship where both parties were all in. I don't believe in messing with the master's lyrics, but I can see the universality in what they did.
  2. Vinnie, both tracks were re-recorded, once on Live on Sunset Strip and again on Pop Art Live. So good!
  3. Sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Hugs and prayers to you.
  4. Kirk


    Probably- I'm sure I heard it somewhere.
  5. Kirk


    Yes, I always check to see if I am in there before I continue with my day...
  6. I'll leave it up- people have already responded to it. I guess we really do need a section for obits. My thinking until now was musician's obits in Cruisin Music and other obits in Everything. Another reason for an Obit section, I suppose...
  7. It was probably one of those Zoom session videos started by Covid- don't remember much else.
  8. LC, late one night Eric actually posted his interpretation of the song but changed his mind a little while later and took it down. I was on the board at the same time as Eric and read what he wrote. Wish I had thought to copy it down, although I had no reason to believe he'd take it down. He wanted people to make their own interpretations...
  9. The Currie sisters for me. Hushdrops were o.k., at least they tried to emulate the transistor radio part, but the Currie version lifted the song up with the modulation at the end. Both make me want to listen to the Raspberries rendition!!
  10. This one just showed up today- really good- I think you'll like it:
  11. I caught you on FB, but Happy Birthday to the Boss! Enjoy!!
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