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  1. My favorite Steely Dan tune was omitted- Any Major Dude. Good Eagles set, but I'm with James on some of the other cuts, especially Ol' 55.
  2. The Nov. 10, 1977 issue of Scene magazine was pretty welcoming to Eric. He was featured in the mag, there were a couple of concert announcements, some record store ads, etc. Nice welcome back for the hometown boy! Here's a few pictures of some of the items:
  3. My bad! Ours was a '69...my Dad bought it in '72! We used to tow a ski boat behind it and you never knew it was there...
  4. You know your Caddy's. We had a '53 Coupe de Ville, a '60 Sedan de Ville, and the '72 Fleetwood Brougham. All great cars.
  5. Only a slight tangent, but my folks had a '72 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Biggest back seat in America! Great drive-in movie car back then.
  6. Let's hope his ad biz has been super busy lately- I hate anything to do with mold...
  7. This concert was near the end of Raspberries, with only a handful of concerts after this one. The writer, D. B. Cooper (ha-ha, good pen name) is obviously familiar with the Cleveland scene. Without Wally at this point, the band suffered from a power failure, wrong notes, and missed cues, according to the writer. Of note is Magic, opening for Raspberries. Could this be when the seed was planted in Eric to choose Magic for his Eric Carmen Band? The writer allows that the only thing that didn't go wrong for Raspberries was the equipment wasn't stolen out of the van. Hmmm, this guy knows his Raspberries history. Interesting note, Rusty Pitrone on the sound board was handed a mic to sing on Ecstasy. Probably the coolest mention was of Magic joining Raspberries for Overnight Sensation and on Go All The Way. The author closes with the observation that artistically, this concert should have been booked on the Titanic...
  8. I'm sure it does but, unless you're mega successful, who has the money to throw at lawyers for every person that prints a run of t-shirts? Shame on them.
  9. Yup, fits right in the Lennonesque catalog. Good tune. Eric once said about John, (paraphrase): He hears notes that I can't hear.
  10. I too have always admired John's bass playing. Because they are essentially a 3-piece band, John has to carry a lot of the load with his bass stylings. He's one of the most talented bass players for my money.
  11. That review is bogus. Seems to me it made the rounds already...
  12. ericcarmen.com/mp3/byebyejohnny.mp3 I have the same problem as GATW- See if this works...
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