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  1. Somewhere between the Chipmunks and They're Coming To Take Me Away...ABM:
  2. Wow! I actually read the whole thing!! You could have mentioned Eric was near the end LOL! Good article.
  3. Great review for Eric, not so much for his band, and Sweet gets luke-warm reception:
  4. Thanks for all the b-day wishes! Every time I log on here it's like getting a present...the more I can contribute the more blessed I am! Appreciate every one of you!!
  5. 70-74 65-69 75-79 60-64 80-84 85-89 everything else the same My best decade would be 72-81
  6. Great article on the band. So-so review of their records:
  7. You should seek out the Piano Van thread- that was funny!
  8. That run of shows between 2004 and 2007 was some kind of time-warp for me. Obviously, you don't have any say about when you were brought into this world. I'd have to agree with Paul Williams, though; "...like an old familiar poem that just won't rhyme, you can get back to the place but not the time...". The 1972 through 1977 Raspberries/Eric period can be encapsulated by just one phrase- 'the 70's'. Either you were there, or you weren't. The reunion shows brought much of the same music to a different time and a different place, often with better sound. Yet, the 'double 00's' brought an entirely different world with it. That the reunion shows could make me feel like I was revisiting my 70's self, if for only a couple hours at a time, is a testimony of how timeless their music is. It may be as close as I'll ever come to stepping into a time machine. The great equalizer was getting to spend time with the band and their families, getting to meet and make new friends, the sound checks and after show parties, and a whole lot more. Don't ask me to pick one era or the other. It's just one (very big) chapter in my life:)
  9. Soundtrack for the photo- Goin' Nowhere Tonight-
  10. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you spend it with the people you love.
  11. Beyond cool! Were you saving this story for your book? How about sharing a few more 'pinch me' moments from your incredible "Got Milk" campaign?
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