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  1. It's in a plain white sleeve...
  2. Here's the set list from that evening:
  3. Now, if we could only get him back there...
  4. Considering any of these for your retirement LOL!
  5. I think Diana Ross did a great job in a Diana Ross kind of way. She has performed it live, also...
  6. Ah yes, the good 'ol trading days. Before the internet, in some cases! There was a guy back east, I think his last name was Burk- we went in on a couple of ads together and found some stuff...
  7. Nice find, and a good try but...they missed a lot of stuff. Here's a Capitol sampler on ebay at the moment that isn't on the list:
  8. 90% of those places wouldn't make my list because of weather. I'm a SoCal spoiled resident!
  9. Good review. I wouldn't change much in his top 20.
  10. Matt, you brought back some fond memories! I had an Emperor mini pocket transistor radio in '72. It was really small- you couldn't even see it in my shirt pocket. I used to keep it tuned to KHJ so whenever one of the DJ's would spin a Raspberries tune I wouldn't miss it! It was uplifting to hear Raspberries at work. Always put a spring in my step, and I knew the more they played the current Raspberries hit the higher it would be on the Top 30 the following week. Probably still have it in a box somewhere...
  11. So many great performances in that movie. Pacino was excellent, also.
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